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1View of the Astor House Hotel from Soochow Creek19081908-1916

2The Bund viewed from the wharves19071907-1920

3Working on boats19201920-1939

4View of the Huangpu River and Public Garden18801880-1910

5Glance at the Bund1933

6Sampan on the Huangpu19201920-1929

7Gaoqiao beach19301930-1939

8Looking at the Bund1900

10Tender (boat)19201920-1929

11Warships on the Huangpu19341934-1939

12Chinese customs at Wusong19301930-1939

13Yangszepoo Power Station [Yangshupu]19301930-1939

14Two Chinese junks and sampans on the Huangpu19201920-1939

15Three-arched stone bridge19301930-1939

16Sailing junk on the Huangpu19201920-1939

17Five warships of European navies on the Huangpu19301930-1939

18Aircraft carrier19301930-1939

19View of the Huangpu and Pudong from the Bund19201920-1939

20Soochow Creek19301930-1939

21Soochow Creek and Garden Bridge19201920-1933

22Soochow Creek19201920-1933

23Flooded street19201920-1939

24Bridge over a canal19201920-1939

25Sailing on a canal19201920-1939

26Boat trip19201920-1939


31Working on the bank19201920-1939

32Boats moored at a bank.19201920-1939

33Garden Bridge and Broadway Mansions19341934-1939

34Garden bridge, Broadway Mansions and Russian Consulate19341934-1939

35Jiaotong University 交通大學19301930-1939

36French Public School19301930-1939

37French Concession Jail19301930-1939

39Avenue Jofffre19311931-1939


41Transporting building materials19201920-1939

42Quai de France (French section of the Bund)19201920-1939

44Quai de France and Bund19291929-1935

46Street scene19201920-1929

47Aurora University's main entrance on Ave. Dubail19301930-1939

49Foochow Road19201920-1939


51Zikawei road1937

54BlockhouseAugust 1937

56Building a defense wall in Zikawei roadAugust 1937

63Outside the Walled City1910before 1912


65Shen Chang Company19201920-1939

66Sincere Department Store19201920-1937

71Quai de France by night19201920-1939

73Compagnie Française de Tramways & Waterworks19301930-1939

74Normandie Apartments19241924-1939

75Entrance of rue du Consulat: Billboard advertising "My Dear Cigarette" on the roof19301920-1939

77Spanish consulate19201920-1939


81Traffic on the Bund19291929-1936

82Traffic on a busy street19301930-1939

83Parked cars along a street19301930-1939

84Avenue Dubail19301930-1939

2765 results (1/47 pages)           
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