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17Five warships of European navies on the Huangpu19301930-1939

23Flooded street19201920-1939


36French Public School19301930-1939

37French Concession Jail19301930-1939

49Foochow Road19201920-1939


87Foch police station19301930-1939

88Foch police station19301930-1939

106Far Eastern Hotel19101910-1929

109Funeral procession19001900-1910



202Funeral of a Chinese official18801880-1910

222Flood in the French Concession19411941 (?)

225Flood at the Cercle Sportif Français19411941

236Funeral procession of an official19201920-1939


266Food cart19201920-1939

271Family on boat19201920-1939

274Food peddlers18801880-1910

306French Public Security Bureau (Fazujie Gongdongju dalou)19201920-1939

330French Consulate19301930-1939

333French Consulate by night19201920-1929


370Fire station19301930-1939

409French-style garden residence19201920-1939

457Fire station19101910-1929

467Firm hall19201920-1939

486French residence19201920-1939

493Flowers on a grave in the Russian Cemetery19301930-1939


523French police force: policemen and firemen19301930-1940

623Floating crane on the Huangpu river19201920-1939

624Factory workshop19001900-1910

626Factory workshop19001900-1910

627Factory timber workshop19001900-1910

628Factory workshop (foundry)19001900-1910

629Factory workshop 輪機廠車床部19001900-1910

848Fires in ZhabeiWednesday 27 October 1937

849Fires in ZhabeiWednesday 27 October 1937

850Fires in ZhabeiWednesday 27 October 1937

860Farewell ceremony19301930-1939

861Farewell ceremony19301930-1939

862Farewell ceremony19301930-1939

866Fire in Zhabei1937

872French soldiers on duty19301930-1939

877Foundations for a sandbag blockhouse19301930-1939

879French military officers19301930-1939

881French machine gun group19301930-1939

882French machine gun group19301930-1939

884French tanks paradeThursday 14 July 1938

891Firing slit19301930-1939

896Fencing rue Dubail.1937

899French guards at the Zikawei observatory19301930-1939

930French military parade19301930-1939

934French ceremony on Quai de France19301930-1939

943French parade19301930-1939

944French parade19301930-1939

945French parade19301930-1939
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