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647Koukaza Park19301930-1940

1378Kincheng Bank19271927-1939

1379Kawamura Memorial - 川村纪念塔19221922-1945

1578Kincheng Bank19271927-1935

2063Kuhn & Company19001900-1912

2075Kiangsu Chemical Works19101910-1930

2150Kitchen tools peddler19201920-1939

5368King George V Coronation Celebration at the British Consulate1911

15237Koukaza Park (Gujiazhai)1936

15269Kiangse Road19201920-1939

19457Knives and daggers in a display case19251925

19459Knives and bayonets in a display case19251925


22861King of the beggars19001900-1915

24771Koukaza Park1925

24781Koukaza Park1925

24782Koukaza Park: the garden keeper house1925

24920Kong store and sweet chestnut stall, near Soochow Creek, Shanghai1902

35044Kowloon bus transportation (Hongkong)1931

35045Kowloon bus transportation (Hongkong)1931

35199Kiu Sing Theater 九星戲院 (Jiuxing)1929-39
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