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45Zikawei Road19361936-1939

51Zikawei road1937

283Zikawei observatory19121912-1945

284Zicawei Observatory19121912-1945

912Zikawei Road19301930-1939 - 1940s

1031Zikawei Road19301930-1939

1032Zikawei Road19301930-1949

1317Zhongshan yiyuan1937

1347Zikawei Library19901990-1999

1419Zhabei District after the Japanese bombing in the January 28 incident in 1932Thursday 28 January 1932

1429Zhoughui Bank19901990-1999

1500Zhang Garden (Arcadia Hall) - 張園18801885-1910

1517Zhongxin Plaza2002

1598Zhangxi nü zhongxue19101910-1925

1785Zhang Fa Hotel19001900-1905

1819Zhang Garden (張園)18851885-1915

1896Zhang Ding: Shanghai mayorSeptember 1927September 1927 - April 1929

1912Zhang Qun: Shanghai mayorApril 1929April 1929 - January 1932

1965Zhaoshang Public School19001900-1925

2078Zhen Da silk and satin shop19151915-1925

2101Zhang Xiaolin, Chu Minyi, Xu Shiying, Huang Jinrong, Du Yuesheng1935

2147Zhang Xiaolin19201920-1930

2149Zhonghe bankers' meeting19201920-1929

2187Zhang Yiwen 張伊雯19251925-1945

2253Zikawei road: the defense wall1937

2407Zhabei district reduced to ruinsAugust 1937

15300Zhabei residents cross over into the International Settlement1937

25216Zhabei on fire during the 1937 hostilities1937

34141Zhang Garden (Arcadia Hall) - 張園1885-1910

34142Zhang Garden (Arcadia Hall) - 張園1885-1910

34774Zung Lee (順利) and Sons offices in the International Settlement north of Soochow Creek 1931

34973Z. Billey Cycle & Motor Co.1931
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