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6Sampan on the Huangpu19201920-1929

16Sailing junk on the Huangpu19201920-1939

20Soochow Creek19301930-1939

21Soochow Creek and Garden Bridge19201920-1933

22Soochow Creek19201920-1933

25Sailing on a canal19201920-1939

46Street scene19201920-1929

62Shanghai workers' demonstration19201920-1929


65Shen Chang Company19201920-1939

66Sincere Department Store19201920-1937

67Sales for the Spring festival19301930-1939

77Spanish consulate19201920-1939

79Shanghai by night19201920-1939

97Street scene19201920-1939

110Sweeping the snow19201920-1939

114Street scene in the International Settlement19001900-1913

131Selling sugarcane19201920-1939

134Street peddler19201920-1929

135Street food peddler19201920-1939



144Selling food19201920-1939

163Shanghai racecourse18601860-1889

166Shanghai Club under the snow18611861-1905

171Shanghai Waterworks18701870-1899

172Street scene18801880-1910

173Street scene19001900-1910

175Street scene19001900-1910

176Street scene18801880-1910

177Street scene18801880-1910

178Street scene18801880-1910

181Shopsigns and banners on Fuzhou road19301930-1939

183Selling flowers19201920-1939

186Soldiers on duty on Garden Bridge19371937-1941

193Silk company18801880-1899



198Street scene near the Park Hotel (Victory celebration)1945

206Siemssen Co. and Ever Victorious Army Monument18801880-1889

208Street scene18801880-1910

219Street scene19301930-1939

231Street scene19301930-1939

235Street scene19201920-1939

248Selling magazines1949

256Selling posters19201920-1939

257Selling sweets19301930-1939

263Selling potions19121912-1939

264Street dentist19201920-1939

268Selling sugarcane19201920-1939

270Snack counter19201920-1939

272Street life19201920-1939

285St.John's University19051905-1945



321Sun Company Department Store 大新公司19301930-1939

322Shanghai South Railway Station19081908-1910

323Shanghai North Railway Station19101910-1929

324Staff's quarters of Shanghai Sanitorium1929

332Semaphore on Quai de France19201920-1939
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