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2The Bund viewed from the wharves19071907-1920

10Tender (boat)19201920-1929

14Two Chinese junks and sampans on the Huangpu19201920-1939

15Three-arched stone bridge19301930-1939


41Transporting building materials19201920-1939

81Traffic on the Bund19291929-1936

82Traffic on a busy street19301930-1939

99The Kiangse Road Bridge over Soochow Creek 自來水橋19001900-1910

112Taking down a hut19301930-1939


123Transporting a criminal19301930-1939

152Tree-lined path (location unknown)18801880-1899

180The Bund near the Palace Hotel (匯中飯店)19061906-1919


204The Bund at the corner of Peking Road18801880-1889

209The Bund looking north18901890-1899

210The shell-damaged Railway Bureau on Boundary Road19301930-1939

211The Bund during the Japanese occupation19371937-1939

214The Cathay Theater19311931-1939

228The Bund and the Huangpu19301930-1939

255Travelling children's library1949

281The Franco-Chinese Institute19201920-1939

290The Town Hall of the Special Municipality of Shanghai1937

291Town hall interior1937

292The Town Hall of the Special Municipality of Shanghai19301930-1939

293The Town Hall of the Special Municipality of Shanghai19301930-1939

295The Shanghai Museum19341934-1937

296The Cathay Hotel/Sassoon House and the Bank of China1937

297The Messageries Maritime building under construction18751875-1899

298The Cathay Hotel bedroom19301930-1939

303The Chinese Chamber of Commerce1928

312The Messageries Maritime Building and the French Consulate19371937-1939

316The International Settlement Town Hall1920

319The Shanghai Club19301930-1939

320The China Press19101910-1929

325The "Palais" building19201920-1939

327The French Consulate by night1937

334The Communication Palace or the Green pacific Line Palace1937

337The Jiangwan Racecourse after bombing1937

344The Railway Bureau on Boundary Road in Zhabei after bombing1937

345The Railway Bureau on Boundary Road after bombing in Zhabei1937

349The Railway Bureau on Boundary Road after fighting1937

354Tobacco factory19101910-1929

360The Great World (Da Shijie)19171917-1924

372The Whiteway & Laidlaw Department Store18801880-1899 - 1900-1910

386The Holy Trinity Cathedral18931893-1909

387The Holy Trinity Church 聖三一堂18801880-1893

389The Holy Trinity Church Cathedral19101910-1945

391The mass at St. Peter Church19301930-1939

412The main gate of a Spanish style villa19301930-1939

417The porch of a Spanish style residence19301930-1939

471The Country Club on Bubbling Well Road18801880-1910

472The old Russell & Co. at No. 7, The Bund1880

473The old Russell & Co. hong18701870-1889

495The garden path19301930-1939

558The Municipal guard band19301930-1940

582The headquarters officers of the French Detachment19301930-1940

583The Captain and the non-commissioned officers behind the pennant of the first company (Bataillon Mixte d'Infanterie Coloniale de Chine)19301930-1940

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