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1View of the Astor House Hotel from Soochow Creek19081908-1916

4View of the Huangpu River and Public Garden18801880-1910

19View of the Huangpu and Pudong from the Bund19201920-1939

68Volunteers' Corps inspect Chinese entering the settlementAugust 1937

89View of the roofs in the French Concession19301930-1939

90View of traffic (left lane driving)19301930-1939

116View of the China Merchants' Kin-lee-yuen [Jinliyuan] Wharf on the French Bund19201920-1939

117View of the General Post Office19431943-1949

126View of the Bund19371937-1949

145View of the walled city18801880-1910

155View of Nanking Road18701870-1889

157View of the Bund19211921-1923

158View of the Bund at dawn18801880-1889

160View of Nanking road19001900-1910

161View of the Bund looking south (from the Customs House)19071907-1908

165View of the Bund at dawn18801880-1889

179View of the Bund19271927-1928

185View of the Bund19411941-1945

199View of Nanking Road18801880-1910

207View of the Yangkingpang Creek [Yangjingbang]18731873-1889

229View of the Bund19201920-1939

230View of the Bund19301930-1939

326View of the Bund by night1937

328View of the Bund by night1937

343View of bombed buildings in the Eastern district of the International Settlement1937

406Villa Ghisi19301930-1939

410View of a Western style villa19201920-1939

420View of a private garden19301930-1939

631View of Drydock number 119101910-1929

632View of Drydock number 219101910-1929

634View of a dredger19001900-1910

658View of the Bund19001900-1910

660View of the Bund19291929-1935

662View of the Bund19101910-1929

667View of Pudong across the Huangpu River19001900-1910

669View of the Wills Bridge [Garden Bridge]18701870-1899

671View of the sampans on the Pudong riverbank.19001900-1910

674View of the northern section of the Bund from Pudong18901890-1899

677View of the Chekiang Road Bridge19101910-1929

751Volley-ball team of the battalion's sports team19301930-1940

755Volley-ball team of the First company's sports team19301930-1940

758Volley-ball team of the Second Company's sports team19301930-1940

763Volley-ball team of the Third Company's sports team19301930-1940

767Volley-ball of the Machine gun company's sports team19301930-1940

901Villa Rockill19301930-1939

902Villa Rockill19301930-1939

921Villa Zikawei19301930-1949

922Villa Zikawei19301930-1949

1021Villa Ghisi19301930-1939

1027Villa Ghisi19301930-1939

1323Verdun Residential district19241924-1929

1327Villa in the French Concession19901990-1999

1329Villa in the French Concession19201920-1939

1388View of buildings on the Bund1920before 1929

1534View of Broadway Road1916

1685Vehicles on the Bund1912

1730View of the Longhua pagoda from the temple19201920-1929

1752Vendors at the City God Temple19121912-1924

1753View of the Bund1936

1805View of the Bund19061906-1919
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