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75Entrance of rue du Consulat: Billboard advertising "My Dear Cigarette" on the roof19301920-1939

100Entrance of a lilong (lane)19201920-1939

141Entrance of Nanking Road on a holiday1892

203Empty street scene18801880-1899

311Early Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation18801880-1909

365East Police Station (Poste de l'Est)19151915-1925

402English style villa19301930-1939

403English style houses19301930-1939

405European style villa19301930-1939

407European style house19201920-1939

408European style villa19201920-1939

418European style residence complex19301930-1939

419European style house19301930-1939

425European style house19201920-1939


444European style villa19201920-1939

445European style villa19201920-1939

447European Renaissance villa19201920-1939

452European style building19101910-1929

500European garden19201920-1939

625Electrical engineering department19001900-1910

649Entrance of Ravinel Park on Joffre Avenue19301930-1940

815Exchangeable land and water plane19101910-1929

816Electrical material19301930-1939

1029European soldiers' food19301930-1939

1085École Prosper Paris19301930-1939

1092École Prosper Paris19301930-1949

1131European soldiers' kitchen19301930-1939

1176East police station19201920-1943

1325Embankment House19331933-1937

1376Early Yokohama Specie Bank19001900-1923

1503Elie Kadoorie's mansion2002

1615Embarkment House19321932-1939

1617Empire Theatre19201920-1939

1676Early bus advertising "Watson's Orange Squeeze"19201920-1930

1677Early bus19201920-1930

1678Early bus19201920-1930

1679Early double-decker19201920-1930

1684Early horse fire engine18501850-1900

1737Early Bubbling Well road18621862-1880

1748East gate18801880-1912

1778Early Sinza Bridge over Soochow Creek18801880-1920

1789Engineers at the New Jukong Wharf1935

1854Early Avenue Paul Brunat19001900-1918

1951Engineering Hall of Jiaotong University19301930-1937

1972Embassy Theater1930

1975Early Horse Racecourse18601860-1899

1980Early Horse Racecourse18601860-1899

1989Eastern Library1930

2039Exhibition of the Imperial Chemical Industries1929

2052Early Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation19001900-1911

2065Entrance of the Tonghanchun Chinese pharmacy19001900-1929

2091Early Ningpo Guild In Shanghai 寧波旅滬同鄉會19091909-1929

2350East gate of the walled city18801880-1912

2467Enjoying tea in the Yuyuan Garden1987

14950Excess Insurance Company building1917

14951Excess Insurance Company: The general chamber1917

14952Excess Insurance Company: The manager's Office1917

14978Eastern Garage1917

14997Edward Ezra1917
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