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1View of the Astor House Hotel from Soochow Creek19081908-1916

4View of the Huangpu River and Public Garden18801880-1910

21Soochow Creek and Garden Bridge19201920-1933

33Garden Bridge and Broadway Mansions19341934-1939

34Garden bridge, Broadway Mansions and Russian Consulate19341934-1939

35Jiaotong University 交通大學19301930-1939

36French Public School19301930-1939

37French Concession Jail19301930-1939

38Canidrome from rue Roi Albert19201920-1939

39Avenue Jofffre19311931-1939

42Quai de France (French section of the Bund)19201920-1939

47Aurora University's main entrance on Ave. Dubail19301930-1939

59Great World Amusement Center after bombingAugust 1937

66Sincere Department Store19201920-1937

74Normandie Apartments19241924-1939

76Great World19311931-1937

77Spanish consulate19201920-1939

78Quai de France and the French Consulate19301930-1936

84Avenue Dubail19301930-1939

87Foch police station19301930-1939

88Foch police station19301930-1939

93Defense blockhouse of the East Police Station (Poste de l'Est)1937

106Far Eastern Hotel19101910-1929

117View of the General Post Office19431943-1949

121At Shanghai North railway station1949

128Lyceum Theater19311931-1939

150Hall-Holtz Company 福利公司18851885-1910

163Shanghai racecourse18601860-1889

164Public garden18701870-1889

166Shanghai Club under the snow18611861-1905

167Grand Stand at the racecourse18601860-1889

168Baxianqiao cemetery and chapel18701870-1899

169Public garden18701870-1899

171Shanghai Waterworks18701870-1899

180The Bund near the Palace Hotel (匯中飯店)19061906-1919

188Hongkou Market18911891-1900

198Street scene near the Park Hotel (Victory celebration)1945

205Imperial Maritime Customs House (first building)18571857-1891

212Georgia Apartments19301930-1939

213Military parade in front of Mallet police station1938

214The Cathay Theater19311931-1939

215Avenue Pétain towards the St. Ignatius Cathedral19361936-1939

222Flood in the French Concession19411941 (?)

225Flood at the Cercle Sportif Français19411941

232Cathay Mansions from rue Cardinal Mercier19301930-1939

233Cercle Sportif Français19251925-1937

234Crossroad of Nanking and Szechuen roads19301930-1939

281The Franco-Chinese Institute19201920-1939

283Zikawei observatory19121912-1945

284Zicawei Observatory19121912-1945

285St.John's University19051905-1945

294Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation19231923-1939

295The Shanghai Museum19341934-1937

296The Cathay Hotel/Sassoon House and the Bank of China1937

297The Messageries Maritime building under construction18751875-1899

298The Cathay Hotel bedroom19301930-1939


303The Chinese Chamber of Commerce1928

304Imperial Maritime Customs House (first building)18571857-1891

305Japanese Club19151915-1945
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