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398Baxianqiao cemetery and chapel

399All Saints Church

516Portrait of M. J. Kelly

518Portrait of P. Guillemont

521Officers of the French police

541Group photo of the European police officers of the Joffre police station

557Group photo of the European staff of the East police station

1389Shanghai Club1930-1939

1400Unidentified factory along a creek1915-1945

1504Guo's Residence

1823Arcadia Hall in Zhang Garden (張園)

2320Russian recruits

14934Chinese policemen, Shanghai Municipal Council

15553China Navigation Company offices, Shanghai1906-1907

15554Construction of China Navigation Company offices, Shanghai1910-1930

16310Hu Jibang and Fu Bingchang, with car and driver, in U.S.S.R.

16367Sassoon Co. Building

33201Visualising, at a peep show stall, probably in Shanghai1905

17619A section of the Bund around 1876

19320North Szechuen Road, viewed from Szechuen Road Bridge, Shanghai1908-1920

20028Boys in naval-style uniform, c.1890-19001890-1900

20800A group of laborers1870-1878

20801The Oriental Bank and Central Hotel on the Bund1870-1878

20803Shanghai autumn regatta: The winning post1870-1878

20806A view of Nanking Road1870-1911

20807View of a creek in the French Concession1880-1911

20808The Wills Bridge (or Garden Bridge)1880-1906

20811A view of the city wall and Montauban Gate - 上海新北門1860-1880

20812A view of canal near the Yuyuan Garden1870-1911

20813View of the Bund looking north1870-1911

20816A wedding procession1870-1911

20817View of a corner of the city wall1870-1911

20818Peasant and peasant woman ginning cotton1870-1911


20820Woman weaving cotton on a large loom1870-1911

20821Street scene in the walled city1870-1900

20822View of the Bund near the Public Garden1870-1900

20823Southern section of the Racecourse1870-1900

20825Chinese courtesan1870-1900

20827The Qingliange Tea House1870-1900

20829View of the Bund from the Public Garden looking south1870-1900

21243Peripatetic barbers1865-1872

21245Three women 'prisoners' posed in a cangue1870-1880

21246Cangued prisoners1865-1870

21599A scene from a theatrical performance1900-1920

22850A man in a wooden cage, used for slow execution by choking1900

23403Sir Robert Hartc.1890-1900

23995Garden Point, and boats, Shanghai1881-1892

23996Garden Point and The Bund, Shanghai1881-1892

24002Decorated officials, Shanghai

24408Punishment with cangues1865-1870

24773Public Garden Music Kiosk

24775Firemen in Koukaza Park (1)1930-1945

24776Firemen in Koukaza Park (2)1930-1945

24777Music Kiosk in Jessfield Park1915-1945

24784Firemen in Koukaza Park (3)


24907Soochow Creek and Garden Bridge, Shanghai1902

24908Bubbling Well Road, Shanghai1902
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