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4View of the Huangpu River and Public Garden18801880-1910

107Opiace factory (昇大)18701870-1899

141Entrance of Nanking Road on a holiday1892

145View of the walled city18801880-1910

148At the Chinese public garden18801880-1899

149Nanking Road, looking east toward the corner of Kiangse Road, at the end of the 19th century18801880-1899

150Hall-Holtz Company 福利公司18851885-1910

151Wusong township near Shanghai18801880-1899

152Tree-lined path (location unknown)18801880-1899

155View of Nanking Road18701870-1889

156Chinese Municipal Headquarters (Nanshi)18701870-1899

158View of the Bund at dawn18801880-1889

159Building of Russell & Co.1881

163Shanghai racecourse18601860-1889

164Public garden18701870-1889

165View of the Bund at dawn18801880-1889

166Shanghai Club under the snow18611861-1905

167Grand Stand at the racecourse18601860-1889

168Baxianqiao cemetery and chapel18701870-1899

169Public garden18701870-1899

170Decorated building for a celebration18801880-1910

171Shanghai Waterworks18701870-1899

172Street scene18801880-1910

176Street scene18801880-1910

177Street scene18801880-1910

178Street scene18801880-1910

188Hongkou Market18911891-1900

189Chinese shops on Nanking Road18801880-1910

193Silk company18801880-1899


199View of Nanking Road18801880-1910

200British military parade along the Bund18701870-1899

201Celebration for the 50th anniversary of Shanghai as treaty port1893

202Funeral of a Chinese official18801880-1910

203Empty street scene18801880-1899

204The Bund at the corner of Peking Road18801880-1889

205Imperial Maritime Customs House (first building)18571857-1891

206Siemssen Co. and Ever Victorious Army Monument18801880-1889

207View of the Yangkingpang Creek [Yangjingbang]18731873-1889

208Street scene18801880-1910

209The Bund looking north18901890-1899

274Food peddlers18801880-1910

279Nanyang College 南洋公學18981898-1920

282Public School18661866-1894

297The Messageries Maritime building under construction18751875-1899

304Imperial Maritime Customs House (first building)18571857-1891

309Water tower on Kiangse Road18801880-1899

311Early Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation18801880-1909

313Cricket Club18801880-1920

315German Printing and Publishing House building18801880-1899 - 1900-1910

318Race club18801880-1899

352Hall-Holtz Company 福利公司18801880-1910

363Hotel des Colonies18801880-1910

372The Whiteway & Laidlaw Department Store18801880-1899 - 1900-1910

386The Holy Trinity Cathedral18931893-1909

387The Holy Trinity Church 聖三一堂18801880-1893


400Chinese Maritime Customs House (second building)18931893-1925

401Chinese Maritime customs (second building)1893

448Imperial Chinese Maritime Customs (first building)18571857-1891
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