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83Parked cars along a street19301930-1939

111Piling up boards19201920-1939

118Pillbox on the Bund1949

164Public garden18701870-1889

169Public garden18701870-1899

243Playing majong19301930-1939

245Patting lion's paw for "good luck" at the Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation lion19201920-1929

251Pedicab drivers at a street corners1949

265Preparing baozi19201920-1939


282Public School18661866-1894

301Police substation19101910-1929

307Police station (French Concession)19201920-1939

329Park Hotel by night1937

335Park hotel and Racecourse by night19341934-1939

357Printing works of the Commercial Press19301930-1939

368Public building19301930-1939



459Private garden19201920-1939

476Picardie Apartments19361936-1939

477Picardie Apartments19361936-1939

489Private garden19301930-1939

490Private garden19301930-1939

492Private garden19301930-1939

494Private garden19301930-1939

496Private garden19301930-1939

506Pavilion in the Yuyuan Garden19201920-1939

515Portrait of Lieutenant-Colonel Perretier19301930-1940

516Portrait of M. J. Kelly

517Portrait of P. Augé, French Consul-General19391939-1940

518Portrait of P. Guillemont

524Portrait of A. Fabre19301930-1940

525Portrait of Captain Giraudeau19301930-1940

526Portrait of Captain Gréa19301930-1940

527Portrait of Lieutenant Pichole19301930-1940

528Portrait of Colonel Jacomy19371937-1939

529Portrait of Lieutenant Gayraud19301930-1940

530Portrait of medical officer Lieutenant Barthère19301930-1940

531Portrait of Lieutenant Michat19301930-1940

532Portrait of captain Marty19301930-1940

533Portrait of Captain Franck Kolher19301930-1940

534Portrait of captain Sizaire19301930-1940

535Portrait of Lieutenant Moronval19301930-1940

536Portrait of Lieutenant Goer de Herve19301930-1940

537Portrait of sub-lieutenant Toubhans19301930-1940

538Portrait of Indochinese Lieutenant Pham Van Cam19301930-1940

539Portrait of French Consul-General in Shanghai Marcel Baudez19361936-1939

546Photo group of the officers and staff of the uniform department of the French police19301930-1940

584Photo of the pennant and pennant holder of the First Company (Bataillon Mixte d'Infanterie Coloniale de Chine)19301930-1940

585Photo of the Third Company (Bataillon Mixte d'Infanterie Coloniale de Chine)19301930-1940

594Passenger car19201920-1929

604Private car19201920-1939

605Private car in front of the Hongkong & Shanghai Bank.19201920-1939

606Private car in front of the Hongkong & Shanghai Bank19201920-1939

609Private car19201920-1939

610Passenger boat19201920-1939

611Private French cruiser boat19201920-1939

612Private car19301930-1939

613Passenger steamboat on the Huangpu river18701870-1899
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