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1503Elie Kadoorie's mansion2002

1515Shanghai Center20002000

1516Shanghai Kerry Center2002

1517Zhongxin Plaza2002

1519Universal Mansion2002

1520Wenxin Newspaper Tower2002

1521Broadcasting and Television Tower2002

1522Shanghai JC Mandarin2002

1523Welcome Terrace2002

1524Jinang'an-Maoming Apartment2002

1526Join Buy Home Decoration Shopping Center2002

1527China Merchants Plaza2002

1528China Enterprise Mansion2002

1530Plaza 6620022000-2003

18614The Shanghai Bund area (Google View - North)20062006

18616The Shanghai Bund area (Google View - West)20062006

18617The Bund at night (2006)20062006

18618The Bund in sepia color (2006)20062006

18619The Bund today (2006)2006

24778Music Kiosk in Zhongshan Park2008

24812Shanghai map cover 20002000

24813Shanghai map cover 20012001

24814Shanghai map cover 20022002

24815Shanghai map cover 2003-12003

24816Shanghai map cover 2003-22003

24817Shanghai map cover 20052005

24864Map cover 2006-12006

24865Map cover 2006-22006

24866Map cover 2003-32003

24899Map Cover 20092009

27915A concept map of Man's fate (A. Malraux)December 2008

28742Shanghai, autoroute aérienneSaturday 3 September 20112011

28976Shanghai, autoroute aérienneSaturday 3 September 20112011

28977Shanghai, superposition des modes de circulationSaturday 3 September 20112011

28978Shanghai, temple de Songjiang Saturday 3 September 20112011

28979Shanghai est, village de PanlongSaturday 3 September 20112011

28980Shanghai est, agriculture Saturday 3 September 20112011

28981Shanghai est, agriculture et industrie Saturday 3 September 20112011

28982Shanghai centre, gare du sudSaturday 3 September 20112011

28983Shanghai centre, superposition d'infrastructureSaturday 3 September 20112011

28984Shanghai, rivière Suzhou, résidenceTuesday 1 March 20112011

28985Shanghai centre, résidences traditionnelles et modernesTuesday 1 March 20112011

28986Shanghai centre, démolitionMonday 21 February 20112011

29017Shanghai, maison à courSaturday 10 March 20122012

29018Shanghai, ville ancienne Saturday 10 March 20122012

29019Shanghai Puxi vue de PudongSaturday 10 March 20122012

29020Shanghai centre, quartiers bordant le fleuve HuangpuSaturday 10 March 20122012

29021Shanghai, construction au bord du HuangpuSaturday 10 March 20122012

29022Shanghai, quartier Lujiazui, PudongSaturday 10 March 20122012

29023Shanghai, le BundSaturday 10 March 20122012

29024Shanghai banlieue, Minhang, proche du HuangpuSaturday 10 March 20122012

29025Shanghai banlieue, Minhang, entre métro et HuangpuSaturday 10 March 20122012

29026Shanghai, résidence, plantations des habitantsSaturday 10 March 20122012

29027Shanghai, résidence d'ouvriersSaturday 10 March 20122012

29029Shanghai, résidence d'ouvriersSaturday 10 March 20122012

29031Shanghai, rue commerciale et residence d'ouvriers Saturday 10 March 20122012

29032Shanghai, équipements sportifs, parc Saturday 10 March 20122012

29034Shanghai, équipements sportifs, parcSaturday 10 March 20122012

29036Shanghai, marché Saturday 10 March 20122012

29038Province Zhejiang, Xitang, bourg ancienTuesday 28 February 20122012
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