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147In the street19001900-1910

205Imperial Maritime Customs House (first building)18571857-1891

220Illuminated clock advertising Ruby Queen cigarette and neon light sign advertising B.B. BehiveSeptember 1938

287Isolation pavilion of the Sainte Marie Hospital19301930-1939

304Imperial Maritime Customs House (first building)18571857-1891

359Inside the Great World1929

361Illuminated Mallet police station in the French Concession19201920-1939

362Illuminated official building in the French Concession19201920-1939

380Illuminated official building in the French Concession19201920-1939

388Interior of the Saint Ignatius Cathedral 徐家匯天主堂19101910-1929

392Interior of St. Peter Church19301930-1939

394Interior of St. François Xavier Church19201920-1939

395Interior of St. Peter Church19301930-1939

448Imperial Chinese Maritime Customs (first building)18571857-1891

487Industrial building19201920-1939

514Interview of Jiang Jieshi by Scottish journalists19201920-1937

617Industrial landscape19201920-1939

618Industrial landscape19201920-1939

808In the swimming pool19301930-1939

831In front of the Great WorldSaturday 14 August 1937

897Internment camp19321932-1939

898Internment camp19321932-1939

910Inside a blockhouse19301930-1939

920Inspecting French troops19301930-1939

924Instruction room19301930-1939

1127Inspecting troops19301930-1949

1128Inspecting troops19301930-1949

1132Inspecting troops19301930-1949

1565Inside of Kincheng Bank19271927-1935

1591Interior of the Saint Ignatius Cathedral 徐家匯天主堂19101910-1919

1634Imperial Maritime Customs House (first building)18571857-1891

1713Incense burner at the City God Temple19301930-1939

1809Inner garden of the City Temple19151915-1925

1871Industrial plants along Soochow Creek19341934-1937

1914Inauguration ceremony of the new building of Greater Shanghai MunicipalityTuesday 10 October 1933

1984International Recreation Club19151915-1935

1986Interior of the Shanghai Club19111911-1949

2021Inmates of North Shanghai Opium Detoxification Clinic19261926-1937

2120Itinerant Geese Vendor18931893-1911

2311Inside a private house, Avenue Joffre19151915-1935

2409Identifying the bodies after the August 14 bombingAugust 1937

2433Inside Yu Yuan GardenSeptember 1982

2435Inside Yu Yuan GardenSeptember 1982

2436Inside Yu Yuan GardenSeptember 1982

2437Inside Yu Yuan GardenSeptember 1982

2453Intersection of Nanjing lu and Xizang luOctober 1987

5394Ivon Arthur Donnelly as SVC fireman1912

5425Interior of a British settler's house18981898-1901

5427Interior of a British settler's house18981898-1901

5428Interior of a British settler's house18981898-1901

5431Interior of a British settler's house18981898-1901

5440Indian army horsemanship18981898-1901

5442Indian soldiers at play or training18981898-1901

5447Indian army band on racecourse18981898-1901

5449Indian army camp18981898-1901

5452Indian army officer18981898-1901

5461Indian army horsemanship18981898-1901

5475In Yu Yuan Garden18981898-1901

14900Imperial Chemical Industries Building1937

15182Infantrymen from Abessinia1937
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