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129Modern building19201920-1929

130Making baskets19201920-1939

132Mail box19201920-1929

187Military parade19301930-1939

213Military parade in front of Mallet police station1938

216Military checkpoint19371930-1939

276Municipal street cleaner19201920-1939

299Municipal dispensary19201920-1939

308Messageries Maritimes building19371937-1939

351Modern-style building19301930-1949

376Majestic Hotel19241924-1935

384Moore's Memorial Church19301930-1939

450Modern building19201920-1939

454Modern Chinese style building19301930-1939

460Masonic Hall (left) and Probst & Co. (right) on the Bund.18601860-1879

479Modern building19301930-1939

488Music pavilion18731873-1907

497Music pavilion18801880-1899

653Meeting on a sampan18901890-1910

686Military ceremony19301930-1939

689Military ceremony19301930-1939

695M. J. Kelly, professor of physical education1938

708Mallet police station1936

709Mallet police station1936

859Medical Analysis Laboratory19301930-1939

890Machinery gun post1937

931Military parade19301930-1939

940Military plane19301930-1939

941Military plane19301930-1949

942Military plane19301930-1939

1042Merchant ship19001900-1910

1120Military air force19301930-1939

1133Metropole Hotel19351935-1939

1135Metropole Hotel19311931-1939

1154Mallet Police station on Mallet square19361936-1940

1171Municipal Infirmary19301930-1940

1172Municipal Infirmary19301930-1940

1346Metropole Theater19251925-1945


1355Moore's Memorial Church19901990-1999

1373Maritime Customs - 江海關大樓18931893-1911

1409Mixed Court18901890-1910

1410Mixed Court1880

1478Monument for French soldiers in the Baxianqiao Cemetery19191919-1939

1619Majestic Theatre19411941-1949

1665Market on Fookien Road19151915-1925

1757Memorial ferry19301930-1937

1799Main gate of Wusong fortification18751875-1906

1814Main gate of the Hongkew Park19071907-1937

1816Main gate of the Hardoon Garden19091909-1930

1826Main gate of the Shantung Road Cemetery18901890-1925

1829Mrs. Alma Probst's grave in Shantung Road Cemetery18901890-1925

1830Mrs.H.M. Alcock's grave in Shantung Road Cemetery18901890-1925

1892Mayor's office in the new building of Greater Shanghai MunicipalityOctober 1933

1904Memorial archway for the tenth anniversary of the Greater Shanghai MunicipalityJuly 1937

1920Mixed Court: a trial19121912-1925

1931Main Gate of the Shanghai Special Municipality Building19271927-1933

1936Military parade by the French army19201920-1939

1942Mixed Court: a trial19201920-1925

2068Metropole Hotel19351935-1939
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