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8Looking at the Bund1900

128Lyceum Theater19311931-1939

252Ladies' wear shop-window.19201920-1939

421Living room19301930-1939

422Living room19301930-1939

423Living room19301930-1939

429Lady in the living room19201920-1939

442Living room19301930-1939

443Lady in the living room19301930-1939

463Living room19201920-1939


510Longhua temple and pagoda19201920-1939

511Longhua lake19201920-1939

654Living on sampans18901890-1910

675Living on sampans18901890-1910


1418Longhua Temple19151915-1935

1486Laojiefu silk shop18801880-1911

1513Lobby in the Paramount19251925-1935

1595Library of Futan University19301930-1939

1603Lester Chinese Hospital in the early days18651865-1880

1727Longhua pagoda19201920-1929

1728Longhua pagoda19201920-1929

1729Longhua pagoda19201920-1929

1771Lujiazui in Pudong18601860-1880

1800Li Hongzhang's statue in his ancestral hall19011901-1937

1801Longhua pagoda [Lunghua]19101910-1930

1802Longhua Temple19101910-1930

1891Living quarter for the staff of the Greater Shanghai Municipality19301930-1937

1947Library of Futan University19001900-1949

1955Lecture rooms of Futan university19301930-1937

2010Lounge of Paramount Dancing Hall19321932-1949

2011Lafayette Garden Ball Room1936

2054Lao Zheng Xing restaurant19201920-1939

2062Laou Kiu Chwang and Company19001900-1949

2066Lao Feng Xiang silverware shop19201920-1929

2172Laying a waterpipe19301930-1935

2173Laying tram rails19201920-1935

2229Longhua temple after a bombardment1937

2252Longhua temple after the Japanese bombardment of August 13thFriday 13 August 1937

2293Ladies and gentlemen on holiday at the Wusong Seaside Inn1928

5420Longhua Pagoda Creek1900

5443Longhua Pagoda1900

5468Late afternoon on Shanxi beilu 山西北路September 1982

14932Louza police station, Shanghai Municipal Police1917

15059L. Moore & Co.: The Auction Room1917

15115Longhua Pagoda1928

15310Last chance to shift cargoes causes rush1937

15565Lower China Navigation Company, Shanghai1906

19455Lifesize outline model of a human19251925

19493Looking southwards down North Chekiang Road, ShanghaiTuesday 22 March 1927

19968Lower Pootung, Shanghai19061906-1907

20907Litter of puppies in a garden, ShanghaiApril 1938

22534Lillian Emily Palmer, Shanghai1920c.1920/30

22872Longhua Pagoda, Shanghai19001900-1920

22910Longhua Temple Fair, Shanghai18901890-1910

22929Longhua Pagoda, Shanghai19101910-1920

24648Leisure boat (registered in Shanghai)19301930-1939

24954Lu Xun and Woodcut Artists at the Second National Traveling Woodcut Exhibition held at YMCA on October 8, 1936 - 魯迅與青年木刻家1936

25289Library building of Saint John's University18801880-1900
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