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57Refugees flooding into the French Concession1937

58Refugee camp1937

60Review of workers militia in Zhabei in 1927March 1927

154Red-light dictrict19201920-1939


318Race club18801880-1899

404Residential complex19301930-1939

469Reading room19201920-1939

470Renaissance-style building18701870-1889

482Residential building19301930-1949


699Ravinel Park and the Russian Orthodox Mission Church19311931-1939

700Rue du Consulat1930

787Rope race1938

817Radio transmitter19001900-1910

923Recreation room (Hung-Jao)19301930-1949

925Reading room19301930-1939

926Recreation room (Ghisi)19301930-1939

946Rope fight (Collège municipal français)19301930-1939

947Rope fight (Collège municipal français)19301930-1939

958Rope fight (Collège municipal français)19301930-1939

959Rope fight (Collège municipal français)19301930-1939

1020Ruins of a factoryTuesday 1 February 1938

1024Recreation room (Prosper Paris)19301930-1949

1025Recreation room (Tou-sé-wé)19301930-1949

1129Recreation room (Franco-Chinese Institute)19301930-1949

1150Residence of the French consul19301930-1940

1169Room of the Cercle Sportif Français1935

1170Room of the Cercle Sportif Français1935

1177Race Club of Shanghai19301930-1939

1312Russian Consulate19901990-1999

1330Residence of Li Hongzhang19901990-1999

1331Residence of the chairman of the French Municipal Council19901990-1999

1332Residence of Song Qingling19901990-1999

1333Residence of Ellie Kadoorie19901990-1999

1334Residence of Zhang Zueliang19901990-1999

1335Residence of Chiang Kaishek19901990-1999

1336Residence of the High Commissionner for Customs19901990-1999

1338Residence of Song Ziwen19901990-1999

1340Residence of Wu Tongwen19901990-1999

1344Racecourse Club19901990-1999

1345Racecourse Club19301930-1941

1396Road work19151915-1935

1423Rebuilt Jardine Matheson & Co.19221922-1937

1427Residence of Sheng Xuanhuai19901990-1999

1439Residence of the Chaiman of the Board of the French Municipal Council19201920-1939

1441Refugees in a shantytown19151915-1935

1458Rowing rafts in the upper reaches of Huangpu River19151915-1935

1491Russian Consulate19151915-1935

1571Russell & Co. 旗昌洋行18801880-1900

1577Russo-Chinese Bank19101910-1939

1672Repair vehicle for trolley electric cables19301930-1936

1686Rickshaw puller [postcard]19301930-1939

1696Rickshaw puller's pause19301930-1939

1699Rickshaw pullers19201920-1929

1700Rickshaw pullers on a snow day19201920-1929

1702Rickshaws in a line19231923-1939

1763Rubbish wharf19271927-1937

1781Rubbish wharf on Zhaojiabang Creek19151915-1930

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