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24Bridge over a canal19201920-1939

26Boat trip19201920-1939

28Boat trip19201920-1939

29Boats moored at a bank.19301930-1939

32Boats moored at a bank.19201920-1939

54BlockhouseAugust 1937

55Blockhouse at corner of rue Montigny and Ave Edward VIIAugust 1937

56Building a defense wall in Zikawei roadAugust 1937

105Building the railway19001900-1910

159Building of Russell & Co.1881

168Baxianqiao cemetery and chapel18701870-1899

200British military parade along the Bund18701870-1899

217Bus advertising "Rose's Lime Juice" and other brands at a military checkpoint 19371937-1945

218Bus stop advertising "U.B. Beer" on the Bund19301930-1939

250Billboard in course of repainting advertising Lux Toilet Soap1949


314British soldiers on the Bund19371937-1939


398Baxianqiao cemetery and chapel



453Banque d'Indochine - Bank of Indochina1917

464Billiard room19201920-1939

505British Consulate18801880-1910

651Boats on the Yangjingbang Creek19001900-1913

652Boats on the Huangpu river19001900-1910

668Boats along the riverbank19101910-1929

676Bridge over (Soochow?) Creek18701870-1899

749Basket team of the battalion's sports team19301930-1940

753Basket-ball team of the First company's sports team19301930-1940

757Basket -ball team of the second Company's sports team19301930-1940

761Basket-ball team of the Third Company's sports team19301930-1940

765Basket-ball team of the Machine gun company's sports team19301930-1940

771Basket-ball match19301930-1940

772Basket-ball match19301930-1940

773Basket-ball match19301930-1940

774Basket-ball match19301930-1940

775Basket-ball match19301930-1940

776Basket-ball match19301930-1940

796Bowls match19201920-1939

805Bowls match19201920-1939


867Burning bridge1937

874Bombing on NantaoThursday 11 November 1937

876Building a wall19301930-1939


888Blockhouses and posts19301930-1939



904Battalion's theatre19301930-1939





913Building foot bridge19301930-1949



939Blockhouse and armored car at the corner of the Bund and Avenue Edward VII19301930-1939

961Boys' human pyramid (Collège municipal français)1938

962Boys' human pyramid (Collège municipal français)1938
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