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34774Zung Lee (順利) and Sons offices in the International Settlement north of Soochow Creek 1931

2253Zikawei road: the defense wall1937

45Zikawei Road19361936-1939

51Zikawei road1937

912Zikawei Road19301930-1939 - 1940s

1031Zikawei Road19301930-1939

1032Zikawei Road19301930-1949

283Zikawei observatory19121912-1945

1347Zikawei Library19901990-1999

284Zicawei Observatory19121912-1945

1429Zhoughui Bank19901990-1999

1517Zhongxin Plaza2002

1317Zhongshan yiyuan1937

2149Zhonghe bankers' meeting19201920-1929

2078Zhen Da silk and satin shop19151915-1925

1965Zhaoshang Public School19001900-1925

1598Zhangxi nü zhongxue19101910-1925

2187Zhang Yiwen 張伊雯19251925-1945

2101Zhang Xiaolin, Chu Minyi, Xu Shiying, Huang Jinrong, Du Yuesheng1935

2147Zhang Xiaolin19201920-1930

1912Zhang Qun: Shanghai mayorApril 1929April 1929 - January 1932

1819Zhang Garden (張園)18851885-1915

1500Zhang Garden (Arcadia Hall) - 張園18801885-1910

34141Zhang Garden (Arcadia Hall) - 張園1885-1910

34142Zhang Garden (Arcadia Hall) - 張園1885-1910

1785Zhang Fa Hotel19001900-1905

1896Zhang Ding: Shanghai mayorSeptember 1927September 1927 - April 1929

15300Zhabei residents cross over into the International Settlement1937

25216Zhabei on fire during the 1937 hostilities1937

2407Zhabei district reduced to ruinsAugust 1937

1419Zhabei District after the Japanese bombing in the January 28 incident in 1932Thursday 28 January 1932

34973Z. Billey Cycle & Motor Co.1931

501Yuyuan garden19201920-1939

504Yuyuan garden19201920-1939

507Yuyuan garden19201920-1939

1817Yuyuan Garden19151915-1945

2110Yuan Shuxun18801880-1912

2073Yuan Shikai's and Li Yuanhong's inscription plates19141914-1918

2156Yuan Ludeng19101910-1920

5470Yu Yuan garden (detail)September 1982

5471Yu Yuan garden (detail)September 1982

2108Yu Xiaqing's residence19151915-1945

2106Yu Xiaqing and Fu Xiao'an1924

2107Yu Xiaqing and family19071907-1917

2103Yu Xiaqing19101910-1915

2104Yu Xiaqing19151915-1925

2105Yu Xiaqing19101910-1915

1911Yu Hongjun and his wife1937

26292Young woman with bound feet, lying on bench1870-1880

26291Young woman with bound feet (veranda backdrop in photographer's studio)1870-1880

24969Young woman at doorway1900c.1900

23497Young Shanghailanders19201920 -1930

2190Young peddler19151915-1935

26263Young man on 'motorbike' in photographer's studio, 1951

2295Young lady18901890-1911

278Young ladies and a child beggar1949

2114Young girls playing music on the flat roof of an old house19201920-1935

2102Young Du Yuesheng19101910-1915

15283Young Chinese Ladies in the Street (3)19251925-1945

15282Young Chinese Ladies in the Street (2)19251925-1945
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