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62Shanghai workers' demonstration19201920-1929

63Outside the Walled City1910before 1912


65Shen Chang Company19201920-1939

66Sincere Department Store19201920-1937

67Sales for the Spring festival19301930-1939

68Volunteers' Corps inspect Chinese entering the settlementAugust 1937

69Woman and child among ruinsAugust 1937

71Quai de France by night19201920-1939

72Avenue Pétain19201920-1929

73Compagnie Française de Tramways & Waterworks19301930-1939

74Normandie Apartments19241924-1939

75Entrance of rue du Consulat: Billboard advertising "My Dear Cigarette" on the roof19301920-1939

76Great World19311931-1937

77Spanish consulate19201920-1939

78Quai de France and the French Consulate19301930-1936

79Shanghai by night19201920-1939


81Traffic on the Bund19291929-1936

82Traffic on a busy street19301930-1939

83Parked cars along a street19301930-1939

84Avenue Dubail19301930-1939


87Foch police station19301930-1939

88Foch police station19301930-1939

89View of the roofs in the French Concession19301930-1939

90View of traffic (left lane driving)19301930-1939

91Crossroad of Ave Edward VII and rue de Montigny19301930-1939

92A locked iron gate in the French Concession19301930-1939

93Defense blockhouse of the East Police Station (Poste de l'Est)1937


96Advertisement signs19201920-1939

97Street scene19201920-1939

98Chinese blockhouse19371937-1939

99The Kiangse Road Bridge over Soochow Creek 自來水橋19001900-1910

100Entrance of a lilong (lane)19201920-1939

101Chinese shop19001900-1910

103Chinese farmers19001900-1910

104Nanbancheng: road under construction19001900-1940

105Building the railway19001900-1910

106Far Eastern Hotel19101910-1929

107Opiace factory (昇大)18701870-1899

109Funeral procession19001900-1910

110Sweeping the snow19201920-1939

111Piling up boards19201920-1939

112Taking down a hut19301930-1939

113Working on the wharf19201920-1939

114Street scene in the International Settlement19001900-1913

115Dada navigation company19201920-1929

116View of the China Merchants' Kin-lee-yuen [Jinliyuan] Wharf on the French Bund19201920-1939

117View of the General Post Office19431943-1949

118Pillbox on the Bund1949


120Crowd hoping for railway tickets1949

121At Shanghai North railway station1949

122Communist activists tried by a nationalist military judgeMay 1949

123Transporting a criminal19301930-1939

124After Mao's victory19491949-1955

126View of the Bund19371937-1949

127Nanking road19301930-1939
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