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146Horse-drawn carriage19001900-1910

150Hall-Holtz Company 福利公司18851885-1910

188Hongkou Market18911891-1900


294Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation19231923-1939

352Hall-Holtz Company 福利公司18801880-1910

363Hotel des Colonies18801880-1910

366Heude Museum19301930-1939


690Hoisting the flag19201920-1939

788Horse race19201920-1929






1122Huangpu River19301930-1939

1123Heavy artillery19301930-1939

1302Hongkong & Shanghai Bank1874

1450Hotel des Colonies19151915-1925

1456Hongkou Market19201920-1939

1536Hongkew Market1916

1537Hongkew Market1927

1540Hongkew park19101910-1935

1607Hungjao Sanatorium1934

1638Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation19231923-1939

1661Hongqiao Post office19301930-1939

1666Hongkew Market18501850-1910

1742House belongings moved by rickshaw19301930-1939

1764Huazhan wharf 華棧碼頭19271927-1937

1812Hongkew Park19071907-1937

1813Hongkew Park19071907-1937

1821Horse riding in Zhang Garden (張園)18851885-1911

1895Huang Fu: Shanghai mayorJuly 1927July-September 1927

1916Hongkew police station1930

1992Hall of the Country Hospital19151915-1935

2026Horse race19201920-1937

2032Houn Koung Bank19151915-1935

2043Hongkew market19151915-1939

2048Houn Sing pawnshop19151915-1935

2050Hangchow Ong Lung Sheng Tea Co., Shanghai Branch19201920-1929

2051Hongkong and Shanghai Bank under construction19241924-1925

2100Huang Jinrong19301930-1939

2113Hongkew Market (Hongkou) (Aerial view)19201920-1939

2158Huang Chujiu19151915-1925

2191Hardware peddlers19151915-1935

2194Hardware peddlers19151915-1935

2282Hang Xiying's wedding portrait1928

2337Horse-drawn carriage18801880-1912

2348Heavily loaded pushcart in Nanking Road18801880-1912

5372Horse Cart1910

5421Hongkew Market (1892—1910) market on a busy day18981898-1901

5422Hongkew Market (1892—1910) on a quiet day18981898-1901

5457Houses and boats on Soochow Creek18981898-1901

5474Hand cartsSeptember 1982

14898Haig Court1948

14899Haig Court garden1948

14929Hotel Municipal (Town Hall), French Concession1917

14942Hongkong and Shanghai Bank1917

15130H.I.J.M.S. IDZUMO1937
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