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32985Representation of french drama in ShanghaiWinter

27607The city hall of the Chinese municipality in the Civic Center after bombing - 轟炸後的市政府大禮堂1937September-October 1937

1896Zhang Ding: Shanghai mayorSeptember 1927September 1927 - April 1929

1905Galeazzo Ciano pays an official visit to Wu Tiecheng, Shanghai MayorOctober 1933October 1933- March 1937

19505Nanking Road, Shanghai, May-June 1925May 1925May-June 1925

19506Firemen outside Wing On Department Store, Shanghai, May/June 1925May 1925May-June 1925

19507Nanking Road, Shanghai, May/June 1925May 1925May-June 1925

19508Wing On (Yong'an) Department Store, Shanghai, May/June 1925May 1925May-June 1925

19509Fire-engine, outside Wing On (Yong'an) Department Store, Shanghai, May/June 1925May 1925May-June 1925

1895Huang Fu: Shanghai mayorJuly 1927July-September 1927

15776A portrait of Yu Youren1912Early Republic

27176Thomas Johns on board a boat in Shanghaic.1934

31320Sikh policemen on horseback, Shanghaic.1930

31321A.F. Smith, Royal Army Medical Corpsc.1930

31322S.J. Sims, Royal Army Medical Corpsc.1930

31324Bandstand, Public Garden, Bund, Shanghaic.1930

31325Stage decorationsc.1930

31326'My Dear Cigarette' tobacco shop and a restaurant, Shanghaic.1930

31327Pavilion in Jessfield Park, Shanghaic.1930

31329Waiting for a tram, Nanjing Road (南京路), Shanghaic.1930

31330Rickshaw puller and Holy Trinity Church (圣三一主教座堂), Shanghaic.1930

31331China United Insurance, Shanghaic.1930

31332Rooftop view northwards, Shanghaic.1930

31334Busy street corner, Shanghaic.1930

31337Jack 'Tug' Wilson and his brotherc.1930

31338A railway tunnelc.1930

31339Sassoon House (The Cathay Hotel) , Shanghaic.1930

31340Custom House and the Whampoo River, Shanghaic.1930

31341Sampans on Soochow Creek, Shanghaic.1930

31342Garden Bridge, Shanghaic.1930

31343s.s. City of Marseillesc.1930

31344Boats on the Whangpoo, Shanghaic.1930

31345A group at the seaside, Weihaiweic.1930

31346A group on the beach, Weihaiweic.1930

31368First World War memorial, The Bund, Shanghaic.1930

31372British soldiers, Shanghaic.1930

31373Parked cars and rickshaws, Shanghaic.1930

31374Side by side: rickshaw, porter, and saloon carc.1930

31375Women sifting through rubbish, Shanghaic.1930

31376Chinese and Sikh policemen (SMP), Shanghaic.1930

27258The houseboat 'Wan Yun' in Shanghaic.1920s

22486'Arrow', an Asiatic Petroleum Company houseboat1920c.1920/30

22534Lillian Emily Palmer, Shanghai1920c.1920/30

22544A semi-detached house1920c.1920/30

22555Man sitting outside a house1920c.1920/30

22576Colin Palmer and amah1920c.1920/30

22578Toddler and amah1920c.1920/30

27232The Bubbling Well, Bubbling Well Road, Shanghaic.1920

26264W.G.L. Riddle on a rickshaw, with driver, c.1913c.1913

22897Harold Peck, with three men and a dog1910c.1910

22898An amah with a baby and Mrs Mabel Peck1910c.1910

26182John Sullivan reading newspaper on board the SMP houseboat 'Kathleen'c.1910

26190Junks belayed to a steamshipc.1910

26193Bubbling Well Police Station, Shanghai, c.1910c.1910

26208Statue of Li Hongzhang (李鸿章), Zikawei, Shanghai, c.1910c.1910

26214Ferry-boat crossing the Huangpu River, Shanghai, c.1910c.1910

26215The SMP houseboat 'Kathleen', in Shanghaic.1910

26216Fishing with cormorants, Taihu Lakes, near Shanghaic.1910

26222Police stationc.1910

26230A small boat coming alongside a houseboatc.1910
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