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3Working on boats19201920-1939

9Warships : U.S.S. Augusta1937

11Warships on the Huangpu19341934-1939

31Working on the bank19201920-1939

48Western style villas19201920-1939

61Workers militia at their headquarters in ZhabeiMarch 1927

69Woman and child among ruinsAugust 1937

113Working on the wharf19201920-1939

151Wusong township near Shanghai18801880-1899

162Walking on the Bund19031903-1907

309Water tower on Kiangse Road18801880-1899

451White colonial residence18801880-1899 - 1900-1910


633Water pumping room of dockyard number 219201920-1939

640Waterworks: Prefiltert pools19201920-1939

641Waterworks: Sand Filters and Pumping Station19201920-1939

665Waterfront of a large earthenware pots maker19101910-1929



892Wounded soldiers1937

893Wounded soldiers1937


937Warships on the Huangpu River19301930-1939

965Western and Chinese people19101910-1929

1019Wusong after an aerial raidMonday 3 January 1938

1214Winter uniform at the French municipal Rémi School19411941-1943

1337Wartime residence of Wang Jingwei19901990-1999

1382Wing On Department Store19201920-1939

1485Wing On Department Store19201920-1939

1509Wong Zung Chong Tailor & Outfitter Shop (王順昌洋服號)19151915-1925

1520Wenxin Newspaper Tower2002

1523Welcome Terrace2002

1535Woosung Road1932

1654Wangson & Co. Electric Factory 華生電器製造廠19201920-1929

1690Women on rickshaw19301930-1939

1712Worshippers at the City God Temple19301930-1939

1723Wooden bridge on the town river18801880-1912

1743West gate of the walled city18801880-1911

1768Wills Bridge [Garden Bridge]18731873-1907

1777Wills Bridge [Garden Bridge] - 外白渡橋18731873-1906

1790Wusong-Shanghai railway station19051905-1911

1866Works in Avenue Dubail1934

1872West gate area19301930-1937

1893Wu Tiecheng: Shanghai Mayor19321932-1937

1915Wayside police station1927

1964Wan Zhu primary School1929

1966Wanzhu primary School1929

2040Weida Hotel19201920-1939

2041Weida Hotel entrance19201920-1939

2044Wantai sauce and pickle shop19151915-1925

2067Wu fang zhai snack shop19101910-1919

2141Woman beggar19151915-1935

2142Women at New Year's Eve18801880-1900

2153Women collect rubbish in a lane19151915-1935

2182Woman beggar with festered feet1915

2259Wire netting after the August 13th 19371937

2284Western villas19001900-1943

2286Women's broadcast1936

2322Well-off Chinese family at the end of Qing dynasty18801880-1912

2351War Memorial19341934-1937
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