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35Jiaotong University 交通大學19301930-1939

191Jewelry and silver shop on Nanking Road19201920-1939

305Japanese Club19151915-1945

348Japanese Special Marine Corps Headquarters19301930-1949

353Jewellers shop19201920-1939

498Jessfield park19201920-1939

573Japanese Officers and soldiers on Hongqiao Road - 9 November 1937Tuesday 9 November 1937

666Junks and a flat-bottomed boat19001900-1910

706Joffre police station19301930-1939

707Joffre police station19301930-1939

716Judges and referees at work during a sport competition at the Collège municipal français1938

717Judges and referees at work during the sport festival1938

832Japanese soldiers on Hungjao road (Hongqiao)Tuesday 9 November 1937

869Japanese occupation in Sainte Catherine area19371937-1938

932Japanese posts19301930-1949

933Japanese posts near the North Railway Station19371937-1939

1362Jing'an temple19201920-1939

1422Jardine Matheson & Co.18801880-1911

1452Japanese Girls' High School19251925-1939

1453Japanese Commercial School19251925-1939

1457Japanese residential area19151915-1945

1475Jardine’s Ewo Cotton Mill in the Yangshupu area19151915-1925

1493Japanese Consulate19151915-1935

1496Jing'an Temple in the 19 th century18701870-1890

1524Jinang'an-Maoming Apartment2002

1526Join Buy Home Decoration Shopping Center2002

1531Japanese Sea Service Company19201920-1935

1543Japanese ceremony at Higashi Hongan-ji Temple1908

1545Japanese temple Higashi Hongan-ji19101910-1920

1548Japanese Kabuki theater19151915-1935

1551Japanese shop- Kawauchi19151915-1935

1552Japanese cakes shop - Shinkine19151915-1935

1553Japanese souvenirs shop - Marufuku19151915-1935

1554Japanese tailor - Sugiura19151915-1935

1555Japanese firm - Heiwa19151915-1935

1556Japanese hotel - Banzaikan19151915-1935

1557Japanese hotel - Hoyokan19151915-1935

1558Japanese company - Mitsui-Bussan19151915-1935

1561Japanese bank -Chôsen19151915-1935

1562Japanese bank - Mitsui19151915-1935

1563Japanese company - Mitsubishi19151915-1935

1564Japanese bank - Sumitomo19151915-1935

1575Jardine, Marheson &Co., Ltd.18501850-1899

1650Jiangwan sport center: Stadium, sport field and swimming pool of the Greater Shanghai19351935-1938

1815Jessfield Park19141914-1935

1837Jing'an “villa”1926

1889Jiangwan sport center: Stadium, sport field and swimming pool of the Greater Shanghai19351935-1938

1909Japanese Consulate19101910-1925

1941Japanese Consulate18791879-1911

2029Johnson Garage, branch No. 319201920-1937

2035Jiangnan dock19201920-1939

2109Jin Tingsun and Beijing opera actors1937

2231Japanese soldiers arrest Chinese civilians1932

2241Japanese army occupy the new building of the Greater Shanghai Municipality1937

2245Japanese marines during the January 28th IncidentJanuary 1932

2404Japanese bombardement on ZhabeiThursday 14 October 1937

2406Japanese bombardement on ZhabeiAugust 1937

15014Jardine, Matheson & Co.: Main building1917

15015Jardine, Matheson & Co.: Ewo Cotton Spinning and Weaving Company1917

15016Jardine, Matheson & Co.: Reeling workshop1917
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