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59Great World Amusement Center after bombingAugust 1937

76Great World19311931-1937

79Shanghai by night19201920-1939

128Lyceum Theater19311931-1939

166Shanghai Club under the snow18611861-1905

248Selling magazines1949

305Japanese Club19151915-1945

319The Shanghai Club19301930-1939

320The China Press19101910-1929

359Inside the Great World1929

360The Great World (Da Shijie)19171917-1924

471The Country Club on Bubbling Well Road18801880-1910

520Newspaper salesboy19121912-1949

642The Great World entertainment center: The racecourse19171917-1937

681Piano recital19301930-1939

682At the theater19301930-1939

683Drama performance at the Cercle Sportif Français19301930-1939

831In front of the Great WorldSaturday 14 August 1937

982The August 14th bombing in front of the Great WorldSaturday 14 August 1937

991Bomb crater in front of the Great World1937

1139The Great World19311931-1939

1341American Club19201920-1939

1346Metropole Theater19251925-1945

1366Great World19311931-1937

1369North China Daily News and Herald Tribune19001900-1920

1371Shen Bao office building - 申報館19151915-1935

1388View of buildings on the Bund1920before 1929

1389Shanghai Club1930-1939

1390Cercle Sportif Français19301930-1939

1433The Commercial Press Company19201920-1939

1468North China Daily News19251925-1939

1483Shen Bao Office19151915-1925

1488Nanking Theater1934

1500Zhang Garden (Arcadia Hall) - 張園18801885-1910

1510Paramount Dancing Hall19251925-1935

1511Grand Dancing Hall in Paramount19251925-1935

1512Glass Ball Room in Paramount19251925-1935

1513Lobby in the Paramount19251925-1935

1514Bar in Paramount19251925-1935

1520Wenxin Newspaper Tower2002

1546Asia-Nippon Newspaper19101910-1925

1547Shanghai Nichi Nichi Shinbun Newspaper19101910-1925

1617Empire Theatre19201920-1939

1618Grand Theatre - 大光明戲院19291929-1945

1619Majestic Theatre19411941-1949

1620Great World19501950-1959

1641Shanghai Club1910

1670Shanghai Race Club19301930-1937


1819Zhang Garden (張園)18851885-1915

1820Arcadia Hall in the Zhang Garden (張園)19001885-1915

1821Horse riding in Zhang Garden (張園)18851885-1911

1822Veranda of the Arcadia Hall in Zhang garden (張園)18851885-1911

1823Arcadia Hall in Zhang Garden (張園)

1824Roller coasters in the Zhang garden (張園)19121912-1915

1944Building of H. Fogg & Co. (left) and early Shanghai Club18931893-1905

1975Early Horse Racecourse18601860-1899

1984International Recreation Club19151915-1935

1985Swimming pool of the Columbia Country Club19151915-1935

1986Interior of the Shanghai Club19111911-1949
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