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1View of the Astor House Hotel from Soochow Creek19081908-1916

12Chinese customs at Wusong19301930-1939

13Yangszepoo Power Station [Yangshupu]19301930-1939

31Working on the bank19201920-1939

32Boats moored at a bank.19201920-1939

33Garden Bridge and Broadway Mansions19341934-1939

34Garden bridge, Broadway Mansions and Russian Consulate19341934-1939

39Avenue Jofffre19311931-1939

106Far Eastern Hotel19101910-1929

107Opiace factory (昇大)18701870-1899

117View of the General Post Office19431943-1949

127Nanking road19301930-1939

159Building of Russell & Co.1881

165View of the Bund at dawn18801880-1889

171Shanghai Waterworks18701870-1899

179View of the Bund19271927-1928

180The Bund near the Palace Hotel (匯中飯店)19061906-1919

181Shopsigns and banners on Fuzhou road19301930-1939

198Street scene near the Park Hotel (Victory celebration)1945

218Bus stop advertising "U.B. Beer" on the Bund19301930-1939

230View of the Bund19301930-1939

245Patting lion's paw for "good luck" at the Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation lion19201920-1929

294Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation19231923-1939

296The Cathay Hotel/Sassoon House and the Bank of China1937

298The Cathay Hotel bedroom19301930-1939

310Nanyang Brothers' Cigarettes Company 南洋兄弟煙草公司19201920-1939

311Early Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation18801880-1909

314British soldiers on the Bund19371937-1939

326View of the Bund by night1937

329Park Hotel by night1937

335Park hotel and Racecourse by night19341934-1939

351Modern-style building19301930-1949

354Tobacco factory19101910-1929

363Hotel des Colonies18801880-1910


372The Whiteway & Laidlaw Department Store18801880-1899 - 1900-1910

376Majestic Hotel19241924-1935

453Banque d'Indochine - Bank of Indochina1917

474Oriental Bank (Chartered Bank after 1892)18851885

617Industrial landscape19201920-1939

618Industrial landscape19201920-1939

619Steel plant19201920-1939


622Copper factory 打銅廠19001900-1910

624Factory workshop19001900-1910

625Electrical engineering department19001900-1910

626Factory workshop19001900-1910

627Factory timber workshop19001900-1910

628Factory workshop (foundry)19001900-1910

629Factory workshop 輪機廠車床部19001900-1910

630Detailed view of a water pumping machine19001900-1910

641Waterworks: Sand Filters and Pumping Station19201920-1939

644Child-workers in a cotton mill19201920-1939

645Textile mill: spinning wheels19301930-1939

655Union Church on Soochow Creek19001900-1910

660View of the Bund19291929-1935

661The Bund19251925-1926

662View of the Bund19101910-1929

665Waterfront of a large earthenware pots maker19101910-1929

667View of Pudong across the Huangpu River19001900-1910
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