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18Aircraft carrier19301930-1939

30At the pier19201920-1939

39Avenue Jofffre19311931-1939

47Aurora University's main entrance on Ave. Dubail19301930-1939

72Avenue Pétain19201920-1929

84Avenue Dubail19301930-1939

92A locked iron gate in the French Concession19301930-1939

96Advertisement signs19201920-1939

121At Shanghai North railway station1949

124After Mao's victory19491949-1955

148At the Chinese public garden18801880-1899

174Avenue Pétain19201920-1945

182At the market19201920-1939

215Avenue Pétain towards the St. Ignatius Cathedral19361936-1939

224After a typhoon19301930-1939

226After a typhoon19301930-1939

239At the guardroom19301930-1939


246A poor man picking up spilt rice in the street1949

273At the market19201920-1939

280Art studio (Catholic orphanage)Thursday 2 April 1931


331An illuminated "Holiday Arch" in the French Concession19301930-1939

336After a bombing in Zhabei19301930-1939

339After a bombing in Zhabei19301930-1939

346After a bombing19301930-1939

347After a bombing19301930-1939

350After a bombing19301930-1939

399All Saints Church

478Apartment building 'Le Dauphiné'19301930-1939

480After a bombing19301930-1939

481After a bombing19301930-1939

591At the stele in Shanghai Baptist College19201920-1929


635Aircraft under construction1930

636Aircraft contruction plant19201920-1939

638At a warehouse19001900-1910

664A riverbank crowded with sampans19101910-1919

682At the theater19301930-1939

696After an aerial raidThursday 11 November 1937

697A sand-bag defence post19371937-1939

698Aerial view of avenue Pétain1934

750Athletic team of the battalion's sports team19301930-1940

754Athletics team of the First company's sports team19301930-1940

789At the racecourse19201920-1929

790At the racecourse19201920-1929

792At the playing field (Shanghai American School)19301930-1939

793At the golf course19301930-1939

795At the golf club19301930-1939

799At the running competition (Shanghai American School)19301930-1939

802At the bowls match19201920-1939

804At the bowls match19201920-1939

807At the swimming pool19301930-1939

809At the stadium19201920-1939

810A car show at the Racecourse19201920-1939

821American river gunboat19001900-1910

830After bombingSaturday 14 August 1937

873A French sandbag blockhouse1937

935Allied warships on the Huangpu River19301930-1939

975Army ship18901890-1909
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