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93Defense blockhouse of the East Police Station (Poste de l'Est)1937


115Dada navigation company19201920-1929

170Decorated building for a celebration18801880-1910

223Destroyed fences after a typhoon19301930-1939

238Defense blockhaus19301930-1939


424Dining room19301930-1939

431Dining room19201920-1939

432Dining room19201920-1939

433Dining room19201920-1939

449Detatched house19101910-1929

456Dining room19301930-1939

462Dining room19301930-1939

593Decorated tramcar19181918-1920

630Detailed view of a water pumping machine19001900-1910

683Drama performance at the Cercle Sportif Français19301930-1939

819Dredger (boat)19001900-1910

836Dining room19301930-1939

846Defense installation19301930-1939

847Defense installation19301930-1939

851Defense installation19301930-1939

852Defense installation19301930-1939

871During a pause19301930-1939


992Defense installation19301930-1939

993Defense installation19301930-1939


1003During the battle1937

1023Defense position19301930-1939

1036Defense line19301930-1939 - 1940s

1037Defense line19301930-1939

1081During the fight19301930-1939

1083Defense work19301930-1939

1088Digging trenches19301930-1939

1089Digging trenches19301930-1949

1320Dah Sun Department Store19201920-1939

1505Denis Apartments19151915-1935

1640Denmark Telegraph Co.1922

1689Downtown crossroad18801880-1912

1726Drum tower at the Longhua temple1923

1780Drainage of the Zhaojiabang Creek1938

1786Drainage of the Yangjingbang Creek1915

1808Du Yuesheng's ancestral hall19201920-1940

1838Detached houses in the Civic Cente of Greater Shanghai1936

1953Damaged Library of Fudan University1937

2003Damaged Shanghai Museum1937

2013Dance floor of the Paramount Dancing Hall19321932-1949

2023Dog race at Luna Park19201920-1937

2038Dong Shing No. 2 Mill 同興紗廠19151915-1935

2077Dr. Cai's clinic19301930-1936

2242Damages on the new building of the Greater Shanghai Municipality1937

2243Damages on the new building of the Greater Shanghai Municipality1937

2244Damages on the new building of the Greater Shanghai Municipality1937

2321Director and typist of the "Dalu bao"1936


2363Doctors' name plates19371937-1945

2445Doufu (soya paste or bean cake) moldSeptember 1982

2475Detail of the roof of the Jing'an Temple1987

2476Detail of the Jing'an Temple1987
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