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61Workers militia at their headquarters in ZhabeiMarch 1927

62Shanghai workers' demonstration19201920-1929

104Nanbancheng: road under construction19001900-1940

110Sweeping the snow19201920-1939

111Piling up boards19201920-1939

112Taking down a hut19301930-1939

113Working on the wharf19201920-1939

116View of the China Merchants' Kin-lee-yuen [Jinliyuan] Wharf on the French Bund19201920-1939

142Cleaning the pavement19201920-1939

244Night soil collection ("Moodoon cart")19101910-1929

250Billboard in course of repainting advertising Lux Toilet Soap1949

276Municipal street cleaner19201920-1939


297The Messageries Maritime building under construction18751875-1899

551Group photo of the crime squad of the French police19301930-1940

626Factory workshop19001900-1910

627Factory timber workshop19001900-1910

629Factory workshop 輪機廠車床部19001900-1910

636Aircraft contruction plant19201920-1939

639Textile factory: spinning wheels19201920-1939

640Waterworks: Prefiltert pools19201920-1939

641Waterworks: Sand Filters and Pumping Station19201920-1939

643Preparation for the cremation of coffins19201920-1939

644Child-workers in a cotton mill19201920-1939

645Textile mill: spinning wheels19301930-1939

651Boats on the Yangjingbang Creek19001900-1913

662View of the Bund19101910-1929

665Waterfront of a large earthenware pots maker19101910-1929

670Unidentified buildings along the river19101910-1919

673Ship-repairing dockyard19101910-1929

679Steamer along the docks18901890-1910

876Building a wall19301930-1939

877Foundations for a sandbag blockhouse19301930-1939

1037Defense line19301930-1939

1196Coolies carrying elements of a blockhouse19301930-1940

1197Construction of a blockhouse19371937-1940

1396Road work19151915-1935

1656The Garbage Wharf on Soochow Creek in the 1930s19301930-1939

1663Street construction in the Chinese-administered districts19201920-1929

1686Rickshaw puller [postcard]19301930-1939

1869Nanking Road: pavement under construction18801880-1909

1885Construction of a new road19001900-1930

2092Corner stone of the Y.M.C.A building1921

2169Road work19151915-1935

2171Rolling a street19151915-1935

2172Laying a waterpipe19301930-1935

2173Laying tram rails19201920-1935

2174Rolling underground cable19151915-1935

2392Street cleaning19201920-1943

2395SMC Street cleaner19151915-1935

5474Hand cartsSeptember 1982

14853Policemen and prisoner in a cangue19121912-1939

14854Prisoners in cangue18651865-1870

14855Capital execution (fake)18651865-1870

15038Price Ltd.: Candle -making and wrapping room1917

15048Reiss & Co.: Silk weaving room1917

15057China and Java Export Co.: Sorting skins1917

15064Eastern Fur and Skin Company: Cleaning and Sorting Hides and Skins1917

15065Eastern Fur and Skin Company: Weighing and Packing Hides and Skins1917

15066Eastern Fur and Skin Company: Hides and Skins Ready for Transportation1917
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