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1View of the Astor House Hotel from Soochow Creek19081908-1916

2The Bund viewed from the wharves19071907-1920

3Working on boats19201920-1939

5Glance at the Bund1933

6Sampan on the Huangpu19201920-1929

7Gaoqiao beach19301930-1939

8Looking at the Bund1900

9Warships : U.S.S. Augusta1937

10Tender (boat)19201920-1929

11Warships on the Huangpu19341934-1939

12Chinese customs at Wusong19301930-1939

13Yangszepoo Power Station [Yangshupu]19301930-1939

14Two Chinese junks and sampans on the Huangpu19201920-1939

15Three-arched stone bridge19301930-1939

16Sailing junk on the Huangpu19201920-1939

17Five warships of European navies on the Huangpu19301930-1939

18Aircraft carrier19301930-1939

19View of the Huangpu and Pudong from the Bund19201920-1939

20Soochow Creek19301930-1939

21Soochow Creek and Garden Bridge19201920-1933

22Soochow Creek19201920-1933

23Flooded street19201920-1939

24Bridge over a canal19201920-1939

25Sailing on a canal19201920-1939

26Boat trip19201920-1939


28Boat trip19201920-1939

29Boats moored at a bank.19301930-1939

30At the pier19201920-1939

31Working on the bank19201920-1939

32Boats moored at a bank.19201920-1939

33Garden Bridge and Broadway Mansions19341934-1939

34Garden bridge, Broadway Mansions and Russian Consulate19341934-1939

35Jiaotong University 交通大學19301930-1939

36French Public School19301930-1939

37French Concession Jail19301930-1939

38Canidrome from rue Roi Albert19201920-1939

39Avenue Jofffre19311931-1939


41Transporting building materials19201920-1939

42Quai de France (French section of the Bund)19201920-1939

43Quai de France (French section of the Bund)19201920-1939

44Quai de France and Bund19291929-1935

45Zikawei Road19361936-1939

46Street scene19201920-1929

47Aurora University's main entrance on Ave. Dubail19301930-1939

48Western style villas19201920-1939

49Foochow Road19201920-1939


51Zikawei road1937

52Chinese army in Zikawei road1937

54BlockhouseAugust 1937

55Blockhouse at corner of rue Montigny and Ave Edward VIIAugust 1937

56Building a defense wall in Zikawei roadAugust 1937

57Refugees flooding into the French Concession1937

58Refugee camp1937

59Great World Amusement Center after bombingAugust 1937

60Review of workers militia in Zhabei in 1927March 1927

61Workers militia at their headquarters in ZhabeiMarch 1927

62Shanghai workers' demonstration19201920-1929
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