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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
1East Police Station (Poste de l'Est)公董局巡捕房Administrative facility180 QUAI DE FRANCE
2Chaozhou Guild潮州會館Community facility105 WHAMPOO ROAD
3South Eastern Theatre東南大戲院Recreational facility71 BOULEVARD DES DEUX REPUBLIQUES
4Customs Examination ShedAdministrative facility24 QUAI DE FRANCE
5China Navigation CompanyCommercial establishment23 QUAI DE FRANCE
6Consulate General of France法領事公使館Diplomatic representation2 RUE DU CONSULAT
7International Saving SocietyCommercial establishment7 EDWARD VII
8Public Bath湯山浴室Commercial establishment25-2 RUE MONTAUBAN
9Qiande Primary School私立潜徳小學Educational facility8 RUE LAGUERRE
10Bank銀行Commercial establishment1 RUE MONTAUBAN
11Messageries Maritimes - French Maritime CompanyCommercial establishment9 QUAI DE FRANCE
12Xiaoming Girl Junior High School暁明女子中學Educational facility35 RUE MONTAUBAN
13St. Joseph Church天主堂Religious facility36 RUE MONTAUBAN
14Leisi Primary School私立類思小學Educational facility36 RUE MONTAUBAN
15Shenmuyuan Orphanage聖母院 - 拯亡會Institutional site37 RUE MONTAUBAN
16Mercury Evening News大美晩報館Information & communication19 EDWARD VII ROAD
17Public Bath浴室Commercial establishment183-4 RUE DU CONSULAT
18Asia Hotel亞洲飯店Commercial establishment135 EDWARD VII
19Restaurant菜館Commercial establishment156 RUE DU CONSULAT
20Mallet Police Station公董局巡捕房Administrative facility151 EDWARD VII
21Chung Wai Bank中匯銀行Commercial establishment143 EDWARD VII
22Minde Primary School民徳小學Educational facility149 RUE TOURANE
23Jinde Junior High School for Girls進徳女子中学Educational facility145 RUE TOURANE
24Xinmeng Primary School新蒙小學Educational facility129-12 RUE TOURANE
25Public Bath同慶池浴室Commercial establishment109-8 RUE HUE
26Renyi Charity Organization仁義善會Community facility66 RUE HUE
27Shanghai Anti-Kidnapping Society中国救濟婦孺總會Institutional site66 RUE HUE
28Dah Woo HotelCommercial establishment345 EDWARD VII ROAD
29Great World大世界Recreational facility1 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
30Gongwutai Cinema榮記共舞臺Recreational facility433-B AVENUE EDWARD VII
31Taiyuan Theater太原坊維Recreational facility401-6 AVENUE EDWARD VII
32YMCA青年會Community facility123 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
33Shanghai Telephone Company上海電話公司Information & communication106 RUE PALIKAO
34Public Bath安樂池浴室Commercial establishment23/33 RUE PALIKAO
35Public Bath逍遥池浴室Commercial establishment180 RUE HUE
36Baochan Hospital保産醫院Institutional site438 BOULEVARD DES DEUX REPUBLIQUES
37Shanghai Sanatorium Hospital上海療肺静養院Institutional site1 ROUTE DE NINGPO
38Ningbo Guild四明公所Community facilityRUE DE NINGPO / RUE PALIKAO
39Ecole Franco-Chinoise (Franco-Chinese School)中法學堂Educational facility179 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
40Pharmacy Hospital葯房醫院Institutional site175 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
41Fuzi Hospital Dispensary父子醫院門診部Institutional site64 RUE DE NINGPO
42Chunzai Hospital春在醫院Institutional site66 RUE DE NINGPO
43Qinde Primary School for Girls勤徳女子小學Educational facility562-38 BOULEVARD DES DEUX REPUBLIQUES
44Dunbei Primary School敦北小學Educational facility38-34 RUE MILLOT
45Xinxia Primary School新夏小學Educational facility439-1 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
46Qinru Primary School清如小學Educational facility59-1 RUE VOISIN
47Police Sub-Station (Poste de Surveillance)警所Administrative facilityBUISSONNET / DAJING / DEUX REPUBLIQUES / PALIKAO
48Ningbo Guild - Wood Storage四明公所木棧Community facilityRUE SOEUR ALLEGRE / RUE PALIKAO
49Zhongfang Guangsi Xiayuan (Temple)中方廣寺下院Religious facility303/309 RUE PALIKAO
50Municipal Slaughterhouse市立屠宰場Industrial site296 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
51Primary School and Junior High School中小學校Educational facility14 RUE ORIOU
52Jinrong Primary School金榮小學校Educational facility20 RUE ORIOU
53Public Bath浴室Commercial establishment22/28 RUE HENNEQUIN
54Yucai Primary School育材小學Educational facility40 RUE HENNEQUIN
55Weiyang Dancing Hall維揚大舞臺Recreational facility62 RUE HENNEQUIN
56Lagrene School啦格納小學Educational facility84 RUE ORIOU
57Public Bath浴室Commercial establishment41-1A RUE SOEUR ALLEGRE
58Zhendong Primary School震東小學Educational facility93-13 RUE BUISSONNET
59Primary School No. 1第一小學Educational facility106 RUE BRODIE A. CLARKE
60Datong Hospital大同醫院Institutional site83-25 RUE SOEUR ALLEGRE
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