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74Normandie Apartments19241924-1939

104Nanbancheng: road under construction19001900-1940

127Nanking road19301930-1939
143Nanking Road19301930-1939

149Nanking Road, looking east toward the corner of Kiangse Road, at the end of the 19th century18801880-1899

192Nanking Road19201920-1929

244Night soil collection ("Moodoon cart")19101910-1929

267Night-soil carts19121912-1939

279Nanyang College 南洋公學18981898-1920

310Nanyang Brothers' Cigarettes Company 南洋兄弟煙草公司19201920-1939

502Nine-Curve Bridge in Nanshi19001900-1910

520Newspaper salesboy19121912-1949

603New French tramcar19351935-1945

785Navy Officers19201920-1929 - 1930-1939

979Nanshi refugeesSaturday 14 August 1937

1017Non Commissioned Officers’ Club19301930-1939

1138Nanking Road19201920-1939

1187Ningbo Guild18801880-1910

1299Nisshin Kisen Kaisha 日清大樓19201920-1939

1315New Asia Hotel 新亞酒店1943

1368Nanyang College 南洋公學1906

1369North China Daily News and Herald Tribune19001900-1920

1468North China Daily News19251925-1939

1488Nanking Theater1934

1585New Asia Hotel 新亞酒店19331933-1935

1594Nanyang College 南洋公學18981898-1920

1628Nanking road18801880-1912

1629Nanking road18801880-1912

1631Nanking road: surroundings18701870-1910

1632Nanking Road1936

1655Nanyang Brothers' Cigarette Company 南洋兄弟煙草公司19201920-1929

1708Near the city wall18801880-1912

1721New North Gate of the walled city18801880-1912

1725North gate from the inside18801880-1912

1746North gate18801880-1912

1759New Jukong Wharf under construction1935

1760New Jukong Wharf under construction1935

1761Nanshi wharf under construction1930

1762Nanshi wharf in a jumble19271927-1937

1856Nanking road19301930-1937

1859North Szechuen Road19301930-1935

1867Nanking Road1912

1868Nanking Road1870

1869Nanking Road: pavement under construction18801880-1909

1874Nanking Road by night19301930-1937

1875Nanking Road by night19301930-1937

1876Nanking Road19201920-1925

1877Nanking Road19341934-1937

1878Nanking Road: pavement under construction19301930-1937

1879New Jukong Wharf under construction1935

1907New Building of Greater Shanghai Municipality1933

1908New Building of the Greater Shanghai Municipality1933

1969Nanyang College 南洋公學1906

1997News agencies plates19001900-1949

2022North Shanghai Opium Detoxification Clinic19261926-1937

2045New Wantai sauce and pickle shop19151915-1925

2081New building of the Ningpo Guild1921

2198Newspaper sellers19151915-1935


2384Newspaper sellers19151915-1935
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