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35307French Consulate and neighboring buildings1880-1913

35306Main frontage of the French Consulate General of Shanghai1880-1913

35305View of the French Bund looking South1860-1900

35304Exterior of the French Consulate building1913

35298Group portrait of Westerners dressed in Chinese clothing1903-1905

35295Chinese delegation at the National Merchandise Fair

35294Taylor Garage1931

35293Assembly line of an American truckWednesday 2 September 1931

35286Portrait of a Western woman (3)1921-1949

35285Portrait of a Western woman (2)1921-1949

35284Portrait of Lin Jingshan (郎靜山)1921-1949

35283Portrait of a Chinese couple

35282Portrait of Mrs. Hong Luoxia, now and then

35281Portrait of Sam Sanzetti1921-1949

35280Sam Sanzetti in his car1921-1949

35279Portrait of a Chinese woman (19)1921-1949

35278Portrait of a Chinese woman (18)1921-1949

35277Portrait of a Chinese woman (17)1921-1949

35276Portrait of a Chinese woman (16)1921-1949

35275Portrait of a Chinese woman (15)1921-1949

35274Portrait of a Chinese woman (14)1921-1949

35273Portrait of a Chinese woman (13)1921-1949

35272Portrait of a Western woman1921-1949

35271Portrait of a Chinese woman (12)1921-1949

35270Portrait of a Chinese woman (11)1921-1949

35269Portrait of a Chinese woman (10)1921-1949

35268Portrait of a Chinese woman (9)1921-1949

35267Portrait of a Chinese woman (8)1921-1949

35266Portrait of a Chinese woman (7)1921-1949

35265Portrait of a Chinese woman (6)1921-1949

35264Portrait of an inverted ricksha puller/customer situation1921-1949

35263Portrait of Sam Sanzetti in his office1921-1949

35262Nude portait of a Chinese woman1921-1949

35261Portrait of a group of three Chinese men1921-1949

35260Portrait of a Chinese man (5)1921-1949

35259Portrait of a Chinese man (4)1921-1949

35258Portrait of a Chinese man (3)1921-1949

35257Portrait of a Chinese man (2)1921-1949

35256Portrait of a Chinese man (1)1921-1949

35255Portrait of a couple in wedding dress1921-1949

35254Portrait of a child (3)1921-1949

35253Portrait of a child (2)1921-1949

35252Portrait of a child (1)1921-1949

35251Street view of the Sanzetti Photo Studio (上海美術照相館)1921-1949

35250Indoor view of the Sanzetti Photo Studio1921-1949

35249Portrait of a Chinese military officer1921-1949

35248Portrait of Raymond Lum1921-1949

35247Portrait of a lady (4)1921-1949

35246Portrait of a lady (3)1921-1949

35245Portrait of a lady (2)1921-1949

35244Portrait of a lady (1)1921-1949

35235Winter's day on the Bund1933-03-00

35234Winter in Shanghai1933-03-00

35233Winter in Shanghai1933-03-00

35232Winter in Shanghai1933-03-00

35222Japanese airfield on Pudong across Wusong

35221Japanese planes at the Kunda aifield near Shanghai Baptist College (Kung Tah 公大)1920-1936

35220Japanese planes at the Kunda aifield near Shanghai Baptist College (Kung Tah 公大)1920-1936

35219Japanese planes at the Kunda aifield (Kung Tah 公大)1920-1936

35218Aerial view of the Gongda No. 1 Cotton Mill (Kung Tah 公大)1920-1936
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