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12Chinese customs at Wusong19301930-1939

38Canidrome from rue Roi Albert19201920-1939

52Chinese army in Zikawei road1937

73Compagnie Française de Tramways & Waterworks19301930-1939



91Crossroad of Ave Edward VII and rue de Montigny19301930-1939

98Chinese blockhouse19371937-1939

101Chinese shop19001900-1910

103Chinese farmers19001900-1910

120Crowd hoping for railway tickets1949

122Communist activists tried by a nationalist military judgeMay 1949

133Chinese girls on a Chinese wheelbarrow19201920-1939

142Cleaning the pavement19201920-1939

156Chinese Municipal Headquarters (Nanshi)18701870-1899

184Chinese New Year's Day19201920-1939

189Chinese shops on Nanking Road18801880-1910

190Chinese shops on Nanking Road, near the corner of Chekiang Road19201920-1939

197Chinese shops on Nanking Road19001900-1910

201Celebration for the 50th anniversary of Shanghai as treaty port1893

232Cathay Mansions from rue Cardinal Mercier19301930-1939

233Cercle Sportif Français19251925-1937

234Crossroad of Nanking and Szechuen roads19301930-1939

237Chinese gate19201920-1939

247Child beggar1949

249Catholic nuns boarding on a ship1949

253Child beggars1949

254Cages with song birds1949

258Camera dealer19301930-1939

259Catholic priest waiting to apply for an exit visa1949

260Communist troops' parade1949

275Chinese roofs19001900-1910

286Convent of the Sacred Heart19261926-1949

313Cricket Club18801880-1920

358Chinese institutional building19301930-1939

375Central Police Station (French Concession)19151915-1935

379Carnival in Shanghai19201920-1939



400Chinese Maritime Customs House (second building)18931893-1925

401Chinese Maritime customs (second building)1893

439Child's bedroom19201920-1939

440Children's bedroom19201920-1939



484Cercle Sportif Français19271927-1933

485Cercle Sportif Français by night19251925-1937


508Chinese style park19201920-1939

509Chinese style garden19201920-1939

512Collège municipal français19351935-1945

519Chinese doufu (bean cake) peddler19121912-1949

599Chinese junk18701870-1899

600Chinese junks18701870-1899

602Chinese junk and steamer18801880-1930

608Chinese (ferry) boat19001900-1910

616Crane on the Huangpu19001900-1910

622Copper factory 打銅廠19001900-1910

644Child-workers in a cotton mill19201920-1939

678Crossing Garden Bridge19101910-1929
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