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7Zhui yi - Jindai Shanghai tushi 追忆 近代上海图史1996BookShi Meiding (ed.) 史梅定Chinesephotographs; visual
8The Stories of Classic Houses1999BookYang JiayouChinesespace; architecture; photographs; visual;
11Shanghai zairyū hōjin ga tsukutta nipponjinngai 上海在留邦人が作った日本人街 (Japanese area constructed by Japanese residents in Shanghai) BookNicchō ryōkoku jinmin hōyūkai (ed.)  日中両国人民朋友会Japanesephotographs; visual; space; architecture; foreigners
12Lao Shanghai1998BookWu LiangChinesephotographs; visual
13The 140th Anniversary of Nanjing Road West 1862-20022002BookWang, Guobin (ed.)Chinesephotographs; visual
14Shanghai jiuying 上海旧影1998BookZheng Zu'an 郑祖安, Ye Shuping (eds)Chinesephotographs; visual
15Riben qiaomin zai Shanghai (1870-1945) 日本侨民在上海 (The Japanese Residents in Shanghai)2000BookTakatsuna, Hirofumi 高綱博文 ; Chen, Zu'en 陈祖恩Chinesephotographs; visual
16Shanghai jindai jianzhushi gao 上海近代建筑史稿1988BookChen, Congzhou, Zhang, Ming (eds)Chinesephotographs; visual; architecture;
17Survey of Shanghai 1840's-1940's1992BookShanghai lishi bowuguan (ed.) 上海历史博物馆Chinesearchitecture; photographs; visual
18Bank and economic development in China and the United States during the 1920s and 1930s 2004DissertationChung, Ching-YiEnglishbank, finance, money, economy
19Cinematograph of history: Post/colonial modernity in 1930s Shanghai and new Taiwanese cinema since 1982 2004DissertationHong, Guo-JuinEnglishculture; Taiwan; Taipei; cinema; movie; coloniality; modernity; cultural
37Storia fotografia del lavoro in Italia, 1900-19801980BookAccornero A., Luca U., Sapelli G.Italianphotography; visual;
38"Du dessin de presse à la photographie (1878-1914): histoire d'une mutation technique et culturelle"1992Journal articleAmbroise-Rendu, Anne-ClaudeFrenchphotography; visual;
51Shanghai 1927-1937. Elites locales et modernisation en Chine nationaliste 1991BookHenriot, ChristianFrenchcity; urban; elites; modernity; space; war; power;
52Shanghai 1927-1937. Municipal Power, Locality, and Modernization1993BookHenriot, ChristianEnglishurban; elites; modernity; space; war; power
53Belles de Shanghai. Prostitution et sexualité en Chine aux XIXe-XXe siècles1997BookHenriot, ChristianFrenchcity; urban; space; women; sex; prostitution; brothel; elites; power
54Le Shanghai des années 30 1998BookHenriot, Christian, Roux, AlainFrenchcity; urban; elites; power; workers; violence; entertainment; culture
55Atlas de Shanghai. Espace et représentations de 1849 à nos jours1999BookHenriot, Christian, Zheng Zu'anFrenchcity; urban; space;
56Prostitution in Shanghai. A Social History2001BookHenriot, ChristianEnglishcity; urban; space; women; sex; prostitution; brothel; elites; power
57上海妓女:19~20世纪中国的卖淫业与性 (Chinese translation of Prostitution in Shanghai)2004BookHenriot, ChristianChinesecity; urban; space; women; sex; prostitution; brothel; elites; power
60Illustrations of China and its People1873BookThompson, JohnUnknown
61Through China with a Camera with nearly 100 illustrations 1898BookThompson, JohnEnglishcamera, China,
65A Collection of Pictures of Early-Period Chinese Photographs (1840-1919)1987BookHu, Zhichuan & Chen ShenEnglishphotography; visual
94Lao shanghai ditu 老上海地圖 (The Album of Shanghai during the Past 150 Years)2001BookUnknownmaps; city; urban; visual
98“Cosmopolitan De-scriptions: Shanghai and Hong Kong"2000Journal articleAbbas, AckbarEnglishspace; architecture; culture; cultural;
99Economic Shanghai : Hostage to Politics, 1937-19411941BookBarnett, Robert W.Unknowneconomic; political;
100“From teahouse to radio: Storytelling and the commercialization of culture in 1930s Shanghai”1996DissertationBenson, CarltonEnglishculture; entertainment; media; music; radio; broadcasting;
101"The Manipulation of Tanci in Radio Shanghai During the 1930s"1995Journal articleBenson, CarltonEnglishculture; radio; broadcasting; media; entertainment
102La bourgeoisie chinoise et la révolution de 19111968BookBergère, Marie-ClaireFrenchpolitical; elites; revolution;
103"Shanghai ou 'l'autre Chine', 1919-1949"1979Journal articleBergère, Marie-ClaireFrenchsocial; economy; modernity;
105“Essai de prosopographie des élites shanghaiennes à l'époque républicaine,1911-1949"1985Journal articleBergère, Marie-Claire ; Castelino, Noel ; Henriot, Christian ; Ho, Pui-Yin,Frenchpolitical; social; elites;
108« L'épuration à shanghai (1945-1946): l'affaire Sarly et la fin de la Concession française » 1997Journal articleBergère, Marie-ClaireFrenchpolitical; concession; foreigners; nationalism; France; French;
109“A Note on Chinese Rice Prices: Interior Markets, 1928-1931”1990Journal articleBessler, David A.Englisheconomic; rice; food
110“From Orientals to Imagined Britons: Baghdadi Jews in Shanghai” 2003Journal articleBetta, ChiaraEnglishforeigners; social; jews;
111"Shanghai's "Dogs and Chinese Not Admitted" Sign: Legend, History and Contemporary Symbol"1995Journal articleBickers, Robert A.; Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N.,Englishpolitical; culture; foreigners; colonialism; bund
112“Death of a young Shanghaïlander: the Thorburn case and the defence of the British treaty ports in China in 1931”,1996Journal articleBickers, Robert A.Englishforeigners; social; colonialism; diplomacy
113“Shanghailanders: The Formation and Identity of the British Settler Community in Shanghai 1843-1937”1998Journal articleBickers, RobertEnglishforeigners; colonialism; power; elites;
114“La France face à l'émergence du communisme en Chine (1920-1928): la tentation de l'endiguement”,2004Journal articleBidaud, S.Frenchforeigners; political; communist; party; police; concession; France; French
115“The Evolution of Strategic Planning in Shanghai, 1927-1949”1995Journal articleBing, ZhangEnglishcity; architecture; space;
116Assignment Shanghai: Photographs on the Eve of Revolution2003BookBirns, JackEnglishphotographs; visual;
117Shanghai-Bildzeitung 1884-1898 : eine Illustrierte aus dem China des ausgehenden 19. Jahrhunderts,1977BookBriessen, Fritz vanGermanculture; media; press
118“The dream palaces of Shanghai: American films in China's largest metropolis, 1920-1950”1993DissertationCambon, Marie FrancineEnglishculture; movie; cinema; entertainment
119“Excavating Extraterritoriality: The "Judicial Sub-Prefect" as a Prototype for the Mixed Court in Shanghai”2003Journal articleCassel, PärEnglishforeigners; political; law; justice; court; tribunal; legal
120"Les intellectuels non-engagés et l'opinion publique en Chine,1945-1949"1983DissertationCastelino, NoëlFrenchculture; press; media; elites; intellectuals;
121Schools into Fields and Factories: Anarchists, the Guomindang and the National Labor University in Shanghai 1927-19321991BookChan, Ming K. and Dirlik, Arif.Englishlabor; workers; social; political; anarchist; socialism; university; education
122“Personal styles, cultural values and management: the Sincere and Wing On companies in Shanghai and Hong Kong, 1900-1941”1996Journal articleChan, Wellington K.K.Englisheconomic; social; trade; commerce; business;
123“In the Bosom of The Enemy - The CCP Central Committee's Shanghai Bureau as I Knew it”1986Journal articleChang CiEnglishpolitical; party; communist;
125Shanghai jindai wenxue shi上海近代文学史 (A Literary History of Modern Shanghai),1993Edited VolumeChineseculture; literature;
126“A myth of violet: Zhou Shoujuan and the literary culture of Shanghai, 1911—1927”,2002DissertationChen, JianhuaEnglishliterature; culture; women; media;
127“Change and Mobility: The Political Mobilization of the Shanghai Elites in 1900”1994Journal articleChen, ShiweiUnknownpolitical; elites; foreigners; rebellion;
128“Shanghai shi dang'anguan guanzang ri wei zhengquan dang'an gaikuang ji chubu pingjia, kaifa” 上海市檔案館館藏日偽政權檔案概況及初步評價、開發 [A discussion of Japanese puppet authorities: documents in the Shanghai Municipal Archives with preliminary evaluation and access information]1999Journal articleChen, Zhengqing 陳正卿Chinesewar; archives; sources;
129“Engendering the modern: Configurations of femininity in Chinese literary culture, Late Qing-1940's”, 2003DissertationCheng, Eileen JoyEnglishliterature; culture; women; modernity
130“Flowers of Shanghai and the Late-Ch'ing Courtesan Novel”, 1979DissertationCheng, Stephen H. L.Englishliterature; women; culture;
131Le mouvement ouvrier chinois de 1919 à 1927,1962BookChesneaux, JeanFrenchsocial; political; workers; labor;
132“Spectacular novelties: 'News' culture, Zhang Henshui, and practices of spectatorship in Republican China”,2000DissertationChow, Eileen Cheng-yinEnglishculture; press; media;
134Sketches in and around Shanghai,1894BookClark, J.D.Englishspace;
135“Transformations de l’habitat à Shanghai”, rapport de recherche, 1988BookClément, Pierre, Ged, Françoise et Qi WanFrenchcity; architecture; space
136Shanghai 1925: Urban Nationalism and the Defense of Foreign Privileges,1979BookClifford, Nicholas R.Englishpolitical; social; nationalism; students; education
137Spoilt Children of Empire. Westerners in Shanghai and the Chinese Revolution of the 1920s,1991BookClifford, Nicholas R.Englishpolitical; foreigners; nationalism; students; education;
138Chinese Capitalists in Japan's New Order: The Occupied Lower Yangzi, 1937-1945,2003BookCoble, Parks M.Englishsocial; war; economy; elites;
139The Shanghai Capitalists and the Nationalist Government, 1927-1937,1980BookCoble, Parks M.Englishsocial; political; economy; elites; power; state
140Inventing Nanjing Road: Commercial Culture in Shanghai, 1900-1945. 1999BookCochran, Sherman (ed.)Englisheconomy; city; space; trade; commerce
141“Big Business in China: Sino-American Rivalry in the Tobacco Industry, 1890-1930”, 1975DissertationCochran, ShermanEnglisheconomy;
142“American Planning In Republican China, 1911-1937”,1996Journal articleCody, Jeffrey W.Englishcity; urban; architecture
143Building in China: Henry K. Murphy's "Adaptive Architecture," 1914-1935, 2001BookCody, Jeffrey W.Englishcity; urban; architecture
144“Jindai shanghai yu sunan zhebei nongcun jingji bianqian” [Shanghai and rural economic changes in southern Jiangsu and northern Zhejiang in the modern period],1997Journal articleDai, AngangChineseeconomy; space;
145“Jindai shanghai yu zhouwei nongcun” [Modern Shanghai and its suburban rural areas],1994Journal articleDai, AngangChineseeconomy; space;
146“Street talk and alley stories: Tangled narratives of Shanghai from 'Lives of Shanghai Flowers' (1892) to 'Midnight' (1933) ”,1998DissertationDes Forges, Alexander TownsendEnglishliterature; entertainment; culture; city;
147“Building Shanghai, One Page at a Time: The Aesthetics of Installment Fiction at The Turn of the Century”,2003Journal articleDes Forges, Alexander TownsendEnglishliterature; culture;
148“Shanghai capitalists before the 1911 revolution”1985Journal articleDing, Richu (Ch'en, Jerome, transl.)Englishpolitical;
149La Commercial Press de Shanghai, 1897-1949,1978BookDrège, Jean-PierreFrenchculture; economy; press; media;
150“The Russian Club in Shanghai: Past and Present”,2001Journal articleDrozdov, Mikhail; Chernikova, LarissaEnglishforeigners; social;
151“The Role of the YMCA in the Development of the Chinese Women's Movement, 1890-1927”, 1979Journal articleDrucker, AlisonEnglishwomen; social; religion;
152“Cong 1883 nian shanghai jinrong fengchao kan zhongguo zichan jieji di chansheng” (The birth of China's bourgeoisie viewed in relation to the Shanghai financial disturbance of 1883)1987Journal articleDu, XunchengChinesepolitical; elites
153“The Zikawei Collection in the Jesuit Theologate Library at Fujen University (Taiwan): Background and Draft Catalogue”,1996Journal articleDudink, AdrianEnglishlibrary; books; documentation;
154"The Administration of Shanghai, 1905-1914"1974Book chapterElvin, MarkEnglishpolitical; elites; power; state; Bund
155"The Gentry Democracy in Shanghai, 1905-1914"1969Book chapterElvin, MarkEnglishpolitical; elites; power; state; Bund
156"The Gentry Democracy in Shanghai, 1905-1914",1967DissertationElvin, MarkEnglishcity; urban; political; power; state; elites; Wall; Bund
157“The Revolution of 1911 in Shanghai”,1984Journal articleElvin, MarkEnglishpolitical; elites; revolution;
158'Lament Everlasting': Wang Anyi's discourse on the 'ill-fated beauty,' Republican popular culture, the Shanghai Xiaojie, and Zhang Ailing”, 2004DissertationEmma May, EustaceEnglishculture; literature;
159“Chinese Entrepreneurs, the Government, and the Foreign Sector: The Canton and Shanghai Silk-Reeling Enterprises, 1861-1932”. 1984Journal articleEng, Robert Y.Englisheconomy; industry;
160"Patronage and Production in the Nineteenth-Century Shanghai Region: Ren Xiong (1823-1857) and His Sponsors." 1997DissertationErickson, Britta LeeEnglisheconomy; elites;
161“Qingdai huizhou shangbang de cishan sheshi: yi jiangnan wei zhongxin” [Philanthropic enterprises of the Huizhou merchants in the Qing period: focusing on Jiangnan],1999Journal articleFan, JinminChinesesocial; elites;
162“In Search of the Shanghai Connection”, 1985Journal articleFewsmith, JosephEnglishpolitical; elites;
163“A night in Shanghai: Nightlife and modernity in semicolonial China, 1919-1937”, 2001DissertationField, Andrew DavidEnglishculture; social; entertainment;
164The Quest for Status: Polish Jewish Refugees in Shanghai, 1941-1949,1998Journal articleFiszman, Joseph R.Englishforeigners; jews; Poland;
165"Shanghai-Japan": The Japanese Residents' Association of Shanghai”,2000Journal articleFogel, Joshua A.Englishforeigners; social; Japan
166“Common Sense in Shanghai: The Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce and Political Legitimacy in Republican China”,2000Journal articleFox, JosephineEnglishpolitical; elites:trade; commerce; state; power
167“Smoking out the enemy: The National Goods Movement and the advertising of nationalism in China, 1880—1937”, 1999DissertationFraser, David EmbreyEnglishsocial; economy; elites; media; press
168“Mobilizing And Movement: Cotton Mill Foremen in the Shanghai Strikes of 1925”,1994Journal articleFrazier, Martin.Englishsocial; labor; workers;
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