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531« Gender, Race, and Semicolonialism : Liu Na’ou’s Urban Shanghai Landscape »1996Journal articleShih, Shu-meiEnglishculture; gender
2084« Japanese occupation, Shanghai exiles, and postwar Hong Kong cinema »2008Journal articleFu, PoshekEnglishcultural; war
108« L'épuration à shanghai (1945-1946): l'affaire Sarly et la fin de la Concession française » 1997Journal articleBergère, Marie-ClaireFrenchpolitical; concession; foreigners; nationalism; France; French;
252« L'Universite l'Aurore, Shanghai, 1903-1952 »,1989Journal articleHuebner, Jon W.Englisharchitecture; education
514« Le Guomindang et les Ouvriers de Shanghai (1938-1948): La dechirure » [The Guomindang and the Shanghai workers, 1938-48: the rupture]1996Journal articleRoux, AlainFrenchpolitical; labor; war
687« L’évolution sanitaire et médicale de la Concession française de Shanghai entre 1850 et 1950 »2005DissertationGlaise, Anne-FrédériqueFrenchsocial; health
346« Retour ou rapatriement de shanghai? specificites des contextes politiques (1945-1949) » [Return or repatriation from Shanghai? The specific factors of the political contexts, 1945-49]2003Journal articleKreissler, FrancoiseFrenchsocial; foreigners; war
2082« The honey nectar peach and the idea of Shanghai in late imperial China »2008Journal articleSwislocki, Mark StevenEnglishsocial; cultural
2086« Where the courtyard meets the street: spatial culture of the 'li' neighborhoods, Shanghai, 1870-1900 »2008Journal articleLiang, Samuel Y.Englisharchitecture; social
254«Americans in Shanghai : community formation and response to revolution, 1919-1928»1985DissertationHuskey, James L.Englishforeigners; diplomacy;
518«Chinese Commercial Organization and Behavior in Shanghai of the Late Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century»1976DissertationSanford, JamesEnglisheconomy; social
345«Exil in Shanghai : Problematik und Schwerpunkte Themen»1991Book chapterKreissler, FrançoiseGermansocial; foreigners; war
2079«Jingju yu wanqing shanghai shehui» 京劇與晚清上海社會 (Peking opera and Shanghai society during the late Qing)2008Journal articleXu, JianxiongChinesecultural
2122«Les réfugiés juifs d'Europe Centrale à Shanghai (1939-1949)» [Jewish Refugees from Central Europe in Shanghai, 1939-1949] 1995Journal articleKreissler, FrançoiseFrenchforeigners; social; political
510«Ouvriers et ouvrières de Shanghai à l'époque du Guomindang, 1927-1949»1991DissertationRoux, AlainFrenchpolitical; social; labor
534«The French Settlement of Shanghai on the Eve of the Revolution of 1911»1973DissertationSinclair, MichaelEnglishpolitical; foreigners
216“"La Fermeture": The Abolition of Prostitution in Shanghai, 1949-1958”, 1995Journal articleHenriot, ChristianEnglishwomen; social; prostitution; state
458“'Jumping the dragon gate': Social mobility among storytellers in Shanghai, 1849-1949”1997DissertationMcDaniel, Laura AndrewsEnglishsocial; culture
611“'National Essence' vs 'Science': Chinese Native Physicians' Fight for Legitimacy, 1912-37”1997Journal articleXu, XiaoqunEnglishpolitical; health; social
428“1882 nian de shanghai gupiao shichang” [The stock exchange in Shanghai in 1882]2000Journal articleLi, YuChineseeconomy
640“1927-1936 nian guomin zhengfu yu shanghui guanxi shulun” [Relations between the Nationalist government and the chambers of commerce, 1927-36]2003Journal articleZheng, ChenglinChinesepolitical; social; economy
630“20 shiji 20-30 niandai "shanghai moshi" dui chongqing de chongji” [The impact of the "Shanghai model" on Chongqing during the 1920's-30's]2000Journal articleZhang, JinChinesepolitical; urban
580“20 shiji 20-30 niandai shanghai zisha wenti de shehui toushi” [The social perspective of suicide in Shanghai in the 1920's-30's]2001Journal articleWang, HequnChinesesocial
643“20 shiji 30 niandai shanghai gonggong zujie yiliao jiuhu gaikuang” [Medical rescue in Shanghai's public concession in the 1930's]2001Journal articleZhu, DemingChinesehealth; social
644“20 shiji 30 niandao shanghai gonggong zujie huanjing weisheng zhili gaikuang” [A survey of the foreign concession sanitation administration in 1930's Shanghai]2000Journal articleZhu, DemingChineseforeigners; health; social
415“A Bourgeois Alternative? The Shanghai Arguments for a Chinese Capitalism - The 1920s and the 1980s”1991Book chapterLee, EdmondEnglishsocial; political; elites
483“A Common People's Literature: Popular Fiction and Social Change in Republican Shanghai”1995Journal articleNg, Mau-sangEnglishculture; literature
126“A myth of violet: Zhou Shoujuan and the literary culture of Shanghai, 1911—1927”,2002DissertationChen, JianhuaEnglishliterature; culture; women; media;
163“A night in Shanghai: Nightlife and modernity in semicolonial China, 1919-1937”, 2001DissertationField, Andrew DavidEnglishculture; social; entertainment;
109“A Note on Chinese Rice Prices: Interior Markets, 1928-1931”1990Journal articleBessler, David A.Englisheconomic; rice; food
619“A Public Love Affair or a Nasty Game? The Chinese Tabloid Newspaper and the Rise of the Opera Singer As Star”2003Journal articleYeh, Catherine VanceEnglishculture; press
142“American Planning In Republican China, 1911-1937”,1996Journal articleCody, Jeffrey W.Englishcity; urban; architecture
558“An Intra-Empire Capital Transfer: the Shanghai Rubber Company Boom 1909-1912”1998Journal articleThomas, W. A.Englisheconomy
267“Anglo-American relations with the Chinese in Shanghai, 1860-1875: A study in cultural conflict”1993DissertationKaren ElizabethEnglishforeigners; diplomacy
439“Arrested Development: Cotton and Cotton Markets in Shanghai, 1350-1843”1992Journal articleLu, HanchaoEnglisheconomy
440“Away From Nanking Road: Small Stores and Neighborhood Life in Modern Shanghai”1995Journal articleLu, HanchaoEnglishsocial
457“Bagdadi Jewish Merchants in Shanghai and the Opium Trade”1999Journal articleMayer, MaisieEnglishsocial; culture; economy; foreigners
642“Beardsley, the Chinese Decadents and Commodity Culture in Shanghai During the 1930's”2000Journal articleZhou, XiaoyiEnglishculture
441“Becoming Urban: Mendicancy and Vagrants in Modern Shanghai”1999Journal articleLu, HanchaoEnglishsocial
176“Being public: the politics of representation in 1918 Shanghai”, 2000Journal articleGoodman, BrynaEnglishsocial; culture; press; media;
141“Big Business in China: Sino-American Rivalry in the Tobacco Industry, 1890-1930”, 1975DissertationCochran, ShermanEnglisheconomy;
147“Building Shanghai, One Page at a Time: The Aesthetics of Installment Fiction at The Turn of the Century”,2003Journal articleDes Forges, Alexander TownsendEnglishliterature; culture;
239“Burning Incense, Pledging Sisterhood: Communities of Women Workers in the Shanghai Cotton Mills, 1919-1949”, 1985Journal articleHonig, EmilyEnglishsocial; women; labor;
127“Change and Mobility: The Political Mobilization of the Shanghai Elites in 1900”1994Journal articleChen, ShiweiUnknownpolitical; elites; foreigners; rebellion;
533“China under the Depression: the regional economy of the lower Yangzi delta, 1931-1937”1999DissertationShiroyama, TomokoEnglisheconomy; region; space
275“China Unincorporated: Company Law and Business Enterprise in Twentieth- Century China”1995Journal articleKirby, William C.Englisheconomy;
493“China's Left-wing Cinema Movement, 1932-1937: History, aesthetics, and Ideology”1997DissertationPang, Lai KwanEnglishculture
506“Chinese Area Studies in Prewar China: Japan's Toa Dobun Shoin in Shanghai, 1900-1945”1986Journal articleReynolds, Douglas R.Englishculture; education; foreigners
214“Chinese courtesans in late Qing and Early republican Shanghai (1849-1925)”, 1994Journal articleHenriot, ChristianEnglishsocial; women; prostitution
159“Chinese Entrepreneurs, the Government, and the Foreign Sector: The Canton and Shanghai Silk-Reeling Enterprises, 1861-1932”. 1984Journal articleEng, Robert Y.Englisheconomy; industry;
1716“Chongming xian zai mingdai de jianli ji qi fazhan” 崇明县在明代的建立及其发展 (The establishment and development of Chongming county in the Ming dynasty)1984Book chapterWang Shoujia 王守稼Chinesespace; political; region
255“Choson kaikogo ni okeru kasho no tai-shanhai boeki: tongshuntai shiryo o tsujite” [Trade with Shanghai by Chinese merchants after Korea's port openings: viewed through Tongshuntai resources]2005Journal articleIshikawa, NoriyukiJapaneseeconomy; foreigners
269“Chūgoku kyōsanto seiken shita ni okeru dokyō dantai no kaihon ni tsuite: shanhai shi toankan miikokan shiryō ni yoru bunseki” 中国共産党政権下における同郷団体の解本について: 上海市档案館の未公刊史料による分析 [The Chinese Communist government's dissolution of associations for people from the same local area: an analysis of unpublished material from the Shanghai Municipal Archives]2004Journal articleKawahara, Katsuhiko 川原勝彦Japanesesocial; guilds;
256“Chūgoku kyusai fujukai no katsudō to ronri: minkoku-ki shanhai ni okeru minkan jitsugyōka no shakai rinri” / 中国救済婦孺会の活動と論理:民国期上海における民間実業家の社会倫理 [Activities and logic of the Anti-Kidnapping Women and Children's Salvation Society: social ethics of Shanghai merchants during the republican era]2000Journal articleIwama, Kazuhiro 岩間一弘Japanesesocial; women; guild;
238“Cinematograph of history: Post/colonial modernity in 1930s Shanghai and new Taiwanese cinema since 1982”, 2004DissertationHong, Guo-JuinEnglishculture; cinema; movies; colonial;
539“Class and Gender: Women's Strikes in St. Petersburg, 1895-1917 and in Shanghai, 1895-1927”1994Journal articleSmith, SteveEnglishlabor; political; women; gender
582“Collaborators and Capitalists: the Politics of "Material Control" in Wartime Shanghai”1992Journal articleWang, Ke-wenEnglisheconomy; war
521“Commercial Rivalry Between Shanghai and Hong Kong During the Collapse of the Nationalist Regime in China, 1945-1949” 1998Journal articleSchenk, Catherine R.Englisheconomy; political
166“Common Sense in Shanghai: The Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce and Political Legitimacy in Republican China”,2000Journal articleFox, JosephineEnglishpolitical; elites:trade; commerce; state; power
152“Cong 1883 nian shanghai jinrong fengchao kan zhongguo zichan jieji di chansheng” (The birth of China's bourgeoisie viewed in relation to the Shanghai financial disturbance of 1883)1987Journal articleDu, XunchengChinesepolitical; elites
2093“Cong paomating dao renmin guangchang: shanghai paomating shouhui yundong” 從跑馬廳到人民廣場:上海跑馬廳收回運動,1946-51 (From Race Course to People’s Square: Remapping the Shanghai Recreation Ground, 1946-1951)2005Journal articleChang, Ning 張 寧Chinesecultural; leisure; sports; foreigners
600“Cong yinhang lifa kan 30 niandai guomin zhengfu yu hu yinhangye guanxi” [The relationship between the national government and the Shanghai banking industry from the perspective of bank laws in the 1930's]2001Journal articleWu, JingpingChineseeconomy; political
623“Corporate Space, Communal Time: Everyday Life in Shanghai's Bank of China”1995Journal articleYeh, Wen-hsinEnglishsocial; economy
215“Cortegiane, classe dirigente e spazzio urbano a Shanghai, 1849-1919”, 1995Journal articleHenriot, ChristianItaliancity; women; social; prostitution
98“Cosmopolitan De-scriptions: Shanghai and Hong Kong"2000Journal articleAbbas, AckbarEnglishspace; architecture; culture; cultural;
231“Courtesans and Streetwalkers: The Changing Discourses on Shanghai Prostitution, 1890-1949”,1992Journal articleHershatter, GailEnglishwomen; prostitution; press; social
218“Courtship, sex and money. The economics of courtesan houses in 19th and 20th-century Shanghai”, 1999Journal articleHenriot, ChristianEnglishwomen; social; economy; prostitution
2097“Creating a Shanghai Identity --Late Qing Courtesan Handbooks and the Formation of the New Citizen “1996Book chapterYeh, Catherine VanceEnglishcultural; social; urban
178“Creating Civic Ground: Public Maneuverings and the State in the Nanjing Decade”,1996Book chapterGoodman, BrynaEnglishsocial; political; state; power; elites
437“Creating Urban Outcasts: Shantytowns in Shanghai, 1920-1950”1995Journal articleLu, HanchaoEnglishsocial; space
524“Crime, punishment, and empire: the United States District Court for China, 1906-1943”1994DissertationScully, Eileen PaulaEnglishsocial; foreigners
409“Crossed Legs in 1930s Shanghai: How "Modern" the Modern Woman?”2000Journal articleLago, Francesca DalEnglishwomen; gender; culture
473“Cultivating the national body: A history of physical culture in Republican China”1998DissertationMorris, Andrew DavidEnglishculture
561“Cultural accommodation and exchange in the refugee experience: a German-Jewish musician in Shanghai”2004Journal articleUtz, ChristianEnglishculture; foreigners
615“Dangerous Disease, Dangerous Women: Health, Anxiety and Advertising in Shanghai from 1928 to 1937”2004Journal articleYang, Cui; Southwell, Brian G.Englishculture; press; health
112“Death of a young Shanghaïlander: the Thorburn case and the defence of the British treaty ports in China in 1931”,1996Journal articleBickers, Robert A.Englishforeigners; social; colonialism; diplomacy
470“Defy(N)ing Modernity: Women in Shanghai's Early News-Media (1872-1915)”2003Journal articleMittler, BarbaraEnglishwomen; gender; culture; press
180“Democratic Calisthenics: The Culture of Urban Associations in the New Republic”, 2002Book chapterGoodman, BrynaEnglishpolitical; social; elites; power
268“Die Juden in Shanghai im 2. Weltkrieg. Erinnerungen eines Vorstandsmitglieds der Judischen Gemeinde” (Jews in Shanghai during World War II: remembrances of a member of the Jewish community's Executive Council)1986Journal articleKauffmann, FritzEnglishforeigners; war
645“Du yuesheng qi ren” (Du Yuesheng, the man)1988Journal articleZhu, Hua; Su, ZhiliangChinesepolitical; social
624“Educating Young Radicals: Shanghai University, 1922-1927”1991Journal articleYeh, Wen-hsinEnglishpolitical; culture
529“Eight Criteria in Writing a History of the Shanghai Labor Movement”1993Journal articleShen, Yixing; Zhu, Hong, transl.Englishpolitical; labor
479“El destino cambiante de Shangai: colonialismo, revolucion y modernizacion” (Shanghai's changing fortunes: colonialism, revolution, and modernization)1985Journal articleMurphey, Rhoads; Petrowitsch, VeronicaSpanisheconomy; region; space
129“Engendering the modern: Configurations of femininity in Chinese literary culture, Late Qing-1940's”, 2003DissertationCheng, Eileen JoyEnglishliterature; culture; women; modernity
105“Essai de prosopographie des élites shanghaiennes à l'époque républicaine,1911-1949"1985Journal articleBergère, Marie-Claire ; Castelino, Noel ; Henriot, Christian ; Ho, Pui-Yin,Frenchpolitical; social; elites;
1992“Essentially Chinese – The Chinese Portrait Subject in Nineteenth-Century Photography”2005Book chapterWue, Roberta May-HwaEnglishvisual
119“Excavating Extraterritoriality: The "Judicial Sub-Prefect" as a Prototype for the Mixed Court in Shanghai”2003Journal articleCassel, PärEnglishforeigners; political; law; justice; court; tribunal; legal
344“Exil ou asile à Shanghai? Histoire des réfugiés d’Europe centrale (1933-1945)”2000DissertationKreissler, FrançoiseFrench
554“Feast and famine in republican Shanghai: Urban food culture, nutrition, and the state”2002DissertationSwislocki, Mark StevenEnglishsocial; culture
213“Fiscal Modernization and Popular Protest: A Study of Tax Reform and Tax Resistance in Nationalist Shanghai, 1927-1937”,1991Book chapterHenriot, ChristianEnglishpoliticla; social; economy; state; power
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