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2245"Du Yuesheng yu shanghai difang xiehui" 杜月笙与上海市地方协会 2003Journal articleBai, Huashan 白华山Chinesepolitical; social; pdf
2033"History, legend, and Treaty Port Ideology, 1925-1931"1993Book chapterBickers, Robert A.Englishforeign; social; political
2133"Ordering Shanghai: Policing a treaty port, 1854-1900"2004Book chapterBickers, Robert A.Englishsocial; political
103"Shanghai ou 'l'autre Chine', 1919-1949"1979Journal articleBergère, Marie-ClaireFrenchsocial; economy; modernity;
111"Shanghai's "Dogs and Chinese Not Admitted" Sign: Legend, History and Contemporary Symbol"1995Journal articleBickers, Robert A.; Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N.,Englishpolitical; culture; foreigners; colonialism; bund
2295"Shanghai's Environmental Problems"2010Journal articleBIRYULIN, YevgenyEnglishurban; space; economic
101"The Manipulation of Tanci in Radio Shanghai During the 1930s"1995Journal articleBenson, CarltonEnglishculture; radio; broadcasting; media; entertainment
2045"Who were the Shanghai Municipal police, and why were they there? The Brtish recruits of 1919"2000Book chapterBickers, Robert A.Englishforeigners; social; political
116Assignment Shanghai: Photographs on the Eve of Revolution2003BookBirns, JackEnglishphotographs; visual;
2247Difang jingying yu shangai kangzhan - yi 1.28 shibian qijian de shanghai shimin difang xiehui wei li (Local Elites and the Anti-Japanese War in Shanghai-with the Shanghai Civic Association during the Incident of January 28 in Shanghai as a Case Study) 地方精英与上海抗战——以“一·二八”事变期间的上海市民地方维持会为例2008Journal articleBai, Huashan 白华山Chinesewar; social; political
99Economic Shanghai : Hostage to Politics, 1937-19411941BookBarnett, Robert W.Unknowneconomic; political;
2046Empire made me. An Englishman adrift in Shanghai2003BookBickers, Robert A.Englishforeigners; political; social
2134History of photography in China, 1842-18602009BookBennet, TerryEnglishvisual; photography; culture
102La bourgeoisie chinoise et la révolution de 19111968BookBergère, Marie-ClaireFrenchpolitical; elites; revolution;
680La bourgeoisie chinoise et la révolution de 19111968BookBergère, Marie-ClaireFrenchpolitical; elites
2248Lun wanqing shanghai fushi shishang (Shanghai's Fashion during the Late Qing Dynasty Period) 论晚清上海服饰时尚2001Journal articleBian, Xiangyang 卞向阳Chinesecultural; culture; social; pdf
1787Old China in historic photographs : 288 views1982BookBoerschmann, ErnstEnglishphotographs; sources
2168Qingmo minchu shanghai shimin shenghuo ji shehui gainian bianqian - jian tan dazhong wenhua de yanjiu 清末民戶上海市民生活及社會概念變遷 - 蒹談大眾文化的研究 (The transformation of social concepts and live of Shanghai urbanites in the early twentieth century -- with a study of popular culture)2001DissertationBai Lingling 白玲玲Chinesesocial; urban; cultural
2145Shanghai : sketches of present day Shanghai 1935BookBarz, R.Englishvisual; photography
117Shanghai-Bildzeitung 1884-1898 : eine Illustrierte aus dem China des ausgehenden 19. Jahrhunderts,1977BookBriessen, Fritz vanGermanculture; media; press
683The Golden age of the Chinese bourgeoisie1990BookBergère, Marie-ClaireEnglishpolitical; social; elites
4163Under and Beyond the Pen of Eileen Chang: Shanghai, Nanyang, Huaqiao, and Greater China Journal articleBin YangEnglishLiterature; culture; writer; China; overseas Chinese; emigration
108« L'épuration à shanghai (1945-1946): l'affaire Sarly et la fin de la Concession française » 1997Journal articleBergère, Marie-ClaireFrenchpolitical; concession; foreigners; nationalism; France; French;
109“A Note on Chinese Rice Prices: Interior Markets, 1928-1931”1990Journal articleBessler, David A.Englisheconomic; rice; food
112“Death of a young Shanghaïlander: the Thorburn case and the defence of the British treaty ports in China in 1931”,1996Journal articleBickers, Robert A.Englishforeigners; social; colonialism; diplomacy
105“Essai de prosopographie des élites shanghaiennes à l'époque républicaine,1911-1949"1985Journal articleBergère, Marie-Claire ; Castelino, Noel ; Henriot, Christian ; Ho, Pui-Yin,Frenchpolitical; social; elites;
110“From Orientals to Imagined Britons: Baghdadi Jews in Shanghai” 2003Journal articleBetta, ChiaraEnglishforeigners; social; jews;
100“From teahouse to radio: Storytelling and the commercialization of culture in 1930s Shanghai”1996DissertationBenson, CarltonEnglishculture; entertainment; media; music; radio; broadcasting;
114“La France face à l'émergence du communisme en Chine (1920-1928): la tentation de l'endiguement”,2004Journal articleBidaud, S.Frenchforeigners; political; communist; party; police; concession; France; French
113“Shanghailanders: The Formation and Identity of the British Settler Community in Shanghai 1843-1937”1998Journal articleBickers, RobertEnglishforeigners; colonialism; power; elites;
115“The Evolution of Strategic Planning in Shanghai, 1927-1949”1995Journal articleBing, ZhangEnglishcity; architecture; space;
684“The Other China: Shanghai from 1919-1949” 1981Book chapterBergère, Marie-ClaireEnglishsocial; political; culture
2246清末民初上海市民的社会生活及社会观念变迁——兼谈大众文化的研究2001DissertationBai, Lingling 白玲玲Chineseculture; social; urban; pdf
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