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Full referenceWu Liang, Lao Shanghai, Jiangsu meishu chubanshe (1998)
Author(s)Wu Liang
TitleLao Shanghai
Place of publicationNankin
Publisher Jiangsu meishu chubanshe
Keywordsphotographs; visual
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Lyceum Theater

Sincere Department Store 先施公司

Shanghai Municipal Council

Bird's-eye view of Shanghai

North China Daily News

Asiatic Petroleum Company

Crossing of Avenue Joffre and Rue Sayzoong

Foochow Road

Jardine’s Ewo Cotton Mill in the Yangshupu area

Foreign Y.M.C.A and China United Apartments on Bubbling Well road

Monument for French soldiers in the Baxianqiao Cemetery

Cathay Mansions

Postmen on bicycles

Building of the British company "殼件洋行“

Shanghai Postal Building

Shen Bao Office

Park Hotel

Wing On Department Store

Laojiefu silk shop

Nanking Theater

German Consulate

British Consulate

Russian Consulate

German Consulate

Japanese Consulate

Gate of Futan University

Gate of Jiaotong Engineering University
302/884 results        
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