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Full referenceChen, Congzhou, Zhang, Ming (eds), Shanghai jindai jianzhushi gao 上海近代建筑史稿 (1988)
Author(s)Chen, Congzhou, Zhang, Ming (eds)
TitleShanghai jindai jianzhushi gao 上海近代建筑史稿
Place of publicationShanghai
PublisherShanghai sanlian shudian
Keywordsphotographs; visual; architecture;
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Early Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation

Franco-Chinese Municipal School 中法學堂

Mixed Court

Cathay Mansions

Inside of Kincheng Bank

Conseil Municipal de Shanghai

Town Hall of Shanghai Municipal Council

Central Police Station (SMP)

Central Police Station (SMP)

Central Police Station (SMP)

Russell & Co. 旗昌洋行

Carlowitz & Co. 禮和洋行

The Gibb Livingston & Co. building 仁记洋行

Jardine, Marheson &Co., Ltd.

Russo-Chinese Bank

Kincheng Bank

The Shanghai Life Insurance Co. 永年人壽保險公司

The Cathay Hotel/Sassoon House

New Asia Hotel 新亞酒店

The Holy Trinity Cathedral 聖三一堂

The Holy Trinity Cathedral 聖三一堂

The Holy Trinity Cathedral interior

Saint Ignatius Cathedral 徐家匯天主堂

Interior of the Saint Ignatius Cathedral 徐家匯天主堂

Saint Nicholas - Russian Orthodox Church

Schereschewsky Hall at St. John's University

Nanyang College 南洋公學

Library of Futan University

Xuhui Gongxue

Qingxin nü zhongxue

Zhangxi nü zhongxue

Chengzhong Middle School

Franco-Chinese Municipal School 中法學堂

School building

Lester Chinese Hospital in the early days

The Lester Chinese Hospital in the middle period

The Lester Chinese Hospital in the late period

Shanghai General Hospital

Hungjao Sanatorium

German Post Office

Shanghai Post Office

The Great Northern Telegraph Co.

Shanghai Telephone Company

Sassoon's villa

Broadway Mansions

Embarkment House

Stand at the racecourse

Empire Theatre

Grand Theatre - 大光明戲院

Majestic Theatre

Great World

Park Hotel
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