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2144"Cong "jieshou" dao "chongzu". Zujie lunxian shiqi riben dangju dui shanghai de jingji zhengce quxiang" 从"接收"到"重组"。 租界淪陷初期日本當局對上海的經濟政策取向 ("From "taking over" to "restructuring". The economic policy orientation of the Japanese authorities towards Shanghai in the early occupation period of the foreign settlements)2009Journal articleGan, Huijie 甘慧杰Chineseeconomic; foreigner
2268"Jindai shanghai fujianren qunti jiegou yu tedian" 近代上海福建人群体结构与特点 (Composition and Characteristics of the Organizations of Fujian People in modern Shanghai)2008Journal articleGao, Hongxia 高红霞Chinesesocial; political
2266"Jindai shanghai minshang zhengti tuique ji qi yuanyin" 近代上海闽商整体退却及其原因 (On the Retreat of Fujian Businessmen from Modern Shanghai)2008Journal articleGao, Hongxia 高红霞Chinesesocial; political; pdf
3155"Old provenances of the Western books in the former (and current) Xujiahui (Zikawei)-library, Shanghai"2014Journal articleGolvers, N.Englishculture; cultural; library; source
2042"Useful knowledge and appropriate communication: The field of journalistic production in late nineteenth-century China"2007Book chapterGentz, NataschaEnglishculture; cultural; press
190"Yellow Unionism in Shanghai: A Study in KMT Technique in Labor Control, 1927-1937", 1953Journal articleGourlay, Walter E.Englishsocial; political; workers; labor
2083'China, Japan and the Flight of European Jewish Refugees to Shanghai, 1938-1945'2007DissertationGao, BeiEnglishsocial; foreign
188Japan and Britain in Shanghai, 1925-31, 1995BookGoto-Shibata, HarumiEnglishpolitical; diplomacy; state;
1990Lao shanghai de tongxiang tuanti 老上海的同鄉團體2003BookGuo Xuyin 郭緒印Chinesesocial; political
3138Men of Shanghai and North China : A Standard Biographical Reference WorkBookGeorge F. Nellist (ed.)EnglishWestern Businessmen, Biographical Reference Work, Shanghai
2279Nationalist and Feminist Discourses on Jianmei (Robust Beauty) during China’s “National Crisis” in the 1930s2006Journal articleGao, YunxiangEnglishcultural; social; woman; gender
3179Shanghai daotai Wu Jianzhang shenshi kaoding 上海道台吳健彰身世考訂 (A textual research in  Shanghai daotai Wu Jianzhang's life experience) 2015Journal articleGong Fengei 宮峰飛Chinese

political; biography; administration

3146The Fighting in North China (up to the Fall of Tientsin City)G. GippsEnglishBoxers, North China, 1900
2272Zhaoxiang yu qing mo min chu rongmao bianren 照相與清末民初容貌辨認 (Photography and face identification in the late Qing early republican period)2010Journal articleGe, Tao 葛 濤Chinesephotography; visual; social; cultural
192« Encountering Hope : The Door of Hope Mission in Shanghai and Taipei, 1900-1976 », 1996DissertationGronewold, Sue EllenEnglishsocial; women; prostitution; religion;
687« L’évolution sanitaire et médicale de la Concession française de Shanghai entre 1850 et 1950 »2005DissertationGlaise, Anne-FrédériqueFrenchsocial; health
176“Being public: the politics of representation in 1918 Shanghai”, 2000Journal articleGoodman, BrynaEnglishsocial; culture; press; media;
178“Creating Civic Ground: Public Maneuverings and the State in the Nanjing Decade”,1996Book chapterGoodman, BrynaEnglishsocial; political; state; power; elites
180“Democratic Calisthenics: The Culture of Urban Associations in the New Republic”, 2002Book chapterGoodman, BrynaEnglishpolitical; social; elites; power
174“From Teahouse to Playhouse: Theaters as Social Texts in Early-Twentieth-Century China”,2003Journal articleGoldstein, JoshuaEnglishculture; cultural; entertainment; leisure
233“Improvisations on a Semicolonial Theme, or, how to Read a Celebration of Transnational Urban Community”, 2000Journal articleGoodman, BrynaEnglishpolitical; foreigners; nationalism;
173“Myth, Memory, and Rice History in Shanghai, 1949-1950”,2004Journal articleGao, James Z.Englisheconomy; social; food; rice;
1979“Shanghai Fashion: Merchants and Business as Agents of Urban Vision”2007Book chapterGerth, KarlEnglishcultural; social
186“Shanhai no hainichika to nihon kaigun rikusentai no shutsudō” 上海の排日貨と日本海軍陸戦隊の出動 [The Shanghai anti-Japanese boycott and the engagement of the Japanese naval landing force]1997Journal articleGoto, Harumi 後籐春美Japanese

political; diplomacy; trade; state

183“The Locality as Microcosm of the Nation? Native Place Networks and Early Urban Nationalism in China” 1995Journal articleGoodman, BrynaEnglishsocial; political; elites; nationalism; identity;
185“The New Woman Commits Suicide: The Press, Cultural Memory, and the New Republic”,2005Journal articleGoodman, BrynaEnglishsocial; women; press; media
196“Zionism in Shanghai, 1903-1949”,1993Journal articleGuang, PanEnglishpolitical; foreigners; jews
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