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Full referenceYang Jiayou, The Stories of Classic Houses, Shanghai renmin chubanshe (1999)
Author(s)Yang Jiayou
TitleThe Stories of Classic Houses
Place of publicationShanghai
Publisher Shanghai renmin chubanshe
SubjectUrban Studies
Keywordsspace; architecture; photographs; visual;
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Lyceum Theater

The Holy Trinity Cathedral

Asiatic Petroleum Company Building

Shanghai Club

Nisshin Kisen Kaisha 日清大樓

Commercial Bank of China

The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation and Chinese Maritime Customs House

Hongkong & Shanghai Bank

Customs House

Bank of Communications

Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China

Bank of China

Glen Line Building

Banque de l'Indochine

British Consulate

Russian Consulate

Gutzlaff Weather Tower 信號台

Oriental Hotel

New Asia Hotel 新亞酒店

Country Hospital

Zhongshan yiyuan

Shanghai Sport Ground

Dah Sun Department Store

Bornemann & Co.

Continental Mercantile Co. 大陸商場

Verdun Residential district

Pi'en gongyu

Embankment House

Cosmopolitan Appartments

Villa in the French Concession

Grosvenor House

Villa in the French Concession

Residence of Li Hongzhang

Residence of the chairman of the French Municipal Council

Residence of Song Qingling

Residence of Ellie Kadoorie

Residence of Zhang Zueliang

Residence of Chiang Kaishek

Residence of the High Commissionner for Customs

Wartime residence of Wang Jingwei

Residence of Song Ziwen

The Muller Residence

Residence of Wu Tongwen

American Club

Racecourse Club

Racecourse Club

Zikawei Library

Shanghai Library

Saint Francis Xavier Church


American Community Church

Moore's Memorial Church

Y.M.C.A building

YMCA headquarters (foreigners)

Kincheng Bank

Nanking Theater
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