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38"Du dessin de presse à la photographie (1878-1914): histoire d'une mutation technique et culturelle"1992Journal articleAmbroise-Rendu, Anne-ClaudeFrenchphotography; visual;
2292"Power, Politics, and the Making of Shanghai"2010Journal articleArkaraprasertkul, NonEnglishurban; space; architecture; political
2116"The quest for individuality: Students' lives in Shanghai, 1919--1937"2007DissertationAu-Yeung, Chi YingEnglisheducation; culture; social
2087"The Quest for Individuality: Students' Lives in Shanghai, 1919-1937"2007DissertationAu-Yeung, Chi YingEnglishsocial; political
2048Exil Shanghai, 1938-1947. Jüdisches Leben in der Emigration2000BookArmbrüster, Goerg; Kohlstruck, Michael; Mühlberger, Sonja (eds.)Germanforeigners; social
2165Shanghai picture-verse : a book of sketches in rhyme for the Shanghai child of yesterday and to-day1939BookAlla, PatriciaEnglishvisual; guide; cultural
4196Shanhai shōkōroku 上海商工錄1944BookAyayoshi Takeuchi 武內文彬Japanesesource; directory; Japan; commerce; trade; chamber of commerce; industry
37Storia fotografia del lavoro in Italia, 1900-19801980BookAccornero A., Luca U., Sapelli G.Italianphotography; visual;
98“Cosmopolitan De-scriptions: Shanghai and Hong Kong"2000Journal articleAbbas, AckbarEnglishspace; architecture; culture; cultural;
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