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3152"Between Accommodation and Resistance: Pingtan Storytelling in 1960s Shanghai"2014Journal articleHe, QiliangEnglishsocial; culture; cultural
3023"Chuanjiaoshi yu shanghai meiguo xuexiao de chuangban (1896-1912)"  傳教士與上海美國學校的創辦 (Missionaries and the establishment of the Shanghai American School)2011Journal articleHe, Fangyu 何方煜Chineseeducation; school; foreigner; religion; missionary; Protestant
203"Expatriate Writers, Expatriate Readers: English-Language Fiction Published along the China Coast in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries",2003DissertationHardy, Steven RalphEnglishliterature; culture; foreigners;
2286"From Mudflats to Cyber-Hub? The Shanghai Experience, 1842-2009"2009Journal articleHoresh, NivEnglishcultural; culture; urban
3021"Fu'ermosi" bao "wu sha can an" jia shu fu xue jin wen ti bao dao zha ji  "福爾摩斯" 報 "五卅慘案"家屬撫恤金問題報導劄記  (The issue of indemnities to the victims' families in the May 30th Movement as reposted in Sherlock Holmes)2011Journal articleHong, Yu 洪 煜Chinesepolitical; fiction; press; media
2287"JINDAI SHANGHAI BAOFAN ZHIYE QUNTI YANJIU 近代上海包飯職業群體研究2008Journal articleHong, YuChineseeconomic; social
2235"Jindaihua de "tui" yu "jin". Jindai shanghai dianbao tongxin de jiaoshe" 近代化的"退"與"進" . 近代上海電報通信權的交涉 (Withdrawal and progress of modernization. Negotiation on the telecommunication rights in modern Shanghai)2010Journal articleHan, Jing 韓 晶Chinesepolitical; foreigner; economic
235"Kindai shanhai ni okeru itai shori mondai to shimei kosho—dokyo girudo to Chugoku no toshika" 近代上海における遗体处理问题と四明公所 - 同乡ぎるどと中国の都市化 (The management of human remains in modern Shanghai and the Siming Gongsuo—Native-place guilds and China's urbanization), 1994Journal articleHiroyuki Hokari 帆苅浩之Japanesesocial; death; guilds;
2241"Lun jindai shanghai waizi qiye de lujing xuanze" (On the choice of development road of foreign enterprises in modern Shanghai) 论近代上海外资企业的路径选择2009Journal articleHe, Shuijin 贺水金Chineseeconomic; foreigner
199"Organized Labor in Shanghai, 1927-1937",1978DissertationHammond, Edward R.Englishsocial; labor; workers; political
2037"Painters and publishing in late nineteenth century Shanghai"1998Book chapterHay, JonathanEnglishculture; cultural
2026"Painting and the built environment in late nineteenth-century Shanghai"2001Book chapterHay, JonathanEnglishculture; cultural
1657"Printed in LOndon, Disbursed on the Bund: The Hong Kong Bank and its Early Note Issue in Shanghai, 1865-1911"2006Journal articleHoresh, NivEnglishbank; finance; money; economy
2294"Research on Modern Shanghai Newspaper Vendors Groups"2008Journal articleHONG, YuEnglishsocial; press
198"The Impact of the Shanghai Incident upon the United States and the League of Nations",1953DissertationHamilton, Thomas T.Englishpolitical; war; foreigners; diplomacy
2032"The new woman incident: Cinema, scandal, and spectacle in 1935 Shanghai"1997Book chapterHarris, KristineEnglishculture; cultural
65A Collection of Pictures of Early-Period Chinese Photographs (1840-1919)1987BookHu, Zhichuan & Chen ShenEnglishphotography; visual
55Atlas de Shanghai. Espace et représentations de 1849 à nos jours1999BookHenriot, Christian, Zheng Zu'anFrenchcity; urban; space;
53Belles de Shanghai. Prostitution et sexualité en Chine aux XIXe-XXe siècles1997BookHenriot, ChristianFrenchcity; urban; space; women; sex; prostitution; brothel; elites; power
19Cinematograph of history: Post/colonial modernity in 1930s Shanghai and new Taiwanese cinema since 1982 2004DissertationHong, Guo-JuinEnglishculture; Taiwan; Taipei; cinema; movie; coloniality; modernity; cultural
241Creating Chinese Ethnicity. Subei People in Shanghai, 1850-1980, 1993BookHonig, EmilyEnglishsocial;
230Dangerous pleasures : Prostitution and Modernity in Twentieth Century Shanghai, 1997BookHershatter, GailEnglishwomen; social; cultural; prostitution
2000Jin dai Shanghai xiao bao yu shi min wen hua yan jiu, 1897-1937 近代上海小报与市民文化研究, 1897-19372007BookHong Yu 洪煜Chinesecultural
54Le Shanghai des années 30 1998BookHenriot, Christian, Roux, AlainFrenchcity; urban; elites; power; workers; violence; entertainment; culture
56Prostitution in Shanghai. A Social History2001BookHenriot, ChristianEnglishcity; urban; space; women; sex; prostitution; brothel; elites; power
51Shanghai 1927-1937. Elites locales et modernisation en Chine nationaliste 1991BookHenriot, ChristianFrenchcity; urban; elites; modernity; space; war; power;
52Shanghai 1927-1937. Municipal Power, Locality, and Modernization1993BookHenriot, ChristianEnglishurban; elites; modernity; space; war; power
3183Shanghai Filmmaking: Crossing Borders, Connecting to the Globe, 1922–19382015BookHuang, XueleiEnglish

Visual; cinema; movie; culture; cultural

1695Shanghai tan yeshi 上海滩野史 (An unofficial history of the Shanghai Bund)1993BookHe, Zhaoyin 柯兆银 & Zhuang Zhenxiang 庄振祥 (eds)ChineseBund
2275Shanghai’s Bund and Beyond: British Banks, Banknote Issuance, and Monetary Policy in China, 1842–19372009BookHoresh, Niveconomics; economy; foreigner; finance; bank
925Shanhai no kenjōshi : furoku Shanhai ryakunenpyō / 上海の県城志 : 附・上海略年表1978BookHaneda, Ichiji 羽根田市治Japanesepolitical; sources
242Strangers and Sisters : Women in the Shanghai Cotton Mills, 1919-1949, 1986BookHonig, EmilyEnglishsocial; labor
1662The Sino-Western Miscellany. being historical notes about foreign life in China. Vol. 21993BookHaan, J. H.Englishsources
3144With Boat and Gun in the Yangtze ValleyBookHenling Thomas WadeEnglishYangtze Valley, Shanghai, European Hunt Club
1889Women, War, Domesticity: Shanghai Literature and Popular Culture of the 1940s2005BookHuang, NicoleEnglishurban; literature; women; culture
200« Fengyue Meng and the Courtsesan Novel »,1998Journal articleHanan, PatrickEnglishliterature; women; social;
252« L'Universite l'Aurore, Shanghai, 1903-1952 »,1989Journal articleHuebner, Jon W.Englisharchitecture; education
254«Americans in Shanghai : community formation and response to revolution, 1919-1928»1985DissertationHuskey, James L.Englishforeigners; diplomacy;
216“"La Fermeture": The Abolition of Prostitution in Shanghai, 1949-1958”, 1995Journal articleHenriot, ChristianEnglishwomen; social; prostitution; state
239“Burning Incense, Pledging Sisterhood: Communities of Women Workers in the Shanghai Cotton Mills, 1919-1949”, 1985Journal articleHonig, EmilyEnglishsocial; women; labor;
214“Chinese courtesans in late Qing and Early republican Shanghai (1849-1925)”, 1994Journal articleHenriot, ChristianEnglishsocial; women; prostitution
238“Cinematograph of history: Post/colonial modernity in 1930s Shanghai and new Taiwanese cinema since 1982”, 2004DissertationHong, Guo-JuinEnglishculture; cinema; movies; colonial;
215“Cortegiane, classe dirigente e spazzio urbano a Shanghai, 1849-1919”, 1995Journal articleHenriot, ChristianItaliancity; women; social; prostitution
231“Courtesans and Streetwalkers: The Changing Discourses on Shanghai Prostitution, 1890-1949”,1992Journal articleHershatter, GailEnglishwomen; prostitution; press; social
218“Courtship, sex and money. The economics of courtesan houses in 19th and 20th-century Shanghai”, 1999Journal articleHenriot, ChristianEnglishwomen; social; economy; prostitution
213“Fiscal Modernization and Popular Protest: A Study of Tax Reform and Tax Resistance in Nationalist Shanghai, 1927-1937”,1991Book chapterHenriot, ChristianEnglishpoliticla; social; economy; state; power
217“From a Throne of Glory to a Seat of Ignominy: Shanghai Prostitution Revisited, 1849-1949”,1996Journal articleHenriot, ChristianEnglishsocial; women; prostitution
244“Invisible Inequalities: The Status of Subei People in Contemporary Shanghai”, 1990Journal articleHonig, EmilyEnglishsocial;
248“Jia wu zhan qian riben zai hua didie bao jigou: Chia wu chan ch'ien jih pen tsai hua ti tieh pao chi kou: lun hankou leshantang yu shanghai ri-qing maoyi yanjiusuo” (Japanese espionage agencies in China before 1894: an overview of the Le-shan T'ang in Hankow and the Sino-Japanese Trade Institute in Shanghai) 1984Journal articleHuang, Fu-ch'ingChinesepolitical; foreigners; diplomacy
209“La rupture GMD-PCC en 1927: suicide ou assassinat ?”, 1986Journal articleHenriot, ChristianFrenchpolitical; labor; workers; party; communist;
223“Les divisions de la ville à Shanghai (19e-20e siècles)”2003Book chapterHenriot, Christian; Zheng, Zu'anFrenchcity; space; culture
220“Little Japan in Shanghai: An insulated community, 1875-1945” 2000Book chapterHenriot, ChristianEnglishsocial; foreigners
227“Modernizing sex, sexing modernity : prostitution in early twentieth-century Shanghai”,1994Book chapterHershatter, GailEnglishwomen; social; prostitution; cultural
208“Municipal Power and Local Elites”,1986Journal articleHenriot, ChristianEnglishpolitical; elites; power; state
211“Municipal Reform in Guomindang China (1927-1937): A First Appraisal”, 1989Journal articleHenriot, ChristianEnglishpolitical; power; elites; state
376“Painters and Publishing in Late Nineteenth-century Shanghai”1998Book chapterHay, JonathanEnglishculture; painting
240“Pride and Prejudice : Subei People in Contemporary Shanghai”,1989Book chapterHonig, Emily,Englishsocial;
228“Prostitution and the Market in Early Twentieth-Century Shanghai”,1991Book chapterHershatter, GailEnglishwomen; social; prostitution
210“Prostitution et "police des mœurs" à Shanghai aux XIXe-XXe siècles”,1988Book chapterHenriot, ChristianFrenchwomen; social; prostitution
224“Prostitution et Vox literati à Shanghai avant la Première guerre mondiale”, 2003Journal articleHenriot, ChristianFrenchwomen; social; prostitution; culture
226“Public health policy vs colonial laissez-faire: STDs and prostitution in republican Shanghai”,2004Book chapterHenriot, ChristianEnglishwomen; social; prostitution; state
229“Regulating sex in Shanghai. The reform of prostitution in 1920 and 1951”,1993Book chapterHershatter, GailEnglishwomen; social; prostitution
201“Ri jun jinzhan gong gong zujie hou shanghai yinqianye linshi lianhe de huodong” [A review of the temporary federation of Shanghai monetary associations after the Japanese army occupied the International Settlement],2004Journal articleHang, TianzhengChineseeconomy; war; bank
221“Rice, Power and People: The Politics of Food Supply in Wartime Shanghai (1937-1945)”, 2000Journal articleHenriot, ChristianEnglisheconomy; social; food; rice; state; power; war
237“Robert West Mustard: An American Merchant in Shanghai, 1865-1900”,1986Journal articleHolloway, Paula SchwartzEnglisheconomic; foreigners;
202“Shanghai gezhishuyuan jiqi jiaoyu chuangxiN” [The Shanghai Polytechnic Institute and Reading Room and its innovation in education],2003Journal articleHao, BingjianChineseeducation; school; foreigners;
1728“Shanghai gudai lishi wenti shi kao” 上海古代历史问题十考 (Ten examinations of issues in Shanghai ancient history)1995Journal articleHe Huiming 何惠明Chineseregion; political
206“Shanghai zhong wai yinqianye lianhehui choujian shulun (1921-1929)” [The establishment of the Association of Shanghai Banks, 1921-29],2004Journal articleHe, PinChineseeconomy; bank
207“Shanghai's Jewish refugee community of 1938-1945”, 1997Journal articleHeppner, Ernest G.Englishsocial; foreigners; jews
236“Shinmatsu shanhai shime kōshō no "unkan nettwaku" no keisei: kindai chūgoku shakai ni okeru dōkyō ketsugo ni tsuite” 清末上海四明公所の”運棺ネットァク”の形成: 近代中国社会における同郷結合について [The formation of the "coffin sending network" of the Siming Gongsuo in late-Qing Shanghai: a study of native-place ties in modern China],1994Journal articleHokari, Hiroyuki 帆苅浩之Japanesesocial; death; guilds
204“Silent speech: Envisioning the nation in early Shanghai”, 1997DissertationHarris, Kristine MarieEnglishculture; cultural; cinema; movies; women
245“The Contract Labor System and Women Workers: Pre-Liberation Cotton Mills of Shanghai”1983Journal articleHonig, EmilyEnglishlabor; women; social
253“The Cosmopolitan Connection: Americans and Chinese in Shanghai During the Interwar Years”,1987Journal articleHuskey, James L.Englishforeigners;
232“The Hierarchy of Shanghai Prostitution, 1870-1949",1989Journal articleHershatter, GailEnglishwomen; social; prostitution; elites
205“The New Woman: Image, Subject, and Dissent in 1930s Shanghai Film Culture”,1995Journal articleHarris, KristineEnglishculture; women; cinema; movies; cultural
243“The Politics of Prejudice: Subei People in Republican-Era Shanghai”, 1989Journal articleHonig, Emily,Englishsocial
249“The port of Shanghai (China), 1928DissertationHuang, Kuo-ChangEnglishspace; economy
197“The Shanghai Municipal Council, 1850-1865: Some Biographical Notes” 1984Journal articleHaan, J. H.Unknownpolitical; elites; biography; foreigners
247“Traveling opera troupes in Shanghai, 1842-1949”, 1997DissertationHuang, Chun-zenEnglishculture; entertainment;
250“Written in the ruins: War and domesticity in Shanghai literature of the 1940s”,1988DissertationHuang, XincunEnglishliterature; war; culture
219“上海的‘小東京’: 一個對外隔絕的社會 (1875-1945年)” (trans. of Shanghai's ‘Little Tokyo’: An Insulated Community (1875-1945)”, 1999Journal articleHenriot, Christian 安克强Chinesesocial; foreigners
225“公共衛生政策與殖民主義放任政策的對立 – 上海租界的性病與賣淫” (trans. of ‘Public Health Policy vs. Colonial Laissez-faire’)2003Book chapterHenriot, ChristianChinesewomen; social; prostitution; state; power
222“權力與道德: 1920-1925年上海的廢娼運動” (Morality and prostitution: The Protestant campaign against prostitution in Shanghai, 1920-1925 ),2000Journal articleHenriot, Christian 安克强Chinesewomen; social; prostitution; elites
57上海妓女:19~20世纪中国的卖淫业与性 (Chinese translation of Prostitution in Shanghai)2004BookHenriot, ChristianChinesecity; urban; space; women; sex; prostitution; brothel; elites; power
1770从《申报》看晚清上海人的娱乐生活及其特征(1872—1911) (Analysing the Amusements And their Characters of Shanghai People in the Late Times of Qing Dynasty from Shen Bao(1872-1911))2006Journal articleHUANG Yi-jun 黄益军 & WEI Xiang-dong 魏向东Chinesexxx
1774清末民初上海公共租界会审公廨法权之变迁(1911~1912) (The Transformation of the Legal Rights in the Shanghai Mixed Court of International Settlement from 1911 to 1912)2006Journal articleHu zhen 胡震Unknownxxx
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