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2284"A Study on the Transformation of Foreign Trade between North Ports and Shanghai"2008Journal articleTang, QiaotianChineseeconomic; foreigner
2119"Municipal waste management in Shanghai, 1866-1949"2009DissertationTong, Cheuk-kei 唐卓姬Englishurban; social
3009"Shanghai shuhua mingjia shehui shenghuo (1937-1945)  (The social life of famous painters and calligraphers in Shanghai)2011Journal articleTian, YipingChineseculture; art; painting; calligraphy; social
970"Shanhai zairyū nihonjin jinko dōcha" 上海在留日本人人口調査  (A survey of the population of Japanese residents in Shanghai)1993Book chapterTadao Satō 佐藤忠男Japaneseforeigners; social
1865"The Bund: littoral space of empire in the treaty ports of East Asia"2002Journal articleTaylor, Jeremy E.Englishspace; urban; architecture; Bund
2296"William Saunders, Photographer of Shanghai Customs"2010Journal articleThiriez, RegineEnglishvisual; photography; social; source
1890"Zhanshi shanghai de 'zujie wenti'" 戰時上海的"租界問題" (The problem of foreign concessions in Shanghai during wartime)2007Journal articleTakatsuna, Hirofumi 高綱博文 - Chen, Zu'en 陈祖恩 (trans.)Chinesewar; foreigners; urban; pdf; Japanese
2128'Kokusai toshi' Shanhai no naka no nihonjin '國際都市' 上海のなかの日本人 ('International city'. The Japanese in Shanghai)2009BookTakatsuna, Hirofumi 高綱博文Japanesesocial; foreigner; political
921Chūka denʾei shiwa : ichi heisotsu no Nitchū eiga kaisōki, 1939-1945 / 中華電影史話 : 一兵卒の日中映画回想記1987BookTsuji, Hisakazu 清水晶Japaneseculture
60Illustrations of China and its People1873BookThompson, JohnUnknown
2305Inter-port transshipment between Shanghai and Hankou in foreign trade: 1864–1930 Frontiers of History in China, 2009, Volume 4, Number 4, Pages 632-6522007Journal articleTang, QiaotianEnglisheconomic; foreigner
557Jindai shanghai dashiji 近代上海大事記 (Major events in Shanghai Modern History)1989BookTang Zhiyun et al., 湯志均Chinesepolitical
859Kindai Chūgoku no toshi to kenchiku / 近代・中国の都市と建築 2005BookTanaka, Shigemitsu 田中重光Japanesearchitecture; urban
2230Reading Shenbao: Nationalism, Consumerism and Individuality in China 1919-372010BookTsai, WeipinEnglishculture; social; political
15Riben qiaomin zai Shanghai (1870-1945) 日本侨民在上海 (The Japanese Residents in Shanghai)2000BookTakatsuna, Hirofumi 高綱博文 ; Chen, Zu'en 陈祖恩Chinesephotographs; visual
856Senji Shanhai, 1937-45-nen / 戦時上海, 1937-45年2005BookTakatsuna, Hirofumi (ed.) 高綱博文編Japanesewar
2008Shanghai chengshi fangwu chaiqian yanjiu 上海城市房屋拆迁研究2008DissertationTang Daizhong 唐代中Chineseurban; space
2163Shanghai kuailan 上海快覽1924BookTao, Fengzi 陶凤子Chineseguide; guidebooks; source
555Shanghai shi 上海史 (History of Shanghai)1989BookTang Zhenchang 唐振常 et al.Chinesepolitical
1626Shanghai. 1949: The end of an era1989BookTata, SamEnglishvisual; photograph
923Shanhai kinema pōto : yomigaeru Chūgoku eiga /上海キネマポート : 甦る中国映画1985BookTadao Satō 佐藤忠男Japaneseculture
912Shanhai shi : kyodai toshi no keisei to hitobito no itonami / 上海史 : 巨大都市の形成と人々の營み1995BookTakahashi, Kōsuke (ed.) 高橋孝助 ; Furumaya, Tadao (ed.) 古厩忠夫1995Japanesesocial; architecture; urban
868Shanhai sōsho / 上海叢書2002BookTakasaki, Ryūji 高崎隆治 ; Yamashita, Takeshi 山下武Japanesesocial; general
4389The First Days of the Fighting at Shanghai: Japanese Forces in Action; and Their Casualties 1932Journal articleEnglish
61Through China with a Camera with nearly 100 illustrations 1898BookThompson, JohnEnglishcamera, China,
559Western capitalism in China : a history of the Shanghai Stock Exchange2001BookThomas, William ArthurEnglisheconomy; foreigners
558“An Intra-Empire Capital Transfer: the Shanghai Rubber Company Boom 1909-1912”1998Journal articleThomas, W. A.Englisheconomy
2081“Jindai beifang kou'an yu shanghai jian waimao buji zhuanyun” 近代北方口岸與上海間外貿補給轉運 (A study on the transformation of foreign trade between the North Ports and Shanghai)2008Journal articleTang, QiaotianChineseeconomic
1782光复会和上海光复 (The Restoration League and the Restoration of Shanghai)2005Journal articleTang Zhijun 汤志钧Unknownxxx
1769论晚清上海作为全国外贸中心的影响力(1864-1904)——以外贸埠际转运为视角 (The Influence of Shanghai as the Foreign Trade Center in Late Qing Period(1864—1904)——The Transit Trade between Shanghai and Internal Ports for Foreign Trade)2008Journal articleTang Qiaotian 唐巧天;Chineseeconomic; foreigner
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