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Full referenceShi Meiding (ed.) 史梅定, Zhui yi - Jindai Shanghai tushi 追忆 近代上海图史, Shanghai guji chubanshe (1996)
Author(s)Shi Meiding (ed.) 史梅定
TitleZhui yi - Jindai Shanghai tushi 追忆 近代上海图史
Place of publicationShanghai
PublisherShanghai guji chubanshe
Keywordsphotographs; visual
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Sikh policeman

Gate of the Shanghai Municipal Gaol

Central Police Station (French Concession)

Pudong Native-Place Association

Jing'an temple

St. Ignatius Cathedral in Zikawei (Xujiahui)

Sheng gonghui Jiaotang

The Holy Trinity Cathedral 聖三一堂

Great World

Franco-Chinese Municipal School 中法學堂

Nanyang College 南洋公學

North China Daily News and Herald Tribune
533/883 results        
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