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3181Notification. List of renters of land at Shanghai, registered at H.B.M.'s Consulate 1864Archival documentsEnglish

space; urban; cartography; WMS; land; cadastre

1625North China HeraldPeriodicalEnglish
1641The China PressPeriodicalEnglish
1643Shanghai TimesPeriodicalEnglishsources
4195North China Daily NewsPeriodicalEnglish
18Bank and economic development in China and the United States during the 1920s and 1930s 2004DissertationChung, Ching-YiEnglishbank, finance, money, economy
19Cinematograph of history: Post/colonial modernity in 1930s Shanghai and new Taiwanese cinema since 1982 2004DissertationHong, Guo-JuinEnglishculture; Taiwan; Taipei; cinema; movie; coloniality; modernity; cultural
100“From teahouse to radio: Storytelling and the commercialization of culture in 1930s Shanghai”1996DissertationBenson, CarltonEnglishculture; entertainment; media; music; radio; broadcasting;
118“The dream palaces of Shanghai: American films in China's largest metropolis, 1920-1950”1993DissertationCambon, Marie FrancineEnglishculture; movie; cinema; entertainment
120"Les intellectuels non-engagés et l'opinion publique en Chine,1945-1949"1983DissertationCastelino, NoëlFrenchculture; press; media; elites; intellectuals;
126“A myth of violet: Zhou Shoujuan and the literary culture of Shanghai, 1911—1927”,2002DissertationChen, JianhuaEnglishliterature; culture; women; media;
129“Engendering the modern: Configurations of femininity in Chinese literary culture, Late Qing-1940's”, 2003DissertationCheng, Eileen JoyEnglishliterature; culture; women; modernity
130“Flowers of Shanghai and the Late-Ch'ing Courtesan Novel”, 1979DissertationCheng, Stephen H. L.Englishliterature; women; culture;
132“Spectacular novelties: 'News' culture, Zhang Henshui, and practices of spectatorship in Republican China”,2000DissertationChow, Eileen Cheng-yinEnglishculture; press; media;
141“Big Business in China: Sino-American Rivalry in the Tobacco Industry, 1890-1930”, 1975DissertationCochran, ShermanEnglisheconomy;
146“Street talk and alley stories: Tangled narratives of Shanghai from 'Lives of Shanghai Flowers' (1892) to 'Midnight' (1933) ”,1998DissertationDes Forges, Alexander TownsendEnglishliterature; entertainment; culture; city;
156"The Gentry Democracy in Shanghai, 1905-1914",1967DissertationElvin, MarkEnglishcity; urban; political; power; state; elites; Wall; Bund
158'Lament Everlasting': Wang Anyi's discourse on the 'ill-fated beauty,' Republican popular culture, the Shanghai Xiaojie, and Zhang Ailing”, 2004DissertationEmma May, EustaceEnglishculture; literature;
160"Patronage and Production in the Nineteenth-Century Shanghai Region: Ren Xiong (1823-1857) and His Sponsors." 1997DissertationErickson, Britta LeeEnglisheconomy; elites;
163“A night in Shanghai: Nightlife and modernity in semicolonial China, 1919-1937”, 2001DissertationField, Andrew DavidEnglishculture; social; entertainment;
167“Smoking out the enemy: The National Goods Movement and the advertising of nationalism in China, 1880—1937”, 1999DissertationFraser, David EmbreyEnglishsocial; economy; elites; media; press
192« Encountering Hope : The Door of Hope Mission in Shanghai and Taipei, 1900-1976 », 1996DissertationGronewold, Sue EllenEnglishsocial; women; prostitution; religion;
198"The Impact of the Shanghai Incident upon the United States and the League of Nations",1953DissertationHamilton, Thomas T.Englishpolitical; war; foreigners; diplomacy
199"Organized Labor in Shanghai, 1927-1937",1978DissertationHammond, Edward R.Englishsocial; labor; workers; political
203"Expatriate Writers, Expatriate Readers: English-Language Fiction Published along the China Coast in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries",2003DissertationHardy, Steven RalphEnglishliterature; culture; foreigners;
204“Silent speech: Envisioning the nation in early Shanghai”, 1997DissertationHarris, Kristine MarieEnglishculture; cultural; cinema; movies; women
234“The International Settlement of Shanghai”, 1940DissertationChen, Yao-shengEnglishpolitical; foreigners
238“Cinematograph of history: Post/colonial modernity in 1930s Shanghai and new Taiwanese cinema since 1982”, 2004DissertationHong, Guo-JuinEnglishculture; cinema; movies; colonial;
247“Traveling opera troupes in Shanghai, 1842-1949”, 1997DissertationHuang, Chun-zenEnglishculture; entertainment;
249“The port of Shanghai (China), 1928DissertationHuang, Kuo-ChangEnglishspace; economy
250“Written in the ruins: War and domesticity in Shanghai literature of the 1940s”,1988DissertationHuang, XincunEnglishliterature; war; culture
254«Americans in Shanghai : community formation and response to revolution, 1919-1928»1985DissertationHuskey, James L.Englishforeigners; diplomacy;
260“Women and public culture: Poetics and politics of women's Yue opera in Republican Shanghai, 1930s-1940s”1998DissertationJiang, JinEnglishculture; women; social
263“Popular music and colonial modernity in China, 1900-1937”1997DissertationJones, Andrew FredrickEnglishculture; entertainement; colonial
267“Anglo-American relations with the Chinese in Shanghai, 1860-1875: A study in cultural conflict”1993DissertationKaren ElizabethEnglishforeigners; diplomacy
271“The Comintern and the far eastern Communist movement in Shanghai, 1919-1922: The meaning of internationalism”1996DissertationKim, SooyoungEnglishpolitical; party; nationalism;
344“Exil ou asile à Shanghai? Histoire des réfugiés d’Europe centrale (1933-1945)”2000DissertationKreissler, FrançoiseFrench
349“Ren Bonian (1840--1850) and Japanese culture in Shanghai, 1842—1895”2005DissertationLai, Yu-chihEnglishsocial; culture; foreigners; art; visual
414"Sexual Modernism in China: Zhang Jingsheng and 1920s Urban Culture"1994DissertationLeary, CharlesEnglishculture; social
416“The Commercial Press of Shanghai and Its Dissemination of Knowledge and Formation of Culture in the Modern China, 1897--1949: From the Perspective of the Book History”2002DissertationLee, Ka KuiChineseculture; economy
418“Law and Local Autonomy at the International Mixed Court of Shanghai”1990DissertationLee, Tahirih VictoriaEnglishforeigners; political; legal
424“Opera, Society and Politics: Chinese Intellectuals and Popular Culture, 1901- 1937”1996DissertationLi, Hsiao-t'iEnglishculture
426"Russian Emigre Literature in China: a Missing Link"2004DissertationLi, MengEnglishculture; foreigners
429“Searching for the 'New Womanhood': Career Women in Shanghai, 1912--1945”2001DissertationLien, Ling-lingEnglishwomen; social
443“Philanthropy and Public Welfare in Late Imperial China”1985DissertationLum, Raymond D.Englishsocial
449“New sensations in Shanghai literature and cinema in the 1930s and 1940s”2002DissertationMao, JianChineseculture
458“'Jumping the dragon gate': Social mobility among storytellers in Shanghai, 1849-1949”1997DissertationMcDaniel, Laura AndrewsEnglishsocial; culture
459“Shanghai Old-Style Banks (Ch'ien-Chuang), 1800-1935: A Traditional Institution in A Changing Society”1975DissertationMcelderry, Andrea LeeEnglisheconomy; bank; finance; money
460“Shanghai labour: Gender, politics, and traditions in the making of the Chinese working class, 1911-1949”1996DissertationMcQuaide, Shiling ZhaoEnglishsocial; political; women; gender; party
462"Shanghai success: A study of the development of the Chinese mechanized flour milling industry, 1900-1910"1996DissertationMeissner, Daniel JamesEnglisheconomy; industry
463“The invention of Shanghai: Cultural passages and their transformation, 1860--1920”2000DissertationMeng, YueEnglishculture; cultural
464"Splitting Apart: the Shanghai Treaty Port in Transition, 1914-1921"1985DissertationMeyer, Kathryn B.Englishforeigners; economic; political
472“Origins of the cotton textile industry in China, 1865-1915”1989DissertationMorrell, James RobertEnglisheconomy; industry
473“Cultivating the national body: A history of physical culture in Republican China”1998DissertationMorris, Andrew DavidEnglishculture
481“Health, medicine and nation in Shanghai, ca. 1900--1945”2004DissertationNakajima, ChiekoEnglishsocial; health; hygiene; physician; power; hospital; medicine; culture
485"America's Participation in the Military Defense of Shanghai, 1931-1941"1978DissertationNolan, William FrancisEnglishwar; foreigners
486“John William Powell and the 'China Weekly'/'Monthly Review', an American editor in early revolutionary China”2001DissertationO'Brien, Neil L.Englishpolitical; culture; press
489“Reimagining the domestic sphere: Bourgeois nationalism and gender in Shanghai, 1904-1918”1998DissertationOrliski, Constance IleneEnglishculture; women; gender; press
492”City Transformation: A Study of City Form and City Life in China”1987DissertationPai, ChinEnglisharchitecture; space; building
493“China's Left-wing Cinema Movement, 1932-1937: History, aesthetics, and Ideology”1997DissertationPang, Lai KwanEnglishculture
494“The impact of foreign trade and investment on the industrialization of China 1860 to 1945”2000DissertationPawliw, Peter A.Englisheconomy; foreigners
504"Gutenberg in Shanghai: Mechanized printing, modern publishing, and their effects on the city, 1876-1937"1996DissertationReed, Christopher AlexanderEnglishculture; economy; industry
505“The power of mercy: the Chinese Red Cross Society, 1900-1937”1998DissertationReeves, Caroline BethEnglishsocial; war
510«Ouvriers et ouvrières de Shanghai à l'époque du Guomindang, 1927-1949»1991DissertationRoux, AlainFrenchpolitical; social; labor
516“The policy of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs towards Jewish refugees”1997DissertationSakamoto, Pamela RotnerEnglishpolitical; foreigners
518«Chinese Commercial Organization and Behavior in Shanghai of the Late Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century»1976DissertationSanford, JamesEnglisheconomy; social
520“Relics of iconoclasm: Modernism, Shi Zhecun, and Shanghai's margins”2000DissertationSchaefer, Stephen WilliamEnglishculture
522“Germanic journalistic products in an Asian environment: Shanghai, 1939-1941”1994DissertationSchlachter, Sandra AnneEnglishculture; press; foreigners
524“Crime, punishment, and empire: the United States District Court for China, 1906-1943”1994DissertationScully, Eileen PaulaEnglishsocial; foreigners
526“Shanghai's Textile Capitalists and the State: the Nationalization Process in China”1985DissertationSears, Kathrin ElizabethEnglisheconomy; political
528“Wu Changshi and the Shanghai art world in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries”2000DissertationShen, KuiyiEnglishculture
533“China under the Depression: the regional economy of the lower Yangzi delta, 1931-1937”1999DissertationShiroyama, TomokoEnglisheconomy; region; space
534«The French Settlement of Shanghai on the Eve of the Revolution of 1911»1973DissertationSinclair, MichaelEnglishpolitical; foreigners
544“The occupied screen: Star, fan, and nation in Shanghai cinema, 1937--1945”2000DissertationStephenson, ShelleyEnglishculture
553“Urban landscape and cultural imagination: Literature, film, and visuality in semi-colonial Shanghai, 1927-1937”1999DissertationSun, Shao-yiEnglishculture; urban
554“Feast and famine in republican Shanghai: Urban food culture, nutrition, and the state”2002DissertationSwislocki, Mark StevenEnglishsocial; culture
563"Arts and life: Public and private culture in Chinese art periodicals, 1912-1937"1994DissertationWaara, Carol LynneEnglishculture; press
581"The weight of frivolous matters: Shanghai tabloid culture, 1897—1911"2005DissertationWang, JuanEnglishculture; press
588“Moving the Image between Shanghai, Hong Kong and Hollywood from the 1920s to 1990s: Reformulating Film Remaking and National Cinema”2003DissertationWang, YimanEnglishculture
595“Interest, Mentality, and Strategy: Americans and China's Economic Reconstruction, 1944-1949”1996DissertationWei, Chu-Xiong GeorgeEnglisheconomy; foreigners
598"Urbanization in Shanghai: A Study of Shanghai and Peking"1940DissertationWu, Pek-siEnglishurban; architecture
604"Making the artist: Ren Bonian (1840--1895) and portraits of the Shanghai art world "(China)2001DissertationWue, Roberta May-HwaEnglishculture
606“State and industrial development in early Republican China, 1912-1927”1999DissertationXiao, YanmingEnglisheconomy
610“Religion and Education: St. John's University as an Evangelizing Agency”1994DissertationXu, Edward YihuaEnglishculture; education; religion
613“Short stories by Bao Tianxiao and Zhou Shoujuan during the early years of the Republic”2000DissertationXu, XueqingEnglishculture
632“Peasant household economy under the influence of international trade, industrialization, and urbanization: A case study of Wuxi peasants' response to economic opportunities, 1860s--1940s”2002DissertationZhang, LiEnglisheconomy; region
637“Rivalry and alliance: Chinese trade unions and state power in the twentieth century, with special attention to Qingdao and Shanghai”1997DissertationZhang, YunqiuEnglishsocial; political; labor
687« L’évolution sanitaire et médicale de la Concession française de Shanghai entre 1850 et 1950 »2005DissertationGlaise, Anne-FrédériqueFrenchsocial; health
2008Shanghai chengshi fangwu chaiqian yanjiu 上海城市房屋拆迁研究2008DissertationTang Daizhong 唐代中Chineseurban; space
2009"Gudao" shiqi de "wenhuibao" yanjiu “孤岛”时期的《文汇报》研究2007DissertationZhou Lihua 周立华Chinesecultural; political
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