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495"19 shiji 80 niandai shanghai gupiao jiaoyi de xingsuai" [The rise and fall of the Shanghai stock market in the 1880's]1999Journal articlePeng, HouwenChineseeconomy
2030"Magic and Modernity in China"2004Journal articlePang, Lai KwanEnglishculture; cultural
2151"Number 6 on the Bund: Looking back. New facts about an old building"2007Journal articlePolitzer, EricEnglishurban; architecture
1690"The Changing Face of the Shanghai Bund, circa 1849-1879"2005Journal articlePolitzer, EricEnglishurban; space; architecture; bund
2156"The oldest building on the Bund. Russell & Co.'s Stone House 'melts into air'"2006Journal articlePolitzer, EricEnglisharchitecture; urban; space
2028"The pictorial turn: Realism, Modernity, and China's Print Culture in the Late Nineteenth Century"2005Journal articlePang, LaikwanEnglishcultural; culture
2304Metal typography, stone lithography and the dissemination of Ming-Qing popular fictions in Shanghai between 1874 and 19112008Journal articlePan, JianguoEnglishcultural; social; economic
2135Photographs of Peking, China 1861-1908. An inventory and description of the Yetts collection at the University of Durham 2005BookPearce, NickEnglishphotography; visual; sources
499Shanghai on Strike. The Politics of Chinese Labor1993BookPerry, ElizabethEnglishsocial; political; labor
493“China's Left-wing Cinema Movement, 1932-1937: History, aesthetics, and Ideology”1997DissertationPang, Lai KwanEnglishculture
498“From Paris to the Paris of the East and Back: Workers as Citizens in Modern Shanghai”1999Journal articlePerry, Elizabeth J.Englishpolitical; labor
496“Shanghai zaoqi de waishang zhengjuan shichang” [The early stock market of foreign merchants in Shanghai]2000Journal articlePeng, HouwenChineseeconomy; foreigners
497“Tax Revolt in Late Ching China: the Small Swords of Shanghai and Liu Depei of Shandong”1985Journal articlePerry, Elizabeth J.Englishsocial;
494“The impact of foreign trade and investment on the industrialization of China 1860 to 1945”2000DissertationPawliw, Peter A.Englisheconomy; foreigners
433“Zhanhou shanghai zhengjuan jiaoyisuo shulun” [The Shanghai Stock Exchange in the postwar period]2002Journal articlePeng, HouwenChineseeconomy
492”City Transformation: A Study of City Form and City Life in China”1987DissertationPai, ChinEnglisharchitecture; space; building
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