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3012"Jiefang chuqi shanghai guoying qiye jiu gongzi zhidu de chubu gaizao"  解放初期上海國營企業舊工資制度的初步改造  (The initial reform of the old wage system in state-run companies in early-liberation Shanghai)2011Journal articleZhu, Ting 朱 婷economic; industry; company; wage; salary; worket; labor
3015"Lin Bei jinjia: Shanghai ren zai xianggang"2011Journal articleLin Bei, Jinjiasocial; education; university; guild
2275Shanghai’s Bund and Beyond: British Banks, Banknote Issuance, and Monetary Policy in China, 1842–19372009BookHoresh, Niveconomics; economy; foreigner; finance; bank
60Illustrations of China and its People1873BookThompson, JohnUnknown
94Lao shanghai ditu 老上海地圖 (The Album of Shanghai during the Past 150 Years)2001BookUnknownmaps; city; urban; visual
99Economic Shanghai : Hostage to Politics, 1937-19411941BookBarnett, Robert W.Unknowneconomic; political;
127“Change and Mobility: The Political Mobilization of the Shanghai Elites in 1900”1994Journal articleChen, ShiweiUnknownpolitical; elites; foreigners; rebellion;
197“The Shanghai Municipal Council, 1850-1865: Some Biographical Notes” 1984Journal articleHaan, J. H.Unknownpolitical; elites; biography; foreigners
1773清末上海剧场演变的轨迹 (Evolution of Theaters in Shanghai in Late Qing Dynasty)2006Journal articleQIAN Jiu-yuan 钱久元Unknown
1774清末民初上海公共租界会审公廨法权之变迁(1911~1912) (The Transformation of the Legal Rights in the Shanghai Mixed Court of International Settlement from 1911 to 1912)2006Journal articleHu zhen 胡震Unknownxxx
177620世纪二三十年代上海女性自杀现象解读 (Interpreting Female Suicide in Shanghai during the 1920s and 1930s)2006Journal articleSHAO Xiao-fu 邵晓芙 ; CHI Zi-hu 池子华Unknownxxx
1777略论上海租界的城市化效应 (A Brief Analysis of Urbanism Effect of Concessions in Shanghai)2006Journal articleZHANG Yinjie 章银杰; ; JIN Xuemei 金雪妹Unknownxxx
1779晚清上海女伶 (Shanghai Actresses in the Late Qing Dynasty)2005Journal articleXU Jianxiong 徐剑雄Unknownxxx
1780略论小刀会起义后上海租界的崛起 (A Brief Analysis of the Sudden Rise of Shanghai Leased Territory after the Small Sword Society Uprising)2005Journal articleZHANG Yin-jie 章银杰Unknownxxx
1781开放与调适:上海开埠初期混杂型社会形成 (Opening and Adjustment: Formation of a Mixed Society at the Early Stage of Shanghai Port-Opening)2005Journal articleXiong Yuezhi 熊月之Unknownxxx
1782光复会和上海光复 (The Restoration League and the Restoration of Shanghai)2005Journal articleTang Zhijun 汤志钧Unknownxxx
1784论上海“孤岛”与大后方的贸易 (The Trade between Shanghai "Isolated Island" and the Rear Area)2005Journal articleZHANG Saiqun 张赛群Unknownxxx
2031Shanghai modern 1919-1945 : [on the occasion of the exhibition "Shanghai Modern" in the Museum Villa Stuck, Munich (14 October 2004 - 16 January 2005) 2004Edited VolumeUnknownculture; cultural
2101"Dianfanyi huo weiji? 'Richang shenghuo' zai zhongguo jindaishi yanjiu de yingyong ji qi wenti" 典範抑或危機? ‘日常生活’在中國近代史研究的應用及其問題 (Paradigm or crisis? "The everyday" in modern Chinese history)2006Journal articleLien, Ling-ling 連玲玲Unknownsocial
2252"Shenbao yu jindai shanghai juchang (Shen Bao and Modern Theaters in Shanghai) 《申报》与近代上海剧场2004Journal articleYao, Xiaoou 姚小鸥Unknownculture; social; entertainment; leisure; pdf
2264"Minguo shiqi shanghai shangbiao susong an xiushi" 民国时期上海商标诉讼案透视 (Insight in to litigation cases of trademark in Shanghai in the Republican period)Journal articleFeng, Qiuji 冯秋季Unknowneconomic; legal; pdf
2290"Middlemen in the Chinese Welfare State: The Role of Philanthropists in Refugee Relief in Wartime Shanghai"2011Journal articleDillon, NaraUnknownsocial; economic; political
18Bank and economic development in China and the United States during the 1920s and 1930s 2004DissertationChung, Ching-YiEnglishbank, finance, money, economy
19Cinematograph of history: Post/colonial modernity in 1930s Shanghai and new Taiwanese cinema since 1982 2004DissertationHong, Guo-JuinEnglishculture; Taiwan; Taipei; cinema; movie; coloniality; modernity; cultural
52Shanghai 1927-1937. Municipal Power, Locality, and Modernization1993BookHenriot, ChristianEnglishurban; elites; modernity; space; war; power
56Prostitution in Shanghai. A Social History2001BookHenriot, ChristianEnglishcity; urban; space; women; sex; prostitution; brothel; elites; power
61Through China with a Camera with nearly 100 illustrations 1898BookThompson, JohnEnglishcamera, China,
65A Collection of Pictures of Early-Period Chinese Photographs (1840-1919)1987BookHu, Zhichuan & Chen ShenEnglishphotography; visual
98“Cosmopolitan De-scriptions: Shanghai and Hong Kong"2000Journal articleAbbas, AckbarEnglishspace; architecture; culture; cultural;
100“From teahouse to radio: Storytelling and the commercialization of culture in 1930s Shanghai”1996DissertationBenson, CarltonEnglishculture; entertainment; media; music; radio; broadcasting;
101"The Manipulation of Tanci in Radio Shanghai During the 1930s"1995Journal articleBenson, CarltonEnglishculture; radio; broadcasting; media; entertainment
109“A Note on Chinese Rice Prices: Interior Markets, 1928-1931”1990Journal articleBessler, David A.Englisheconomic; rice; food
110“From Orientals to Imagined Britons: Baghdadi Jews in Shanghai” 2003Journal articleBetta, ChiaraEnglishforeigners; social; jews;
111"Shanghai's "Dogs and Chinese Not Admitted" Sign: Legend, History and Contemporary Symbol"1995Journal articleBickers, Robert A.; Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N.,Englishpolitical; culture; foreigners; colonialism; bund
112“Death of a young Shanghaïlander: the Thorburn case and the defence of the British treaty ports in China in 1931”,1996Journal articleBickers, Robert A.Englishforeigners; social; colonialism; diplomacy
113“Shanghailanders: The Formation and Identity of the British Settler Community in Shanghai 1843-1937”1998Journal articleBickers, RobertEnglishforeigners; colonialism; power; elites;
115“The Evolution of Strategic Planning in Shanghai, 1927-1949”1995Journal articleBing, ZhangEnglishcity; architecture; space;
116Assignment Shanghai: Photographs on the Eve of Revolution2003BookBirns, JackEnglishphotographs; visual;
118“The dream palaces of Shanghai: American films in China's largest metropolis, 1920-1950”1993DissertationCambon, Marie FrancineEnglishculture; movie; cinema; entertainment
119“Excavating Extraterritoriality: The "Judicial Sub-Prefect" as a Prototype for the Mixed Court in Shanghai”2003Journal articleCassel, PärEnglishforeigners; political; law; justice; court; tribunal; legal
121Schools into Fields and Factories: Anarchists, the Guomindang and the National Labor University in Shanghai 1927-19321991BookChan, Ming K. and Dirlik, Arif.Englishlabor; workers; social; political; anarchist; socialism; university; education
122“Personal styles, cultural values and management: the Sincere and Wing On companies in Shanghai and Hong Kong, 1900-1941”1996Journal articleChan, Wellington K.K.Englisheconomic; social; trade; commerce; business;
123“In the Bosom of The Enemy - The CCP Central Committee's Shanghai Bureau as I Knew it”1986Journal articleChang CiEnglishpolitical; party; communist;
126“A myth of violet: Zhou Shoujuan and the literary culture of Shanghai, 1911—1927”,2002DissertationChen, JianhuaEnglishliterature; culture; women; media;
129“Engendering the modern: Configurations of femininity in Chinese literary culture, Late Qing-1940's”, 2003DissertationCheng, Eileen JoyEnglishliterature; culture; women; modernity
130“Flowers of Shanghai and the Late-Ch'ing Courtesan Novel”, 1979DissertationCheng, Stephen H. L.Englishliterature; women; culture;
132“Spectacular novelties: 'News' culture, Zhang Henshui, and practices of spectatorship in Republican China”,2000DissertationChow, Eileen Cheng-yinEnglishculture; press; media;
134Sketches in and around Shanghai,1894BookClark, J.D.Englishspace;
136Shanghai 1925: Urban Nationalism and the Defense of Foreign Privileges,1979BookClifford, Nicholas R.Englishpolitical; social; nationalism; students; education
137Spoilt Children of Empire. Westerners in Shanghai and the Chinese Revolution of the 1920s,1991BookClifford, Nicholas R.Englishpolitical; foreigners; nationalism; students; education;
138Chinese Capitalists in Japan's New Order: The Occupied Lower Yangzi, 1937-1945,2003BookCoble, Parks M.Englishsocial; war; economy; elites;
139The Shanghai Capitalists and the Nationalist Government, 1927-1937,1980BookCoble, Parks M.Englishsocial; political; economy; elites; power; state
140Inventing Nanjing Road: Commercial Culture in Shanghai, 1900-1945. 1999BookCochran, Sherman (ed.)Englisheconomy; city; space; trade; commerce
141“Big Business in China: Sino-American Rivalry in the Tobacco Industry, 1890-1930”, 1975DissertationCochran, ShermanEnglisheconomy;
142“American Planning In Republican China, 1911-1937”,1996Journal articleCody, Jeffrey W.Englishcity; urban; architecture
143Building in China: Henry K. Murphy's "Adaptive Architecture," 1914-1935, 2001BookCody, Jeffrey W.Englishcity; urban; architecture
146“Street talk and alley stories: Tangled narratives of Shanghai from 'Lives of Shanghai Flowers' (1892) to 'Midnight' (1933) ”,1998DissertationDes Forges, Alexander TownsendEnglishliterature; entertainment; culture; city;
147“Building Shanghai, One Page at a Time: The Aesthetics of Installment Fiction at The Turn of the Century”,2003Journal articleDes Forges, Alexander TownsendEnglishliterature; culture;
148“Shanghai capitalists before the 1911 revolution”1985Journal articleDing, Richu (Ch'en, Jerome, transl.)Englishpolitical;
150“The Russian Club in Shanghai: Past and Present”,2001Journal articleDrozdov, Mikhail; Chernikova, LarissaEnglishforeigners; social;
151“The Role of the YMCA in the Development of the Chinese Women's Movement, 1890-1927”, 1979Journal articleDrucker, AlisonEnglishwomen; social; religion;
153“The Zikawei Collection in the Jesuit Theologate Library at Fujen University (Taiwan): Background and Draft Catalogue”,1996Journal articleDudink, AdrianEnglishlibrary; books; documentation;
154"The Administration of Shanghai, 1905-1914"1974Book chapterElvin, MarkEnglishpolitical; elites; power; state; Bund
155"The Gentry Democracy in Shanghai, 1905-1914"1969Book chapterElvin, MarkEnglishpolitical; elites; power; state; Bund
156"The Gentry Democracy in Shanghai, 1905-1914",1967DissertationElvin, MarkEnglishcity; urban; political; power; state; elites; Wall; Bund
157“The Revolution of 1911 in Shanghai”,1984Journal articleElvin, MarkEnglishpolitical; elites; revolution;
158'Lament Everlasting': Wang Anyi's discourse on the 'ill-fated beauty,' Republican popular culture, the Shanghai Xiaojie, and Zhang Ailing”, 2004DissertationEmma May, EustaceEnglishculture; literature;
159“Chinese Entrepreneurs, the Government, and the Foreign Sector: The Canton and Shanghai Silk-Reeling Enterprises, 1861-1932”. 1984Journal articleEng, Robert Y.Englisheconomy; industry;
160"Patronage and Production in the Nineteenth-Century Shanghai Region: Ren Xiong (1823-1857) and His Sponsors." 1997DissertationErickson, Britta LeeEnglisheconomy; elites;
162“In Search of the Shanghai Connection”, 1985Journal articleFewsmith, JosephEnglishpolitical; elites;
163“A night in Shanghai: Nightlife and modernity in semicolonial China, 1919-1937”, 2001DissertationField, Andrew DavidEnglishculture; social; entertainment;
164The Quest for Status: Polish Jewish Refugees in Shanghai, 1941-1949,1998Journal articleFiszman, Joseph R.Englishforeigners; jews; Poland;
165"Shanghai-Japan": The Japanese Residents' Association of Shanghai”,2000Journal articleFogel, Joshua A.Englishforeigners; social; Japan
166“Common Sense in Shanghai: The Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce and Political Legitimacy in Republican China”,2000Journal articleFox, JosephineEnglishpolitical; elites:trade; commerce; state; power
167“Smoking out the enemy: The National Goods Movement and the advertising of nationalism in China, 1880—1937”, 1999DissertationFraser, David EmbreyEnglishsocial; economy; elites; media; press
168“Mobilizing And Movement: Cotton Mill Foremen in the Shanghai Strikes of 1925”,1994Journal articleFrazier, Martin.Englishsocial; labor; workers;
169Passivity, resistance, and collaboration: intellectual choices in occupied Shanghai, 1937-1945, 1993BookFu, PoshekEnglishpolitical; elites; war;
170Between Shanghai and Hong Kong: The Politics of Chinese Cinemas,2003BookFu, PoshekEnglishculture; war; movie; cinema
173“Myth, Memory, and Rice History in Shanghai, 1949-1950”,2004Journal articleGao, James Z.Englisheconomy; social; food; rice;
174“From Teahouse to Playhouse: Theaters as Social Texts in Early-Twentieth-Century China”,2003Journal articleGoldstein, JoshuaEnglishculture; cultural; entertainment; leisure
176“Being public: the politics of representation in 1918 Shanghai”, 2000Journal articleGoodman, BrynaEnglishsocial; culture; press; media;
178“Creating Civic Ground: Public Maneuverings and the State in the Nanjing Decade”,1996Book chapterGoodman, BrynaEnglishsocial; political; state; power; elites
180“Democratic Calisthenics: The Culture of Urban Associations in the New Republic”, 2002Book chapterGoodman, BrynaEnglishpolitical; social; elites; power
183“The Locality as Microcosm of the Nation? Native Place Networks and Early Urban Nationalism in China” 1995Journal articleGoodman, BrynaEnglishsocial; political; elites; nationalism; identity;
185“The New Woman Commits Suicide: The Press, Cultural Memory, and the New Republic”,2005Journal articleGoodman, BrynaEnglishsocial; women; press; media
188Japan and Britain in Shanghai, 1925-31, 1995BookGoto-Shibata, HarumiEnglishpolitical; diplomacy; state;
190"Yellow Unionism in Shanghai: A Study in KMT Technique in Labor Control, 1927-1937", 1953Journal articleGourlay, Walter E.Englishsocial; political; workers; labor
192« Encountering Hope : The Door of Hope Mission in Shanghai and Taipei, 1900-1976 », 1996DissertationGronewold, Sue EllenEnglishsocial; women; prostitution; religion;
196“Zionism in Shanghai, 1903-1949”,1993Journal articleGuang, PanEnglishpolitical; foreigners; jews
198"The Impact of the Shanghai Incident upon the United States and the League of Nations",1953DissertationHamilton, Thomas T.Englishpolitical; war; foreigners; diplomacy
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