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3082"Zaoqi subei lühu yimin shetuan de yanbian" 早期蘇北旅滬社團的演變 (The evolution of the association of early Subei migrants)2012Zhang, Ling 張 玲 ; Ying Niexiao 應聶瀟Chinesesocial; labor; migration; Subei; Jiangbei; association
3146The Fighting in North China (up to the Fall of Tientsin City)G. GippsEnglishBoxers, North China, 1900
7Zhui yi - Jindai Shanghai tushi 追忆 近代上海图史1996BookShi Meiding (ed.) 史梅定Chinesephotographs; visual
8The Stories of Classic Houses1999BookYang JiayouChinesespace; architecture; photographs; visual;
11Shanghai zairyū hōjin ga tsukutta nipponjinngai 上海在留邦人が作った日本人街 (Japanese area constructed by Japanese residents in Shanghai) BookNicchō ryōkoku jinmin hōyūkai (ed.)  日中両国人民朋友会Japanesephotographs; visual; space; architecture; foreigners
12Lao Shanghai1998BookWu LiangChinesephotographs; visual
13The 140th Anniversary of Nanjing Road West 1862-20022002BookWang, Guobin (ed.)Chinesephotographs; visual
14Shanghai jiuying 上海旧影1998BookZheng Zu'an 郑祖安, Ye Shuping (eds)Chinesephotographs; visual
15Riben qiaomin zai Shanghai (1870-1945) 日本侨民在上海 (The Japanese Residents in Shanghai)2000BookTakatsuna, Hirofumi 高綱博文 ; Chen, Zu'en 陈祖恩Chinesephotographs; visual
16Shanghai jindai jianzhushi gao 上海近代建筑史稿1988BookChen, Congzhou, Zhang, Ming (eds)Chinesephotographs; visual; architecture;
17Survey of Shanghai 1840's-1940's1992BookShanghai lishi bowuguan (ed.) 上海历史博物馆Chinesearchitecture; photographs; visual
37Storia fotografia del lavoro in Italia, 1900-19801980BookAccornero A., Luca U., Sapelli G.Italianphotography; visual;
51Shanghai 1927-1937. Elites locales et modernisation en Chine nationaliste 1991BookHenriot, ChristianFrenchcity; urban; elites; modernity; space; war; power;
52Shanghai 1927-1937. Municipal Power, Locality, and Modernization1993BookHenriot, ChristianEnglishurban; elites; modernity; space; war; power
53Belles de Shanghai. Prostitution et sexualité en Chine aux XIXe-XXe siècles1997BookHenriot, ChristianFrenchcity; urban; space; women; sex; prostitution; brothel; elites; power
54Le Shanghai des années 30 1998BookHenriot, Christian, Roux, AlainFrenchcity; urban; elites; power; workers; violence; entertainment; culture
55Atlas de Shanghai. Espace et représentations de 1849 à nos jours1999BookHenriot, Christian, Zheng Zu'anFrenchcity; urban; space;
56Prostitution in Shanghai. A Social History2001BookHenriot, ChristianEnglishcity; urban; space; women; sex; prostitution; brothel; elites; power
57上海妓女:19~20世纪中国的卖淫业与性 (Chinese translation of Prostitution in Shanghai)2004BookHenriot, ChristianChinesecity; urban; space; women; sex; prostitution; brothel; elites; power
60Illustrations of China and its People1873BookThompson, JohnUnknown
61Through China with a Camera with nearly 100 illustrations 1898BookThompson, JohnEnglishcamera, China,
65A Collection of Pictures of Early-Period Chinese Photographs (1840-1919)1987BookHu, Zhichuan & Chen ShenEnglishphotography; visual
94Lao shanghai ditu 老上海地圖 (The Album of Shanghai during the Past 150 Years)2001BookUnknownmaps; city; urban; visual
99Economic Shanghai : Hostage to Politics, 1937-19411941BookBarnett, Robert W.Unknowneconomic; political;
102La bourgeoisie chinoise et la révolution de 19111968BookBergère, Marie-ClaireFrenchpolitical; elites; revolution;
116Assignment Shanghai: Photographs on the Eve of Revolution2003BookBirns, JackEnglishphotographs; visual;
117Shanghai-Bildzeitung 1884-1898 : eine Illustrierte aus dem China des ausgehenden 19. Jahrhunderts,1977BookBriessen, Fritz vanGermanculture; media; press
121Schools into Fields and Factories: Anarchists, the Guomindang and the National Labor University in Shanghai 1927-19321991BookChan, Ming K. and Dirlik, Arif.Englishlabor; workers; social; political; anarchist; socialism; university; education
131Le mouvement ouvrier chinois de 1919 à 1927,1962BookChesneaux, JeanFrenchsocial; political; workers; labor;
134Sketches in and around Shanghai,1894BookClark, J.D.Englishspace;
135“Transformations de l’habitat à Shanghai”, rapport de recherche, 1988BookClément, Pierre, Ged, Françoise et Qi WanFrenchcity; architecture; space
136Shanghai 1925: Urban Nationalism and the Defense of Foreign Privileges,1979BookClifford, Nicholas R.Englishpolitical; social; nationalism; students; education
137Spoilt Children of Empire. Westerners in Shanghai and the Chinese Revolution of the 1920s,1991BookClifford, Nicholas R.Englishpolitical; foreigners; nationalism; students; education;
138Chinese Capitalists in Japan's New Order: The Occupied Lower Yangzi, 1937-1945,2003BookCoble, Parks M.Englishsocial; war; economy; elites;
139The Shanghai Capitalists and the Nationalist Government, 1927-1937,1980BookCoble, Parks M.Englishsocial; political; economy; elites; power; state
140Inventing Nanjing Road: Commercial Culture in Shanghai, 1900-1945. 1999BookCochran, Sherman (ed.)Englisheconomy; city; space; trade; commerce
143Building in China: Henry K. Murphy's "Adaptive Architecture," 1914-1935, 2001BookCody, Jeffrey W.Englishcity; urban; architecture
149La Commercial Press de Shanghai, 1897-1949,1978BookDrège, Jean-PierreFrenchculture; economy; press; media;
169Passivity, resistance, and collaboration: intellectual choices in occupied Shanghai, 1937-1945, 1993BookFu, PoshekEnglishpolitical; elites; war;
170Between Shanghai and Hong Kong: The Politics of Chinese Cinemas,2003BookFu, PoshekEnglishculture; war; movie; cinema
188Japan and Britain in Shanghai, 1925-31, 1995BookGoto-Shibata, HarumiEnglishpolitical; diplomacy; state;
230Dangerous pleasures : Prostitution and Modernity in Twentieth Century Shanghai, 1997BookHershatter, GailEnglishwomen; social; cultural; prostitution
241Creating Chinese Ethnicity. Subei People in Shanghai, 1850-1980, 1993BookHonig, EmilyEnglishsocial;
242Strangers and Sisters : Women in the Shanghai Cotton Mills, 1919-1949, 1986BookHonig, EmilyEnglishsocial; labor
258A History of Modern Shanghai Banking: The Rise and Decline of China's Finance Capitalism2003BookJi, ZhaojinEnglisheconomy; bank
262Shanghai. From Market Town to Treaty Port, 1995BookJohnson, Linda C.Englishspace; architecture; social; guilds;
264China's Trial by Fire: The Shanghai War of 19322001BookJordan, Donald A.Englishwar; political
273The Hongkong Bank in the Period of Development and Nationalism, 1941-1984 : From Regional Bank to Multinational Group2004BookKing, Frank H.H.Englisheconomy
279Shanghai shi fenqu lilong xiangtu 上海市分區里弄詳圖 (Detailed map of Shanghai lanes)1947BookZhang ZhiyunChinesemap; street; cartes; plans; rues
280Present day impressions of Japan; the history, people, commerce, industries and resources of Japan and Japan's colonial empire, Kwantung, Chosen, Taiwan, Karafuto1919BookCameron, W. H. MortonEnglishvisual; photographs
283Shanhai rekishi mappu 上海歴史グイドマップ (Historical guide maps of Shanghai)2000BookKinouchi Makoto 木之内誠Japanesemaps; visual;
343Japanese, Nazis and Jews: The Jewish Refugee Community of Shanghai, 1938-19451974BookKranzler, David H.Englishforeigners; social; war
350Selling Happiness : calendar posters and visual culture in early twentieth-century Shanghai2004BookLaing, Ellen JohnstonEnglishvisual; culture
352Social Pathology in China : A Source Book for the Study of Livelihood, Health and the Family1935BookLamson, Herbert D.Englishsocial
369Jiu shanghai renkou bianqian de yanjiu 旧上海人口变迁的研究 (A study of population change in old Shanghai) 1980BookZou Yiren 鄒依仁Chinesesocial; demography; population; WMS
370Shanhai: Nihon chishikijin no “kindai” taiken 魔都上海:日本知識人の「近代」体験 (Shanghai, the demon capital: The experience of “modernity” for Japanese intellectuals)2000BookJapaneseculture; intellectuals
395Shanghai. 1949: The end of an era1989BookEnglishPhotography; photographs
408Shanghai of To-day. A Souvenir Album of Fifty Vandyke Gravure Prints of the 'Model Settlement'1930BookEnglishvisual; photograph
417Shanghai Modern: the Flowering of a New Urban Culture in China, 1930-1945 (Interpretations of Asia)1999BookLee, Leo Ou-FanEnglishculture
420The Shanghai Taotai: Linkage Man in a Changing Society1990BookLeung, Yuen-sangEnglishpolitical; social
438Beyond the Neon Lights: Everyday Shanghai in the Early Twentieth Century1999BookLu, HanchaoEnglishsocial
444Shanghai jindai jingji kaifa sixiangshi 上海近代经济开发思想史 (A History of Thought about Shanghai Modern Economic Development)1991BookMa Bohuang 马伯煌Chineseeconomy
448A Wilderness of Marshes. The Origins of Public Health in Shanghai, 1843-18931987BookMacPherson, Kerrie L.Englishforeigners; political; social; health
455The Shanghai Green Gang: politics and organized crime, 1919-1937 1996BookMartin, Brian G.Englishsocial; political; foreigners; crime; elites; economy
456Shanhai jidai: jaanaristo no kaisô (Shanghai Time: Souvenirs of a Journalist) 上海時代 : ジャーナリストの回想1974BookMatsumoto, Shigeharu 松本重治Japaneseculture
466From the Rivers of Babylon to the Whangpoo: A Century of Sephardi Jewish Life in Shanghai2003BookMeyer, Maisie J.Englishforeigners; culture
468Shanghai on the Metro: Spies, Intrigue, and the French between the Wars1995BookMiller, Michael B.Englishwar; political; foreigners
469A Newspaper for China? Power, Identity, and Change in Shanghai's News Media, 1872-1912.2004BookMittler, BarbaraEnglishculture; social
476Conflict and cooperation in Sino-British business, 1860-1911: the impact of pro-British commercial network in Shanghai1999BookMotono, EiichiEnglisheconomy; foreigners
478Shanhai. Toshi to kenchiku (Shanghai: city and architecture) / 上海・都市と建築 : 一八四二--一九四九年1991BookMuramatsu, Shin 増田彰久Japaneseurban; space; architecture
480Shanghai : Key to Modern China1953BookMurphey, RhoadsEnglisheconomy; space; region;
487An American editor in early revolutionary China : John William Powell and the China weekly/monthly2003BookO'Brien, Neil L.Englishculture; press; political
499Shanghai on Strike. The Politics of Chinese Labor1993BookPerry, ElizabethEnglishsocial; political; labor
507Port of Last Resort: the Diaspora Communities of Shanghai2002BookRistaino, Marcia R.Englishsocial; foreigners; political; war
511Grèves et politique à Shanghai. Les désillusions (1927-1932)1995BookRoux, AlainFrenchpolitical; labor; social
512Le Shanghai ouvrier des années trente. Coolies, Gangsters et syndicalistes1993BookRoux, AlainFrenchpolitical; labor; social
517Japanese Diplomats and Jewish Refugees1998BookSakamoto, Pamela RotnerEnglishpolitical; foreigners
527Shanghai : Collision point of cultures, 1918-19391990BookSergeant, HarrietEnglishculture
535Like cattle and horses: nationalism and labor in Shanghai, 1895-19272002BookSmith, S. A. (Stephen Anthony)Englishpolitical; labor
536A Road is Made: Communism in Shanghai 1920-19272000BookSmith, S. A.Englishpolitical; labor
543Order and discipline in China: the Shanghai Mixed Court 1911-19271992BookStephens, Thomas B.Englishpolitical
546Underground: the Shanghai Communist Party and the politics of survival, 1927-19371998BookStranahan, PatriciaEnglishpolitical; party
551Jiu shanghai changji mishi (A secret history of prostitution in old Shanghai)1988BookSun GuoqunChinesesocial
555Shanghai shi 上海史 (History of Shanghai)1989BookTang Zhenchang 唐振常 et al.Chinesepolitical
557Jindai shanghai dashiji 近代上海大事記 (Major events in Shanghai Modern History)1989BookTang Zhiyun et al., 湯志均Chinesepolitical
559Western capitalism in China : a history of the Shanghai Stock Exchange2001BookThomas, William ArthurEnglisheconomy; foreigners
567Spymaster : Dai Li and the Chinese secret service2003BookWakeman, Frederic E.Englishpolitical; war
568The Shanghai Badlands : wartime terrorism and urban crime, 1937-19411996BookWakeman, Frederic E.Englishpolitical; war
570Policing Shanghai, 1927-19371994BookWakeman, FredericEnglishpolitical; social
590Secret War in Shanghai: An Untold Story of Espionage, Intrigue, and Treason in World War II1999BookWasserstein, BernardEnglishwar
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