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605“The Profits of Philanthropy: Relief Aid, Shenbao, and the Art World in Later Nineteenth-Century Shanghai”2004Journal articleWue, RobertaEnglishculture
515“The Qingbang and Collaboration Under the Japanese, 1939-1945”1982Journal articleRowe, William T.Englishpolitical; social; war
157“The Revolution of 1911 in Shanghai”,1984Journal articleElvin, MarkEnglishpolitical; elites; revolution;
564“The Role of the Foreign Community in the Chinese Public Sphere”1995Journal articleWagner, Rudolf G.Englishpolitical; culture; foreigners
151“The Role of the YMCA in the Development of the Chinese Women's Movement, 1890-1927”, 1979Journal articleDrucker, AlisonEnglishwomen; social; religion;
150“The Russian Club in Shanghai: Past and Present”,2001Journal articleDrozdov, Mikhail; Chernikova, LarissaEnglishforeigners; social;
646“The Shanghai Labor Movement and the Gangs”1993Journal articleZhu, Xuefan; Zhu, Hong, transl.Englishpolitical; labor; social
542“The Shanghai Mixed Court and the Ming Sung Umbrella Case, 1926”1987Journal articleStephens, Thomas B.Englishpolitical; foreigners
197“The Shanghai Municipal Council, 1850-1865: Some Biographical Notes” 1984Journal articleHaan, J. H.Unknownpolitical; elites; biography; foreigners
502“The Shanghai Postal Workers' Union: Sample of A Yellow Union”1993Journal articleRao, Jingying; Zhu, Hong, transl.Englishpolitical; labor
419“The Shanghai-Tientsin Connection: Li Hung-Chang's Political Control over Shanghai during the Late Ch'ing Period”1986Journal articleLeung, Yuen-sangEnglishpolitical
565“The Shenbao in Crisis: the International Environment and the Conflict Between Guo Songtao and the Shenbao”1999Journal articleWagner, Rudolf G.Englishculture; foreigners; press
153“The Zikawei Collection in the Jesuit Theologate Library at Fujen University (Taiwan): Background and Draft Catalogue”,1996Journal articleDudink, AdrianEnglishlibrary; books; documentation;
471“Tōa dōbun shoin to 1930-nendai - nitchū kankei no hitōsokumen toshite” / 東亜同文書院と1930年代 ー 日中関関係の一側面として [Toa Dobun Shoin College in the 1930's: one view of Sino-Japanese relations]1996Journal articleMiyazaki, Junko 宮崎順子Japaneseforeigners; education; economy
465“Trade and Nationality at Shanghai upon the Outbreak of the First World War, 1914-1915”1988Journal articleMeyer, KathrynEnglisheconomy; foreigners
135“Transformations de l’habitat à Shanghai”, rapport de recherche, 1988BookClément, Pierre, Ged, Françoise et Qi WanFrenchcity; architecture; space
247“Traveling opera troupes in Shanghai, 1842-1949”, 1997DissertationHuang, Chun-zenEnglishculture; entertainment;
453“Tu Yueh-Sheng and Labour Control in Shanghai: the Case of the French Tramways Union, 1928-32”1985Journal articleMartin, Brian G.Englishcrime; labor; political; social
474“Urban History in Late Imperial China”1995Journal articleMote, F. W.Englishregion; space; urban
553“Urban landscape and cultural imagination: Literature, film, and visuality in semi-colonial Shanghai, 1927-1937”1999DissertationSun, Shao-yiEnglishculture; urban
541“Urban Politics in An Age of "Secret Societies": the Cases of Shanghai and Chengdu”1996Journal articleStapleton, KristinEnglishsocial
2089“Vertical Integration, Business Diversification, and Firm Architecture: The Case of the China Egg Produce Company in Shanghai, 1923-1950”2005Journal articleChang, NingEnglisheconomic
351“Visual Evidence for the Evolution of "Politically Correct" Dress for Women in Early Twentieth Century Shanghai” 2003Journal articleLaing, Ellen JohnstonEnglishsocial; visual; women; gender
608“Wan qing shanghai siyuan gongyong yu gonggong huodong kongjian de tozhan” 晚清上海私園公用與公共活動空間的拓展2000Book chapterXiong YuezhiChinese
633“Wenhua zhongxin de yu 30 niandai wenxue de dushi shengcun kongjian” [Cultural center and metropolitan space in literature of the 1930's]2000Journal articleZhang, LinjieChineseculture
622“Where Is the Center of Cultural Production? The Rise of the Actor to National Stardom and the Beijing/Shanghai Challenge (1860s-1910s)”2004Journal articleYeh, Catherine VanceEnglishculture
260“Women and public culture: Poetics and politics of women's Yue opera in Republican Shanghai, 1930s-1940s”1998DissertationJiang, JinEnglishculture; women; social
537“Workers and Supervisors: St. Petersburg 1905-1917 and Shanghai 1895-1927”1993Journal articleSmith, S. A.Englishpolitical; labor; social
538“Workers, the Intelligentsia and Marxist Parties: St. Petersburg, 1895-1917 and Shanghai, 1921-1927”1996Journal articleSmith, Steve A.Englishpolitical; labor
250“Written in the ruins: War and domesticity in Shanghai literature of the 1940s”,1988DissertationHuang, XincunEnglishliterature; war; culture
528“Wu Changshi and the Shanghai art world in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries”2000DissertationShen, KuiyiEnglishculture
647“Wuxu zhi xinhai difang zizhi de fazhan - hunan baoweiju yu shanghai gongchengju zhi bijiao” [Development of local government from 1898 to 1911: the Hunan Security Bureau and the Shanghai Engineering Bureau]1999Journal articleZhu, YingChinesepolitical
607“Xiandaihua jincheng zhong de shehui bianyuanhua xianxiang: toushi 20 shiji 20-30 niandai shanghai banghui” “[Social marginalization phenomena in the modernization process: the Shanghai secret society in the 1920's-30's]2002Journal articleXin, PingChinesesocial
421“Yi Shanghai weili kan wanqing shiqi shehui shenghuo fangshi ji guannian de bianqian” [Changes in Lifestyle and Ideas in the Late Qing Era in Shanghai]2004Journal articleLi, ChangliChinesesocial; culture
626“Yibaliuer nian riben qianwan wan fang hu wushi bi xia de zhongguo shishen kaocha” [Japanese samurais' records on the Chinese gentry during a visit to Shanghai on the Chitosei Maru in 1862]2004Journal articleYi, HuiliChineseforeigners; economy
634“Zai hua yingren jian de wenhua chongtu: shanghai "yundong jia" duikang "niaolei tuhai," 1890-1920” [Cultural conflicts in the British community in China: Shanghai "sportsmen" versus the "bird slaughterers," 1890-1920]2000Journal articleZhang, Ning JenniferChineseforeigners
578“Zhanhou shanghai meiguo dianying shichang yanjiu” [A study of the market for American films in Shanghai after World War II]2001Journal articleWang, ChaoguangChineseculture; foreigners
433“Zhanhou shanghai zhengjuan jiaoyisuo shulun” [The Shanghai Stock Exchange in the postwar period]2002Journal articlePeng, HouwenChineseeconomy
552“Zhongguo zheng xin suo jiqi geren zheng xin shiye kaocha (1932-1949)” [The China Bankers Cooperative Credit Service and personal credit service, 1932-49]2004Journal articleSun, JianguoChineseeconomy; bank; finance
589“Zhongxi yi jiehe yu wenyi de diyici dui jue” [The first contest between Sino-Western medicine and epidemic disease]2003Journal articleWang, ZhenruiChinesehealth
196“Zionism in Shanghai, 1903-1949”,1993Journal articleGuang, PanEnglishpolitical; foreigners; jews
562“‘Home Afar’: the Life of Central European Jewish Refugees in Shanghai During World War II”2004Journal articleVamos, PeterEnglishforeigners; war
450“‘In My Heart I Opposed Opium’: Opium and the Politics of the Wang Jingwei Government, 1940-45”2003Journal articleMartin, Brian G.Englishpolitical; war; crime
219“上海的‘小東京’: 一個對外隔絕的社會 (1875-1945年)” (trans. of Shanghai's ‘Little Tokyo’: An Insulated Community (1875-1945)”, 1999Journal articleHenriot, Christian 安克强Chinesesocial; foreigners
225“公共衛生政策與殖民主義放任政策的對立 – 上海租界的性病與賣淫” (trans. of ‘Public Health Policy vs. Colonial Laissez-faire’)2003Book chapterHenriot, ChristianChinesewomen; social; prostitution; state; power
222“權力與道德: 1920-1925年上海的廢娼運動” (Morality and prostitution: The Protestant campaign against prostitution in Shanghai, 1920-1925 ),2000Journal articleHenriot, Christian 安克强Chinesewomen; social; prostitution; elites
492”City Transformation: A Study of City Form and City Life in China”1987DissertationPai, ChinEnglisharchitecture; space; building
2238《五车韵府》的重版与十九世纪中后期上海的英语出版业2009Journal articleSi, Jia 司 佳Chinesecultural; foreigner
1775《海上花列传》青楼世界的都市文化特征 (Metropolitan Culture Characters in the Whorehouse World of Flowers in Shanghai)2006Journal articleFan Yu–mei 樊玉梅 ; LIU Shang–sheng 刘上生Chinesesocial; prostitution; culture; literature
2236上海与天津清末地方自治的比较——从城市管理机构建立角度2009Journal articleZhang, Limin 张利民Chinesepolitical; urban
1783上海与抗日战争 (Shanghai and the Anti - Japanese War)2005Journal articleSu Zhiliang 苏智良 ; Jiang Wenjun 江文君Chinesewar; urban
57上海妓女:19~20世纪中国的卖淫业与性 (Chinese translation of Prostitution in Shanghai)2004BookHenriot, ChristianChinesecity; urban; space; women; sex; prostitution; brothel; elites; power
1820上海市影像地图集 Shanghai shi yingxiang dituji (Atlas of aerial views of Shanghai)2001BookChinesemaps; photographs; urban
1821上海市行號路圖錄 Shanghai shi hanghao lutu lu (Shanghai commercial guide)1947BookChinesemaps; economy
2239上海总商会在华盛顿会议前后收复国权的主张和活动2009Journal articleXu, Guanting 许冠亭Chinese
1770从《申报》看晚清上海人的娱乐生活及其特征(1872—1911) (Analysing the Amusements And their Characters of Shanghai People in the Late Times of Qing Dynasty from Shen Bao(1872-1911))2006Journal articleHUANG Yi-jun 黄益军 & WEI Xiang-dong 魏向东Chinesexxx
1782光复会和上海光复 (The Restoration League and the Restoration of Shanghai)2005Journal articleTang Zhijun 汤志钧Unknownxxx
1772对上海工人第一次武装起义失败责任的再讨论 (Re-discussing about the First Armed Insurrection Failure Responsibility of Shanghai Workers)2006Journal articleZHOU Li-sheng 周利生 ; XIAO Hua-ping 肖华平Chinesexxx
1781开放与调适:上海开埠初期混杂型社会形成 (Opening and Adjustment: Formation of a Mixed Society at the Early Stage of Shanghai Port-Opening)2005Journal articleXiong Yuezhi 熊月之Unknownxxx
1779晚清上海女伶 (Shanghai Actresses in the Late Qing Dynasty)2005Journal articleXU Jianxiong 徐剑雄Unknownxxx
1785民国时期上海商标诉讼案透视 (Insight into litigation cases of trademark in Shanghai in the Period of the Republic of China)2005Journal articleFeng Qiu-ji 冯秋季Chineseeconomic; social; legal; justice
1771民国时期的民营报业——以上海《新闻报》为中心的考察 (The Nongovernmental Newspaper Business in the Former Republic of China ——A Research About the News Daily in Shanghai)2006Journal articleLI Ya-feng 李亚峰Chinese
1773清末上海剧场演变的轨迹 (Evolution of Theaters in Shanghai in Late Qing Dynasty)2006Journal articleQIAN Jiu-yuan 钱久元Unknown
1774清末民初上海公共租界会审公廨法权之变迁(1911~1912) (The Transformation of the Legal Rights in the Shanghai Mixed Court of International Settlement from 1911 to 1912)2006Journal articleHu zhen 胡震Unknownxxx
2246清末民初上海市民的社会生活及社会观念变迁——兼谈大众文化的研究2001DissertationBai, Lingling 白玲玲Chineseculture; social; urban; pdf
1777略论上海租界的城市化效应 (A Brief Analysis of Urbanism Effect of Concessions in Shanghai)2006Journal articleZHANG Yinjie 章银杰; ; JIN Xuemei 金雪妹Unknownxxx
1780略论小刀会起义后上海租界的崛起 (A Brief Analysis of the Sudden Rise of Shanghai Leased Territory after the Small Sword Society Uprising)2005Journal articleZHANG Yin-jie 章银杰Unknownxxx
1784论上海“孤岛”与大后方的贸易 (The Trade between Shanghai "Isolated Island" and the Rear Area)2005Journal articleZHANG Saiqun 张赛群Unknownxxx
1769论晚清上海作为全国外贸中心的影响力(1864-1904)——以外贸埠际转运为视角 (The Influence of Shanghai as the Foreign Trade Center in Late Qing Period(1864—1904)——The Transit Trade between Shanghai and Internal Ports for Foreign Trade)2008Journal articleTang Qiaotian 唐巧天;Chineseeconomic; foreigner
2244近代上海公共租界工部局的水费监管及特征分析2009Journal articleWU, Junfan 吴俊范Chineseeconomic; social; foreigner
2237近代上海的棚户区与国民政府的治理能力 2009Journal articleCai, Liang 蔡 亮Chinesesocial; urban; architecture
1778高郎桥:1914-1949年沪东一个棉纺织工人生活区的形成 ((Gaolang Qiao: Formation of a Cotton Mill Workers' Residence Zone in Eastern Shanghai from 1914 to 1949) - Part 22006Journal articleLuo, Suwen 罗苏文Chinesesocial; economy; space; urban
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